_ i M

V I saw you writing me an "I saw you". I feel the same my Irish kitten. Love. the boy in the purple t-shitt with the red triangles on white. x x x [,'/498/4I

V I saw you my goddess in ('reelers. Red hair and sumptuous curves! I would have approached btit I had evaporated with the joy ofjust being near you! I love you. Miss you. [7498/42

V I saw you under your red satin sheet I-‘raser. Aye rightl! (ittess who. X [7498/43

V I saw you in Planet ()ut looking mighty line - tip for some fun'.’ A x x x [3/498/44

V I saw you in the Basement. You looked like you'd covered yourself in glue and ran through ()xfam. I looked devine! [7498/45

VI saw you actually I felt your face because I'm blind. You seem to have a lovely chin. Lets explore each others pores. [7498/46

VI saw you killing my cat with an ashtray. When will you kill my libido'.’ Will Young the pop goes the weasel. The. [7498/47

V I saw you on the train from Iidinburgh to (ilasgow on a Wednesday . You had hlonde shoulder length hair and blue eyes. I think you are American because I heard you talking. [5/498/48

V I saw you gingery boy. You like to snarl. I also. You were eating pork. I’ork trtmcheon. I also like pork. And porking ginger boys. Boys. [7498/49

V I saw you wee Alan. aye right in l’ilton go! Move to the music! [7/498/50

V I saw you in Bar Bush all those months ago & never thought I'd see you again. So happy its turned otit this way. x x x Word tip to the (icts Massive!!! [7/498/51

V I saw you I’ikachu. . .you are always in my heart and in my life. no matter how it turns out. I will always love you. LP x [7498/52

108 THE LIST 8—22 July 2004

V I saw you Fri l9th walking through the meadows. ()ur eyes met. You beautiful blonde with girlfriend. tne on bike late for work. Nearly came off... Say hello‘.’ [1/498/53

V I saw you with your Betty Boop tattoo singing "on the street where you live" outside the skool disco. I could have danced all night! Would like to see you again... [.'/498/54

V I saw you at and loved you. Keep on changing. you gorgeous Frenchie. U/498/55 V I saw you Jo. you recognized me (Ed) in Luvely a few months ago. I hadn't seen you for years - but have been thinking about you for the same length of time. Would love to see you again - please get in touch. [,7/498/56

V I saw you rolling about the floor on a furry coat llashing your t’i'ts‘ You know who you are! [7498/57

9 I saw you...unti1| the spring came. we will never know our summers as they pass us forming shadows. It is too late now and by winter. all forgotten. I am becoming unreachable. [3/498/58

V I saw you guy in grey t shirt in Thai restaurant eating whole orange quarter - rind and all. Were you drunk‘.’ U/498/59

VI saw you Agent Black & The King! Your footsteps were following me at Bootylushous 20/6/04. [.‘l498/60

’1 saw you ()n the No. 26 bus leaving Porty. with red dreads and pierced nose. You looked great despite cat hairs! Was going to say something. bill was afraid I'd jumble my words. Would you have noticed‘.’ U/498/61

V I saw you Jennifer from Tesco Nicholson Street. it was nice to know you this year. I'll never forget you and I hope you enjoyed the champagne. x from France. [I/498/62

V I saw you Brigid. 1 know you say you're not bi but I know you've loved me fora velly. velly longtime. xx U/498/63

V I saw you Catherine. ()r not. Let's play soon. Love ya. xx U/498/64

V I saw you Dan. welcome back to the 'Burgh. Place hasn't been the same without you. Let's make it a great summer. Ax U/498/65

V I saw you small. furry and cute. lounging in my kitchen after a hard night. Do you fancy some Irish'.’ I'll trap you oh fuzzy one. U/498/66

V I saw you kiwi boy in my flat. So glad you've decided to stay indefinitely and not go home to Wongantxnyland. xxx U/498/67 V I saw you I.ovat. in the newspaper looking very sexy. I'm very impressed by your big deck. I'd run round your garden in Zebra pyjamas any time. B. [1/498/68

V I saw you pink and fluffy bunny girl. Hope you get your new house. x U/498/69

V I saw you B juggling my balls last Friday. Hope you get your leg over next time x. U/498/70

V I saw you Rachel. arguing with me about pizza toppings and everything else. Calm down dear. its a commercial. I'm here to help you. Your favourite assistant x [J/498/7I

V I saw you at hen harper on were small but very loud..give me a call x U/498/72

V I saw you rocking tojulian marley at the liquid rasta you bandana girl [1/498/73 V I saw you sexy man...from daisy duke x [1/498/74

VI saw you drinking wine and frying raw meat over a smokey table. Hope your poker game improves. U/498/75

V I saw you falling off a bar stool showing the world your knickers. You're a classy hurd that's for sure. Blah. blah. blah. U/498/76

