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Outside the cities

I Cricket: Dundee XI v Lashings CC l-‘orthill (‘ricket (‘Iuh. Forthill. Brougth l-‘erry. Dundee. 01382 775550. 2 7.30pm. The Dundee X1 take on the famous Lashings cricket squad. which includes top cricketers such as Ritchie Richardson. ('urtley Anthrose. Mark Waugh and Alvin Kallicharran. See panel.

I Horse racing: Ladies’ Night Hamilton Park Racecourse. Bothw ell Road. Hamilton. 01698 283806. 7.05pm. £|0s£16. Race night for the ladies. although men are also welcome.


I American football: Glasgow Tigers v Edinburgh Wolves (‘ainhtislang Rughy ('luh. (‘oats Park. Langlea Road. (‘ainhuslang 6-17 3403.


The finest superbike racers in the world will descend on 1.3 miles of track

2.30pm. The Wolves lace the Tigers in a return BSl. match.


I Cricket: Scottish Saltires v Lashings CC (irange ('ricket ('luh. Portgower Place. Stockhridge. 313 7420. 5pm. £10 (£7.50 £5): tinder 5s lree. 20/20 cricket match that sees the Saltires matched against some of the legendary players in the Lashings team. See panel.

Saturday 26


I Croquet: Meadows Open The Meadows. Melville Drive. 9.30am. Free. A meeting ol’ cltihs as the top croquet players in lidinhurgh compete.


I Rugby: IRB U21 World Championships: Finals Day Hughenden. 32 Hughenden Road. 353 3468. 4pm. l‘inals ol' the [RB l'nder-Zl World Championship. Last year’s winners .\'ew '/.ealand will he hoping for a chance to defend their title on linals day. although opposition from .-\ustra|ia and Sotith Africa could he tough to hold ol'l‘.

for round eight of the British Championships at Knockhill. Over 20,000 motorcycle fanatics will attend this year’s event, which heralds, among other things, the uncovering of the all-new Honda superteam and the return of virtuoso Wyokio Kagayama on the Rizla-sponsored Suzuki. Knockhill spokesperson Ray Smith can’t wait for this year’s event to get going, but his anticipation is tinged with sadness. ‘The atmosphere in the paddock is great, it really is a wonderful, exciting event. Unfortunately, we don’t have a leading Scot, as we lost Steve Hislop in a tragic helicopter accident last year. His mother will be presenting a special trophy in his honour, for the competitor who completes the fastest lap. It’s going to be called the Steve Hislop Trophy: The Flying Haggis, to remind us of his


Scotland’s National Motorsport Centre was designed by racing enthusiast (and farmer) Tom Kinnaird and opened for racing in 1974. The course was completed by linking old maintenance roads and a disused railway line to form the demanding McIntyre, Clark and Hairpin features that have become so familiar to superbike fans all over the world. After a number of facelifts, overhauls, track-widenings and cash injections (including a pit repair job to the tune of £100,000 two years ago), the stage is now set for one of the most exhilarating events in the racing calendar in


This stage of the competition isn’t just about the re-emergence of Japanese stars and the honing of ultra-modern bike technology. A number of stock figures are also gunning to take top honours in this stage of the championship. Michael Rutter, Steve Plater, John Reynolds and Sean Emmet (pictured) are just a few of the bigger names from the circuit raring

to go at Knockhill. (Johnny Regan) I WWW./<l1()(,‘/</)///.C().llk


I Cricket: Scottish Saltires v Nottinghamshire Outlaws (irange (‘ricket (‘luh. Portgower Place. Stockhridge. 313 7420. 1pm. £10 (£7.50 £5): under 5s l‘ree. National cricket league fixture. Nottingham have been playing well all season. but will Scotland he able to disrupt their run‘.’ I Croquet: Meadows Open The Meadows. Melville Drive. 9.30am. Free. See 5111 20.

Outside the cities

I Motor racing: Formula Woman 8. SMRC Car Racing Knockhill Racing ('ircuit. Knockhill. Dunlerniline. 01383 723337. 1 -6pm. £12 (£6). Formula Women Mazda (‘hallenge pltis the Scottish ('hampionships for Formula Ford Xetecs. Legends. ('aterhams. XR2 (‘hanipionship and the Historic licosse sports and racing cars.

