What are people wearing this summer? It might be wellies one minute, sandals the next. Either way, we at The List are convinced that the dapper public of Glasgow and Edinburgh are at the zenith of STREET STYLE. We

went out on to find out just what they were wearing and where you can get it.

Name Marty Whiteinan Occupation Mzirket'e'ry What are you wearing? It's quite a mix. I got this Jacket as part of a suit from Geoffrey Tailor the Kiltmaker in Glasgov-J. l'he Spongebob Squarepants T- shirt was from the Nickelodeon Store in New York. I think it was about 830. Jeans from Next. and the very trendy shoes from the Nike Store. How would you describe your style? Mainstream high street With a quirky 80s twist. Get the style Camino Carhartt wallet. $314.99 from Cult. 0131 556 5003. 01/11 226 0822: blue Mario l-~sliirt. $312 from Flip. 0131 5:36 4906. 0141 221 29/5.

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Name Merrily Emeleus Occupation Part-time humanities student What are you wearing? My top is from New Look. I've had it for about three years: it's a real favourite. The trousers l b0ught from Cult. So are my shoes. actually. I like Cult. Someone brought me back my belt from Greece. It's got cowgirls on it. My earrings were a couple of quid. Just from Topshoi). and I got the headband as a present from a friend. How would you describe your style? Going for comfort. Get the style Comic strip belt. 220 from Darling Boutique. 0141 337 2333: Striped vest. $10 from Topshop. 0131 536 6589. 01/11 221 4161.

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Name James White Occupation Economics student What are you wearing? I don't know where my shirt came from but it's Dolce & Gabbana and I've had it since I was about 13. My trousers were from Harvey Nicks and I think they might be Dolce 8. Gabbana too. Trainers: Footlocker and they're broken. To keep the theme going, my belt is from Bizarre and is also broken. How would you describe your style? Broken. Once had money but doesn't any more. Get the style Black Dolce & Gabbana shirt. 5:125. Michiko Koshino jeans. £100. both from Cruise. 0131 226 3524, 0141 572 3200.