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36 THE LIST 8- 22 Jul 90012

Kika ( 18) 0.. (Pedro Almodovar. Spain. I993) Veronique Forque. Peter Coyote. Victoria Abril. 1 14min. A make-up artist is involved with an American writer and his photographer son; she‘s also avoiding the attentions of her lesbian maid. whose ex-porn star brother escapes from prison and ends up at the house. and a predatory ‘reality TV‘ reporter who takes a ghoulish delight in other people‘s misfortunes. It all adds up to Pedro Almtxlovar‘s tenth feature. and his blackest mix to date of sex. death and stylish kitsch. Part of Almodovar retrospective. Film/rouse. Edinburgh.

Kill Bill: Volume 2(18) 0... (Quentin Tarantino. LS. 2004) L'ma Thurman. David Carradine. Daryl Hannah. Michael Madsen. Samuel L Jackson. 136mm. Tarantino's rollicking rampage of revenge changes gear for its concluding part. A dialogue-heavy Westem bathed in the spirit of B and exploitation movies. this is a thrilling. perplexing end to a great pseudo feminist riff on violence and revenge. It is also very nice to see (‘arradine back in a film deserving of his talents. Glasgow Film Theatre. Glasgow. Labyrinth of Passion ( l8) 0.. (Pedro Amodovar. Spain. 1982) Cecilia Roth. Imanol Arias. Antonio Banderas. 94min. A nympho club chanteuse falls for a Middle liastern heir. who. in turn. is having a fling with a terrorist who‘s out to kidnap him. Sluggishly paced and relentlessly tawdry. this early work is not the place for would-be Pedrophiles to start. Part of Almodovar retrospective. Film/rouse. lz'dm/no'gh.

The Ladykillers (15) O. (iiihan and Joel Cohen. LS. 2004) Tom Hanks. Irma P Hall. Marlon \N'ayans. 104mm. Bland remake of Mackendrick's I955 lialing classic. Hanks gleefully adjusts his false teeth to play a southern variation of Alec Guinness‘ professor. with Irma P Hall's tough evangelism replacing Katie Johnson's frailness as the ‘formidable antagonist’ of a landlady who stands between llanks' gang and stolen casino money. Predictable jokes about dim-witted criminals posing as musicians follow. plus bouts of irritable bowel syndrome. a dog in a gas mask and various other low-brow ('oen-style riffs shape the familiar comic theme. That said. the relocation to the Deep South does provide the space for some welcome satirical jibes at black culture. mainly through Marlon Wayans' foulmouthed janitor Gawain McSam. and the fresh setting provides an excuse for a great gospel soundtrack too. General release.

The Lion King (PG) 000 (Roger Allers/Rob Minkofl'. LS. 1994) voices of Matthew Broderick. Jeremy Irons. Robert (iuillame. 53min. Disney's first animated feature gets the lMAX treatment. IMAX Theatre. Glasgow.

Live Flesh ( 18) 0... (Pedro Almodovar. Spain. 1997) Javier Bardem. Liberto Rabal. Francesca .\'eri. l()()min. Based on a Ruth Rendell story. Almodovar’s most rounded attempt to enter the mainstream follows the fate of a wheelchair-bound policeman. the young man responsible for the bullet that put him there. and his wife. with whom the recently released convict is in love. Any message waiting to be read is drowned in the brightest and deepest of cinematographic experiences. and the pleasures here are several. But there's a hint that the director has slipped into middle-ground mediocrity. Part of Almodovar retrospective. Film/rouse. Edinburgh.

Matador ( 18) 0... (Pedro Almadovar. Spain. I986) Assumpta Serna. Antonio Banderas. Nancho Martinez. Eva (‘omo. 96min. Less uproarious than the

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works that established his commercial reputation. this is Almadovar at his most intensely dark and ecstatic. Themes of sex and death merge around a pervy ex- bullfighter. his sexually confused pupil and the latter's murderous defence lawyer. Quite deliriously amoral. Part of Almodovar retrospective. Film/rouse. Edinburgh. Mean Girls (12A) 0.. (Mark S Waters. US. 2004) Lindsay Lohan. Rachel McAdam. Lacey Chabert. Amanda Seyfried. Tina Fey. Lizzy Caplan. 97min. Raised in Africa by zoologist parents. Cady Heron (Lohan) thinks she knows about survival of the fittest. But the law of the jungle takes on a whole new meaning when the home-schooled 15-year-old enters school for the first time and encounters the peculiar cliquey world of the girl teenager. Acerbic. clever teen drama written by Saturday Night Live's Tina Fey. General release.

The Miracle of Bern (12A) 00. (Sonke Wortmann. Germany. 2003). Louis Klamroth. Peter Lohmeyer. Johanna (iastdorf. Mirko Lang. l 16min. See review. page 3 l. Selected release

The Missing (15) 00.. (Ron Howard. [S 2003) Tommy Lee Jones. Cate Blanchett. Evan Rachel Wood. Jenna Boyd. Aaron Eckhart. l30min. Maggie (Blanchett) is a healer and farmer in the American Southwest 1885. Her two daughters Lilly (Wood) and Dot (Boyd) work the famin smallholding under the tutelage of her live- in partner Brake (Aaron Eckhart). One day Maggie‘s estranged father wanders back into her life. having left when she was young to go native with American Indians. At first hostile. Maggie soon realises she needs his help when Lilly is abducted by a murderous group of Apaches. Pretty fine take on the classic Westem (noticeably The Searchers) from Ron Howard and undoubtedly the best film he has ever made. ()deon. Edinburgh.

My Best Friend’s Wedding (I2) 0.. (PJ Hogan. US. 1997) Julia Roberts. Dermot Mulroney. Cameron Diaz. 105mm. The director of Australian hit illuriel's ll'edding takes Julia Roberts out of her usual. wide-eyed role of irritating innocence and rc-casts her as a two-faced career girl who tries to scupper the wedding of a former boyfriend whom she suddenly realises she is still very much in love. A wonderfully scripted film with a fun performances all round. it ultimately affirms the enduring nature of friendship. ()deon at the Qua". Glasgow. Glasgow.

Nathalie ( I5) .0. (Anne Fontaine. France/Spain. 2003) Gerard Depardieu. Fanny Ardant. Emmanuelle Beart. l()Smin. See review. page 30. Selected release.

Not on the Lips (Pas sur la bouche) (PG) 0. (Alain Resnais. France/Switzerland. 2003) Sabine Azema. Isabelle Nanty. Audrey Tautou. 1 17min. Based on a 1925 Parisian operetta. this tedious musical farce from veteran art- house director Resnais (Hiroshima Mon Amour) is highly unlikely to appeal unless you're an aficionado of French period songs. Set in a grand art deco apartment and a extravagantly decorated bachelor's flat. the film gathers together a collection of bourgeois types including a ditzy middle- aged wife (Azema). her wealthy husband (Arditi). and a young ingénue (Tatou) and adds to the mix an American businessman (Wilson) who suffers from a phobia of kissing on the lips. Two hours in the company of these shallow. egocentric creations is a wearying experience. Film/rouse. Edinburgh.

The Notebook (12A) 00. (Nick (‘assavetes. US, 2004) Rachel McAdams. Ryan Gosling. James Garner. Joan Allen. 123mm. A Hollywood weepy that would have made Frank Capra proud. Garner‘s Noah tries to jolt Allie's (Rowlands) failing memory by recounting a tale of love from her youth. The story he recounts is set around WWII and is told

in flashbacks with Gosling and McAdams both excellent in their roles as young lovers trying to break through class divides. Based on Nicholas Sparks' novel. the film jumps between the two eras.