Botanical Threads Thu 8 Jttl Still I Aug. An exhibition of contemporary textiles by 25 artists taking nature and the surroundings of the gardens as inspiration.

ROYAL OVER-SEAS HOUSE Landings (iallery. I00 Princes Street. 225 1501. Mon Fri l0am (rpm. Hybrid I'ntil liri 2 Jltl. An exhibition of work by (‘hila Burman who has recently completed a coltttnixxion for the BB(' and produced artwork for hook coy‘erx by Meet‘a Syal attd (iodfried [)onkor. who represented the 1K in the 48th Venice Biennale.


The Mound. 624 ()200. .Mon Sat

l0am 5pm: Sun noon 5pm.

Delia Baillie l'ntil Sttn 4 Jul. Dundee-based artist I)elia Baillie shows the results of her Royal Scottixlt Academy Alastair Saly'esen 'l'rayel Scholarship which took her to the [‘SA in March 2003. The exhibition features new paintings. drawings and collages which are inxpired by a place of extrente seismic activity in the westernmost coast of America. See review. UXST CHANCE TO SEE 124th Annual Exhibition of the Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour t'ntil 'l‘hu 15 Jul. £2 (£1). The annual exhibition of the Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolours. featttrittg oy'et‘ I00 workx and including two pieces by “R” the Prince of Wales.


2 St Stephen Place. 225 (i257. Mon l-‘ri I0am (rpm: Sat l0atn (rpm: Sttn noon 5.30pm.

Launch Exhibition l'ntil Wed 30 Jttn. (ilaxgow-baxed xcotlandat' launch a new gallery space in lidinburgh featttring new paittliltgx by Pat Kramek. lilaine Cunningham. Donald Macdonald. Ron Iiardley and Victoria Stewart.


lo l)undax Street. 558 I200. Mon I’ri l0atn (rpm: Sat I0am 4pm.

Molly Bullick: Fragmented t‘ntil Wed 30 Jun.

Howard Hodgkin t'ntil Wed 30 Jun. Selected prints by Howard Hodgkin.

Tay Bridge Disaster from Read All About It at the

Alison Macconachie t'ntil Wed 30 Jttn. lidinburgh baxed artixt dixplayx her \eriex of \implc blown glaxx. Alison McConachie t'ntil Wed 30 Jun. .\'ew glilxx.

Ann Oram l'ntil Wed 30 Jun. .\'ew paintingx.


5 ('richton'x (lose. (’anongatc. 557 287(i. Mon Hi I lam (rpm: Sat

noon 4pm.

Poets’ Portraits 2 l'ntil Sat 3t Jul. The third iii a \criex of three annual exhibition of new photographic pot‘tt'aitx of Scottixh poets. taken by students frotn lidinburgh (‘ollege of Art.


Reiaclt and Hall Architects. () [)arnaway Street. 225 8444. .Mon Hi 2 Split. Antonio Scaccabarozzi Mon 5 iii 30 Jul. A \pace-xpecilic inxtallation by Antonio Scaccabaro/xi of minimalixt painting»


SS Ratclil-lc 'l'errace. ()07 l‘)(\(i. Mon Sat I0am (ipttt.

Mixed Show l'ntil Wed 301ml. ()riginal painting\ and print\ by \arioux artixtx.


23 ('ockbttrn Street. (i22 (i200. l)aily Ilatu ()plll.

Napier University Degree Show l‘nlil Sttn 27 Jttn. liinal year \ltow of work by graduating \tudentx from Napier l'niyerxity ‘\ Media :\t'l\ \cction which incorporatcx photography and lilm. IASI Cl IANCI l() St E.


l0 Stafford Street. 220 58I2. Mon l‘ri 9.30am (rpm: Sat 0.30am 5.30pm: Stttt noon 5pm.

Vibrant Fibres t‘ntil Sun 4 Jul. l-‘elt painting\ by Moy Mackay which combine traditional felting techniquex with hand and machine embroidery.


l'niyerxity of Iidinburgh. South Bridge. (>50 2210. Tue Sat lllam 5pm.

Art Works in Mental Health l'ntil Sat l0 Jul. Ati exhibition of two and three-(Iimenxional work\ along with creatiye w riting to proy ide an inxight into personal pet'ceptionx of mental lllltcxx.

Natinal Lirary of Scotland

Artesian Arts l'ntil Sat I0 Jul. An exhibition of work by the Scottixh artixt- led charity which promote\ outsider and raw artx.

Karen Ingham t‘ntil Sat lt) .Iul. (round room). A photographic installation by Karen Ingham a\ a rexult of a collaboration with the Royal (‘ollege of Surgeonx. lidinburgh. Children’s Saturday Workshops Sat 3 Jul. l’ree. Booking e\xential. Art workxhopx for children ax part of National ('liildren‘x Art I)ay.


