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Les Dames du Bois de Boulogne (PG) .0. (Robert Bresson. France. l‘)4(i) Maria ('asares. lilina Labourdette. [.ucienne Bogaert. ‘)()min. A young Parisienne takes revenge on her bored lover by arranging for him to marry a prostitute. A collaboration between Jean (‘octeau and Bresson has to be an intriguing one. and this occasionally irritating effort is interesting for the tnanner in which Bresson‘s characteristically austere tnanner copes with his scenarist's etnotional flourishes. Film/muse. Edinburgh.

Dance of the Vampires (AKA the Fearless Vampire Killers) t 15)

.0. (Roman Polanski. l'S. 1067) Jack Mac(iowran. Roman Polanski. Allie Bass. Sharon Tate. l-‘erdy Mayne. |()7min. Peculiar Hammer-type spoof horror. with .\lac(iowran as the eccentic professor and Polanski as his assistant. both staying in an isolated. east liuropean castle infested with vampires. Although there are moments of


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34 THE LIST 8-22 Jtil 200/1

pure Polanski genius. most of the moin mislires. and it‘s remarkable mainly as an oddity. Part of Polanski retrospectiye. ((14. Glasgow.

Dark Habits ( IX) 0... (Pedro Allnodoy‘ar. Spain. [98-1) (‘hristina S Pascual. Julieta Serrano. (‘armen Maura. 95min. 'l‘horoughly reprehensible and Very fttnny early :\ltttodo\'ar has nightclth chanteuse Pascal fleeing her drug-addled existence to seek refuge in a rather unorthodox conyent. where the nuns share out liberal amounts of controlled substances and the sexual peccadillo quotient is running high. The Sound affillusie it ain‘t. but even if the joke is stretched a little thin and the pacing ttncertain. Pedro‘s aim as usual is to prick the complacencies of our eyeryday morality. Part of .-\lmodoyar retrospectiye. I‘i/mhnus‘e. Edinburgh.

The Day After Tomorrow t 12A)

.0 (Roland limmerich. [8. 200-1) Dennis Quaid. Jake (iyllenhaal. limmy Rossum. Dash Miliok. Jay () Sanders. Ian llolm. Kettneth Welsh. 134tiiiii. ('limatologist Jack llall (Quaid) and Professor Rapson lllolttt) spot some drastic climate changes drops in water temperature. freak storms. hailstones the si/e of bricks. .\'ow they must conyince sceptical Vice-president Becker (Welsh) that their initial estimation for the coming of the new ice age in ‘l()() to 1000 years' time' has been rapidly l‘cVisL‘d to the day alter tomorrow. Without any character empathy. no amount of ('(}l will generate any drama. and without drama there can be no suspense and no fear. This movie. to base any effect whatsoeyer. needs its to feel frail. \ttlncrable and helpless laced with the


Young Taiwanese actor Bo-lin Chen in Blue Gate Crossing

awesome power of nature. it doesn't. limmerich has dumped on the mm ie-going world a soulless and sub-standard cut-and- paste job from his own yile and risible Im/epem/em‘e I)a\‘. entirely deyoid of suspense. humour. emotion or creatiy ity. (ienera/ release.

Death and the Maiden t Is) .00 (Roman Polanski. l'K/l'S/l'i‘ancc. I‘M-i) Sigourney Weayer. Ben Kingsley. Stuart Wilson. Ill-1min. A former torture \‘ictint belieyes the titan who helped her husband when his car had a flat is the doctor who abused her years before. Polanski thinks he's doing a llitcltcockiatt thriller twhich lriyialises Ariel [)orfman's source material). while Weayer w ayes a gun around like there's something creepy. crawly and extraterrestrial under the bed. Part of Polanski retrospectiye. ('(‘xL (ilasgou: Deep Blue (PG) 00. t.-\ntly Byatl a Alastair l-‘othergill. l‘K/(iermany. 2003) 90min. Alastair liothergill. the former head of BB(' 'l‘eleyision's Natural History I'nit. presents Deep Blue. a kind of big screen way to represent the best hits of Blue Planet. Ptit together with half an ey e on worldwide commercial prospects. this plays far tnore on the etnotional response to these amazing images of aquatic life. Michael (iambon's narration is w isely kept to a tninimum as uninterrupted. While the intitnacy of the photography and editing renders each encounter almost personal. men the most extreme feels accessible. making for an emotional and absorbing film. (ieorge l-‘enton arid the Berlin Philharmonic's score turns this into a kinetic. exhilarating attd genuinely unmissable experience but at the end of the day this is just non-linear bits of blown-up television footage. filtered through the imagination of an [MAX yiewer. I'i/m/mus‘e. Edinburgh.

Deewaar 1 12A) 000 (Yaslt (‘hopi-a. India. N75) Shashi Kapoor. Amitabh Bachchan. .\'eetu Singh. .\'irupa Roy. l7()min. (‘lassic Indian drama. this is actually a remake of the original 1054 film

about a trade unionist who sells out to saye his family. but is then unable to face the social ostracism and deserts wife his two sons. As the mother watches her two children grow up to be a cop and a gold smuggler she realises there will be a clash of morals between them. Reactionary btit thoroughly enjoyable cliche-bound Bollywood fare. ('('I Edinburgh. Edinbta‘gh.

Dogville t l5) 0....‘s Von 'l‘rier. l)enmark/Sweden/l‘rance/Norway/ Netherlands/15inland/( iermany/ltaly/Japan/l' S /l'l\'. 2002) Nicole Kidtnan. Harriet .-\ndersson. Lauren Bacall. Jean-Marc Barr. Paul Bettany. 178mm. \"on 'I‘rier's huge. beastly experiment in forin. Shot on studio stage sets in homage to the BB(‘ dramas of the ()()s and 70s. Dogt'i/le tells the slowly disintegrating story of (irace tKidman) an impoverished woman w ho stumbles into a small. isolated. turn of the century pioneer town to ask if the locals will take her in. Of course they‘re wary at first but (irace proves a tonic to all as she helps blind Jack McKay ((iaHara) around the house and baby-sits and cleans for the locals. A remarkable and unique achieyement well worth the challenge of sitting through. ('('I ('lydebank. (‘lyde/mnk: ('('1 Edinburgh. Edinburgh.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (15) 0.... (Michel (iondry. l'S. 200-1) Kate \\'iiislet. Jim (‘arey. Tom Wilkinson. Kirstin l)unst. ltlh‘min. (‘harlie Kaufman's second collaboration with director \lichel (iondry tafter Human Nature) is his best film yet. Like Being John .lIa/kurieh. Eternal Sunshine is a wildly imaginatiye flight of fantasy. This film's gloriously balmy conceit sees

('arrey ~s lmelorn loser. Joel Barish. haying the painful memories of his es-girlfriend surgically removed. She‘s ('lementine Kruc/ynski tWinslet). a loyeably wild. impetuous girl who. an increasingly miserable Barish discoyers. had the procedure performed upon her after she got bored with their relationship and ended it.