V I saw you VT in the wrong venue. How now fat cow‘.’ X U/498/ l

V I saw you Scott. working in Tinderbox. Yoti know where I work now. . .so how abottt that drink‘.’ [7498/2

V I saw you 25/6/04 in l-‘opp Byres Road. we shared a moment with Beth Orton. You had beautiful curly hair. Number 8's my favourite. (‘are to meet tip for a listen‘.’ [7498/3 V I saw you or rather. haven't seen you! What happened to the cute. bespectacled lrish Tindababe'.’! I'm left to wander the 'est [ind searching for your stnile... [.7/498/4

V I saw you (ii-T (‘at‘e Cosmo. Mysterious bar tender. Dark hair. You made me a cappuccino and the look in yottr eyes made tne weak. [7498/5 V I saw you intoxicated. in leather. in Moskilt). It's only a game. keep playing with me and one day l tnight let you win. Sexo! [7498/6

V I saw you Booxy-Boo at Booly Mardy's (Sun 20th) with your pink vodka and sexy moves! Fist that air. baby! I know something pink you can sip on sometime! Love. ur booxy boyxx [.7/498/7

V I saw you [frban Boy - "stand"ing about with ur cute toosh and Mr Burns grin! Me. u and Sauchiehall Street-arty memories'.".’! !x [7498/8

V I saw you Darling Joanna some time last week. How can

we share the satne bed. but never

see each other'.’ Stop working so tnuch I'm lonely and my wrist is sore - Merv. [.7498/9

VI saw you Miki in (ilasgowl! Thought you had moved to Spain. Why didn't you contact tne when you got back'.’ l.ol. [7/498/10

V I saw you in our house you (‘her wanna be. I hope I see you every day fora long time. I love you're sexy eyes I. xxx-lever Rik. U/498/l l

V I saw you one year ago today dressed like a toy soldier. l was smitten then and still am. Thanks for being a part of my world over the last year. [.'r the best and l'tn so in love with u. Bisous. [.i/498/l 2

V I saw you liwan (0‘ the Primal Scream gig in the (‘arling Academy in Jan....l’lease ask tne out again....please'.’... [7/498/l 3

V I saw you Paperinos. Glasgow l8/()/. about 6pm you were the stunning blonde waitress that brought tne pepper and partnesan 4 my tortelli de parma. Would love to take you 4 a meal sometime. [.7498/14

V I saw you frighteningly beautiful girl. Buff(‘lub. July l9. My buddy gave you my card. but you wanted me to give it to you myself. Quite damn right. My card still yours if you want it. [.7498/15

V I saw you [)unlop I)ave to Lauren. Maryhill. ('an't find you again. and have wrong mobile number - If you want to play doubles again. see you in the l.oft some Sunday night. or contact tne direct here. Kisses. Dave. [7/498/16

V I saw you in Starbucks. Canary Wharf. the little one opposite l’ret. l was wearing a red skirt and black jersey. ordering a large order for the desk. [7498/l7

V I saw you thinking you could outsmart me. I know your every move. Don't forget you are textbook. Xx [7/498/18

V I saw you at [.‘(i(‘ cinema watching "Mean Girls." after pizza at mine on a broken table. You gttys are the best - I had a nice time. Remember: obsese. coughing blood. deaf. blind.

That's the way to he. Anyone for

a Muff-in‘.’ or maybe a mini pix/111’. .. [.7498/l9

V I saw you the sexy Beanscene girls and their pimpin' it boss man Ian... top team. ya bunch of alchies. Keep the one liners and the fine coffee flowing. the talent behind the counter in your place is worth suffering the company of west end maws. [7498/20

V I saw you. you were drinking vodka and cranberry. You dont like (iin but did you like me'.’ I wanted your number but was too shy to ask. I was unoriginal with my rendition of Joleen and you told me off for dissing your coordinated look. (‘an I call your work'.’ [7498/2l V I saw you outside the (‘orinthian Sttn 27th. You beautiful and in a pink top. Me in black. waiting. [.'nforgetable smile + + :-> ! Wiin we could have talked. Be in touch‘.’ [7498/22

V I saw you Michael K or should I say Xiggy‘.’ I saw you everywhere for a while and now I wonder where and how you are. Last time we spoke it was when you gave inc :1 bottle of lrn Bru for my hangover 3 years ago. Maybe we needed to talk after all. 1.. [7498/23

V I saw you cute blonde working in the ['(i(‘ cinema on Renfrew St. [' had a flower in your hair. Hope to see you again soon as I have an unlimited card. [7498/24

V I saw you ruflling up your peacock feathers in ['isge Beatha. Did you think someone was admiring you‘.’ [7498/25

V I saw you tall dark Zinc man sneering at my invitation to come to Vegas. I didn't go anyway! heh heh L7498/2o

V I saw you in Stube large headed magic boy. [7 are always cleaning stuff. i like it! [.7498/27

V I saw you in [fisgc Beatha mostly sitting alone drinking lager and looking like the tnost beautiful man in the world. You shotild sit at the bar so I can admire you. [7/498/28

V I saw you in Sttibe bossing everyone about. ()ohhh. you're such a one trick pony! [.7498/29 V I saw you I. and I love you. Wasn't my best. (iotta go for a while. bttt some other titne..‘.’ l’x [F/498/3()


VI saw you Keith. giving tne eye contact in the Basement on Friday night. [.7498/3l

V I saw you at the l-‘B(‘ - you were looking good babe x x x [7498/32

V I saw you Mr Smoke Stack. looking me! (‘all me Red. [.7498/33

V I saw you in linglish Literature 2 lectures all year. You are blonde and tall and wear a red hoodie sometimes. I've been working tip the courage to speak to you. We've made eye contact'.’ l'tn a brunette. [7498/34

V I saw you dipping your appendage into your soft. wet cream. Youspoke Norwegian and had blond hair. You were tall. l've some cream that needs slit‘l‘illgll [7498/35

V I saw you tip ('alton llill. lunchtime 27th May in brown pinstripe trousers. You were bonnier than the blue sky. from my observatory bench I could only gaze. [7498/36

V I saw you spread-eagled on the dance floor at Medina. Picked you tip and poured you into a taxi. Hope to see you down South sometime. [.7498/37

V I saw you Deborah. in your little sexy denim mini skirt and low cut top. I saw you and want you to be my beautiful pet lesbian forever. sheila xx [7498/38

V I saw you two handsome 'l'hirlstane Road boys in the Iiarl. 'l'ue 22/6. Thought you were both incredibly good looking. but not as much as the girls you were with! x x x [7498/39

VI saw you playing pool very very very badly in ('ity (are. 'l'ch tch. Flying to exotic clinics soon. Lets do something ridiculously fabulous... [7498/40


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