3o l)tmda\ Street. 556 (i3(i(i. Mon I‘ri llam (iptn: Sat I0.30am 4pm. Joseph Maxwell Stewart l‘ntil

Sat 3 Jul. Recent w atcrcolourx.


('ambt'idge Street. 228 I404. Daily l0am midnight.

Merlin’s, Myths & Mayhem t‘ntil Sat 3 Jul. An e\hibition of Merlin (iurrie’x weird and wonderful illuxtrationx and artwork ax part of the ('hildren'x International 'l'heatrc l'cxtiyal.


4 I)unda\ Street. 558 ()544/5. Mon l‘ri l0am 0pm: Sat llatn 4pm.

Masters of the Press t'ntil Sat l7 Jul. A wide range of sporting. military. \atirical. topographical and cartographical pt'intx plux wildlife. portraiture and landxcapex by a \clcction of al‘ti\t\.

Edinburgh Museums


'I‘he Mottnd. 52‘) I288. Mon liri

Illatn 445an

Banking Memorabilia Exhibition l'ntil l‘ri 3 Sep. A \mall muxeum located within the Batik of Scotland\ IIQ dixplay ing banking memorabilia \pattning 300 yeat‘x. including early Scolli\lt banknolex. forgeriex. a Victorian branch tableau and a I7th century iron kixt.


42 High Street. 52‘) 4l42. Mon Sat l0am 5pm. l-ree. Iioundcd in l‘)55. the museum hax the public galleriex with all manner of artefactx relating to childhood through the ages. l‘rom

listings Art

antique dolls to a l‘)80\ BMX bicycle. there’s plenty here to send you off on a trip down memory lane.

The Best Toy Trains in the World l'ltlil Sat 4 Sep. :\ dixpla) of llornby (iaugc () trainx from the collection of II Murray MacRae.

MUSEUM OF EDINBURGH (formerly llttntly llouxel. I42 ('anongatc. 52‘) 4 I43. Mon Sat

l0am 5pm. liree. Packed with hixtoric artefactx. tbix rextored Ioth century manxion tellx the may of lidinbut'gh’x paxl and il\ people and houxex important collection of Iidinburgh \ilyer and glaxx. Scottixh pottery and \llop \igltx.

If you Know a Good Thing, Pass it On l'ntil Sat 24 Jul. 'I‘lte \tory of Mak Merry Pottery. which w ax extablixhed in liaxt I.othian in the early 20th century by Catherine Blair.


.\'ewhayen Ilarbottr. 55I 4lo5. l)aily noon 4.45pm. l’i'ee. Memorabilia and t'econxtructcd \cencx tell tltc \tory of New hay en and itx sea-going heritage. from itx originx ax a nayal dockyard to ilx continued USL‘ ax a lixhing port.

Ten of the Best l'ntil Wed 25 May. To celebrate the muxeum'x tenth anniyerxary. an exhibition lookiitg back oyct' tltc decade.


l.ady Stair'x Ilouxc. Lady Sl;tit‘\ (lose. 52‘) 4‘)0l. Mon Sat l0am 5pm. l-rec. A treasure-home of itein relating to three of Scotland\ moxt famoux w riterx: Robert I.ollix Steyenxon. Robert Burnx and Sir Walter Scott.

Dorothy Dunnett (1923-2001) l'ntil Sat 2o Jun. l‘ree. A focux on the life and work of author Dorothy l)unnctt who penned /.\'I)IUII(/ ('Iumiit'li'y. Kine Ht'I't'tl/It’ll Ill/11' IlllllH' (I/~.\‘II(‘('()/(l and the Joltnxon Joltnxon detectiyc \et‘icx.

Outside the Cities



l52 \ethergatc. 0l5b’2 000000.

Tue Wed. Sat .\ Sun I0.30am 5.30pm: 'I‘hu & l'ri I0.30am 8pm.

Marine Hugonnier Sat 2o Jun Sun 8 Attg. A major \olo \ltow for French artixt Marine Ilugonnier featuring a \election of photographic work\ and her acclaimed 2003 lilm Ariana. which trackx her attemptx to film the perfect panorama.

Isle of Bute

MOUNT STUART GALLERY Mount Stuart. 0I70l) 503877. Mon. Wed & l-‘ri Stttt l0am 5pm.

Langlands and Bell l'ntil Sun In Sep. An inxtallation by Langlands and Bell. referencing the tiny family chapel dedicated to St John the liyangelixt and dexigned itt I873 by the architect \Villiam Burgex at Mount Stuart. See lcalltl'c.



35 The Stirling Arcade. 0l78o 4703M. Wed Sat llam 5pm.

Mengenburo t'ntil Sat 20 Jun. (iermany ~baxed dt'liSlS ‘l'obiax and Raphael Danke create a \patial inxtallation. photography. obiectx atid \chemex in a collaboration w itlt a group of :ll'lixh. inxpircd by a mathematical theory that wax introdttced in (iermany in the early 7ll\.

ilClt'e‘ckrotttth'ej '

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