The Front

1 'l' in the Park

Music Cancellation consternation need not put a sour puss on the punters in Balado when there’s still Pixies, Basement Jaxx, the Beta Band, Kings of Leon, Goldfrapp, Ash (pictured) and N'E'R'D on offer. See feature, page 12. Balado, near Kinross.

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2 Fahrenheit 911 1

Film Michael Moore’s incendiary documentary about that nasty Bush man has had the stars grovelling in his wake. But is it as good as he thinks? Well, yes. See feature and film, pages 18 and 31. Selected release.

3 Jasper Johns

Art One of the most significant American artists of the 20th century and the man who put the pop into abstract shows work from the over last 20 years. See Art, page 76. Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh.

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4 Phoenix

Records Alphabetical is only their second album but this all too brief boulangerie of beatific soft pop will make the perfect soundtrack to the summer. if we ever get one. See Buy it this Fortnight, page 89. Source.

5 Bill Bailey

Comedy Having taken the decision to eschew the Fringe this year, Uncle Bill gives a Glasgow audience the chance to experience his Troll humour. See Comedy, page 65. Pavilion, Glasgow.

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6 Andrew Crumey

Books A literary thriller par excellence with Crumey twisting his parallel tale into a witty and erudite headmasher. Why can’t all novels be like this? See Books, page 91. Picador

7 The Miracle of Bern

Film The uplifting story of a boy, his estranged father and a footballing hero when the 1954 World Cup becomes a meeting point for the trio to reconcile their past differences. See Film, page 31 Selected release.

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8 Full Spectrum Warrior

Games Not just a beautifully animated puzzle game, it’s a brainteaser in urban camouflage. And there’s not much better on the Xbox right now. See Games, page 96. Xbox.


The hottest jingle jangle accessow this summer is i

the JewelEye a tiny piece of jewellery that can be i W, v .I, placed in the mucous membrane of the eye. Six j " " " women and a man are currently completing ' research tests and. if all goes to plan, you can expect your local tattooist to be offering the l service sooner than you can scratch ‘I Love My i Mum‘ on to your flesh covered deltoids. The procedure involves inserting a 3.5mm wide piece I of specially developed tat (usually in the shape of a * moon or a heart, these godamm new agers get everywhere) onto the eyeball under local anesthetic. It will cost somewhere between £270 and £540. There's nothing like a bloodshot eye highlighted by a half crescent moon.

9 Asterix

Comics The wee Gaul is In Britain and having a Big Fight with these two reissues from this classic comic book series. See Comics, page 92. Chan.

10 American Film Theatre

DVD A Pinter double bill kicks off this new DVD label which brings us the great stage to screen adaptations of the 1970s. See DVD, page 97.

" Freemantle.

10 THE LIST 8—22 Jul 2004