Name Joanna Kerr Occupation Medical student What are you wearing? l'm not against wearing second-hand stuff. so both the jumper and skirt came from charity shops for quite cheap. My glasses are slightly more upmarket, from FCUK. The belt is Top Shop and the shoes are from Schuh.

How would you describe your style? I don't follow fashion. lwear whatever I want . . . whatever I'm in the mood for Get the style Red scarf, £99 from John Lewis. 0141 353 6677. 0131 556 9121; striped knee length socks. ‘28 from Pie in the Sky. 0131 220 1477.

Name Euan Bennie Occupation Art student

What are you wearing? My flatmate gave me this shin. so I'm no sure what it cost or where it came from. I picked up the bag in Armani for about $280. The jeans and shoes both come from John Rocha. and I bought them in Frasers. As for the hat, it‘s an H&M job. and the glasses are from Next. How would you describe your style? I guess it could be Summed up with the phrase ‘caSual chic“. Get the style Men's Sunglasses. 5215 from Accessorize. 0131 556 2162. 0141 221 3164. Striped men's shirt. £15 from Topman, 0131 536 6589. 0141 221 4161.

Name Lewis Black-Wilkins Occupation Student What are you wearing? I‘m not sure where I got my oxblood Docs. The trousers I got from AppIeJack. downstairs at Flip. My T-shirt is Chaos-UK. I've aCCumulated the bangles from various people and a six-pack pull. I made the necklace myself. I got my jumper free from the Evergreen Arts and Ecology store because I used to volunteer there. How would you describe your style? Bondage/St Andrews golfer/punk. Get the style Tartan tr0users. £15 from Flip. 0131 556 4966. 0141 221 2975; oxblood Dr Martens. $55.99 from Barnets. 0131 556 3577.

8—22 Jul 2004 THE LIST 23