I Cricket: Lashings CC v the Ship Inn Cricket Team lilie Beach. lilie. l‘il'e. 2pm. An international meeting of some great cricketers. plus a l‘ew pith regulars. See panel.

Monday 28

Outside the cities

I Horse racing: Musselburgh Races Musselburgh Racecourse. Linklield Road. Musselburgh. 665 285‘). 4pm. £1 1 £17 (£6); under 16s t'ree. l’lat

Tuesday 29

OutSide the cities

I Horse racing: Clydesdale Bank Raceday Hamilton Park Racecourse. liothwell Road. Hamilton. (11698 283806. 2.20pm. £10 £16. (‘lydesdale Bank Raceday featuring the 'l‘ote Showcase Handicap.

Wednesday 30


I Cricket: Scottish Saltires v Worcestershire Royals (irange (‘ricket ('luh. Portgower Place. Stockhridge. 313 7420. 1pm. £10 (£7.50 £5): under 5s tree. .\'(‘1. match hetween the Scottish Saltires and last year‘s ('&(i Trophy finalists. Worcestershire.


I Golf croquet: Scottish Golf Croquet Championship The Meadows. Melville Drive. 9.30am. l'ree. National ranking competition in this tactical version ol‘ the game. in which competitors play one hoop at a time in the style of match-play goll’.

Outside the Cities

I Motorbike racing: British Superbike Championship Knockhill Racing (‘ircuiL Knockhill. Dunl'ermline. 01383 723337.

0.30am 5pm. £20 (£10). High octane racing attracting around 20.000 motorcycle enthusiasts. See panel.

OutSIde the Cities

I Motorbike racing: British Superbike Championship Knockhill Racing (‘irctiit. Knockhill. Dunlcrniline. 01383 723337.

0.30am 5pm. £20 (£10). See Sat 3.

Outside the cities

I Horse racing: Musselburgh Races Mtisselhurgh Racecourse. Linklield Road. Mtisselhurgh. 665 285‘). noon. £1 1 £17 (£6); under £16s l'ree. liamily racing day at lidinhurgh's seaside race course.



7. it. .'

Between 23-27 June, Lashings Cricket Club will be touring Scotland. The team is a formidable line-up of former and current Test cricketers, including some of the world’s top batsmen and bowlers.

Richie Richardson A true gentleman of the game. Richardson (above) succeeded Viv Richards as captain of the West Indies. But his batting style is far from polite, frequently hitting for six and marking up a Test average of 44.

Curtly Ambrose At 6ft 7in. Ambrose is a giant in the cricket world, as well as being an incredible fast bowler. Throwing from a height of almost 10ft, he took some 405 Test wickets for the West Indies. including a run that saw England all out for 46 in 1993.

Mark Waugh Although he is often overshadowed by his twin brother Steve (Australian captain 1999—2004). Mark is an extremely versatile and talented cricketer in his own right. He has played 128 Test matches for Australia. dazzling with his elegant batting style and nifty catches.

Alvin Kallicharran The elder of the team, Kallicharran is a delicate and skilled batsman. His diminutive size has foxed many a bowler, and despite a controversial dismissal while playing against England in 1973. he returned to captain the West indies in 1977. www. lash/rigs. com

Wednesday 7

Outside the cities

I Golf: The Barclays Scottish Open Loch Lotnond (ioll' (‘ltth. Rossdhti House. l.uss. Alexandria. 01-136 655555. 7am~8pm. £5 £25; under 16s l'ree. Major P(}.»\ European Tour goll' tournament. Wednesday is a practice day. with a Pro-Am tournament beginning at 2pm. l’amous laces include players such as Phil Mickelson and lirnie lils who w ill he competing over four days tor a pri/e l'und ol’ around £1 .5m.

Thursday 8

Outside the Cities

I Golf: The Barclays Scottish Open Loch l.oniond (ioll' (‘luh. Rossdhu House. l.iiss. .-\le.\andria. 01436 655555. 7am 8pm. £5 £25: under 16s free. See Wed 7. (‘ontinties until Sun 1 l.

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