To advertise in The List call

01 31 550 3060

.—V/\, [V/ female seeks male

W ATTRACTIVE female, 42 seeks tall male for fun nights. Must have GSOH. (‘all me on 09067 510 I45 & enter ID no. 4012809

W BLONDE female, 44. blue eyes. 5'1 I. loves music. puhs & socialising. WLTM genuine male for possible relationship. Call me on 09067 510 I45 & enter ID no. 4008809 w PETITE brunette, 32. enjoys eating out. travel. cinema & theatre. Seeks genuine male with own hair & teeth preferably. for conversation & summer sports. (‘all me on 09067 510 I45 & enter II) no. 4007809

(at INSPIRED creative yoga enthusiast with positive outlook. 35. n/s. WLTM similar tall & loving man with a keen sense of adventure. Call me on 09067 510 I45 & enter ID no. 4006809 “it? INTRIGUING bright, honest & independent female. 35. GSOH. likes both complex & simple things in life. Seeks interesting & straightforward male for drink & chat initially. (‘all me on 09067 510 145 & enter [1) no. 4004809

We ASIAN female, 5'1, dark hair & eyes. attractive. likes nights in/out. cinema. eating out & long walks. WLTM man for fun & then who knows! Call me on 09067 563 557 & enter ID no. 18744225

M SLIM Livingston female. 5'2. slim build. blonde hair. blue eyes. quite bubbly & smiley. enjoys cinema. eating out & cosy nights in. Call me on 09067 563 557 & enter ID no. 1 1746130

W” EXTREMELY attractive Cumbernauld female. 5'8. loves most things. music & nights in. WLTM tall male to see where things go. Call me on 09067 563 557 & enter ID no. 1 1745130

W SINGLE mum, easygoing. really shy & quiet. likes discos & cinemas. WLTM genuine guy for caring & sharing times together. (‘all me on 09067 563 557 & enter ID no. 13256421 “W FIT single mum. 4|. likes clubbing & shopping. seeks sincere male for fun nights in/out. Must like kids & pets. Call me on 09067 563 557 & enter II) no. 18351426

'49 HONEST reliable, bubbly single mum. easy going. 5'8. brown eyes. long brown hair. Call me on 09067 563 557 & enter II) no. 18762225

619 SINGLE mum, 31. student nurse & works part- time. likes socialising. cinema. dining out & spending time with my child. WLTM friendly male to share interests & fun times. Call me on 09067 563 557 & enter ID no. 11748130 W KAY, 35yrs old, 5'2. blonde shoulder length hair. green eyes. about 7.5 stone. GSOH. quite good looking.

likes going out & having a good '

time. Call me on 09067 563 557 & enter II) no. 13260421 “39“ PETITE bubbly, blue- eyed hlonde. 33. likes to have fun & WLTM loving man with (lSOH for special times. Call me on 09067 563 557 & enter ID no. 2052142

W BLUE-EYE!) single mum of one. hlonde. 5'6. likes cinema. outdoors & restaurants. WLTM fun-loving. caring man who's serious about a LTR. Call me on 09067 563 557 & enter II) no. 18352426

W WISHAW female, 19. blonde hair & blue eyes. 5'4. medium/chubby build. enjoys playing darts 8.: watching football. Call me on 09067 563 557 & enter ID no. 13258421 W AIRDRIE female, 5'6. hlonde shoulder length hair. medium build. interests including travel & socialising. looking to get out & about & meeting new people. Call me on 09067 563 557 & enter II) no. 13254421

945' HONEST female, 26. 5'2. long light brown hair. slim. likes pubs. cinema & socialising. Call me on 09067 563 557 & enter II) no. 13257421

w SLIM female with long brown hair. dark eyes. tanned skin. 5'5. likes dancing. clubs. cinema & playing sports. Call me on 09067 563 557 & enter ID no. 1 1744130

are VERY young 4er old. likes nights out. driving. country walks. WLTM caring. genuine man with mutual interests for relationship & sharing laughs. Call me on 09067 563 557 & enter ID no.

1 1750130

"F BLONDE, sexy & looking for fun. female. 3‘3. with a zest for life. seeking thoughtful. charismatic male for romance. Call me on 09067 563 557 & enter ID no. 2046142

M" GLASGOW female, 37. long streaked hair. 5'4. slim/medium build. likes pubs & clubs. looking for fun times with right guy. Call me on 09067 563 557 & enter ID no. 17627425

“:9 LANARKSI'IIRE female, 33. 5'7. slim build with long dark hair & dark eyes. likes the usual things. clubbing. pubbing & travel etc. Call me on 09067 563 557 & enter ID no. 18746225

w BLONDE female, 44. 5'3. smoker. likes travel. beaches. reading. music. wining & dining. WLTM similar male for friendship. possibly more.