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All aboard for Glasgow’s first River Festival

To mark this issue’s celebration of the distinctive urban style that’s clearly thriving on Scottish streets, we bring

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Optimum height of a male fashion model 6ft

World-record breaking number of pairs of own brand women's underwear sold by M&S globally in one year 50m

. Length of the longest catwalk ever built, in a car Take me to the river shopping centre, Bangkok

Fresh move to inject life back into Clyde kicks off with watersports extravaganza. Words: Ruth Hedges "‘1 ‘met'es

his time-.10 yeais ago ‘,’()t. in;giit well have been busy environments.' says Counsellor Alex Mosson. spokesperson for Annual income of Giorgio packing for yeti! l‘i()lriltl*,f‘» and about to set off (l()‘.'.i'l§ the [Agents at Glasgow City Council. ‘We felt the potential was Armani $135." Clyde to destination Hotliesa; or Arian. The shipyards and immense and therefore we had to put something in place that ‘acto'ies wouid all naxe shut down ‘or trades ‘oitngnt and buses would not only be an attraction to the citi/ens of the city but to Chest Size of largest ever and trains would be filled \.'.' Il‘ h<ilida‘,makers abandoning the city visitor'sf aioha Shirt 14ft

l'ien full and busy for work and play. the Clyde has long since line wili is undoubtedly there. "You'ie pushing on an open door. been devod of such purpose. But that is about to change foi a l ‘.(I‘l",()l‘.(} wants the Clyde to succeed but no single person can Age of youngest ever haute lex'. (1(1):; over the Clasgox'. l azr Holiday \".’eekeiid with the first make this happen] says Michael Dale. festival director. ‘This is a couture designer. Yves Saint exer Glasgow River FCSIIXIN. l ifty Zapcats be up and big thing. A "l‘. er :8 a big. unforgiving thing.‘ Councillor Alex Laurent 17 (l()‘.'."l the ‘.'.’£il(}l’. 'iev.’ pohtco'is lléi‘.‘(} been erected for visiting Mt sson .s well aware of this. haying worked on the shipyards in his boats. special e~.ents at the Science Centre and la-i Ship take younger days. 'lhe HYGF was a inotonvay With boats geing up and Visitors to the last London place oi. er the three day s and bands and fun fairs keep the (JO‘x'Jl‘. all the time: it was a real hive of actiVity. and the important Fashion Week 4350 gt.a\,s:oe entertained. thing .s to get activity' back on the river] he says.

The festwai takes place in IN) shadow of a recei‘t report that So pack your bags and get yourself 'doon the water'. as they Year King George N ordered etc-s Glasgow as the poorest sit, in Britai‘. a state of affairs user: to say. iefl and right shoes to be inextricably linked to the ct, 's HOMER-"Ell decree and ‘.‘.’-"..(:ll on», made differenuy from each gives greater impetus for the ‘estrgaTs success. lhc- regeneration Glasgow River Festival, Fri 16-Mon 19 Jul, the other 1818 of the C'ydeside area is see.“ as «ey to the cztys future. Clyde by the Glasgow Science Centre and the Tall

'O..r concern was that wh-Ye regenerating the mer frontage Ship, visit to find Change in the average retaii there was a need to ti“) and attre ct people to the "l\.’€'l' and its out more. price of clothing between

1992 and 2002 -3.4°/o

France and Germany in cultural merger

t f ' d t' Old Europe to pursue new goals under the same old roof. Words: Ruth Hedges ’8 e O 2'9 9‘0 “C '0”

28mph he French and Germans now have something other than , 1 - E “r ‘74; I bombing out of Euro 2004 in common: their cultural institutes -s»— g > . "at I 4 s ' Maximum number of pairs of in Glasgow are coming under one roof. The Goethe-lnstltut fig; a ' . ~ ' _ ~ -; f shoes it was legal to buy in says ‘willkommen' to the Alliance Francaise as it moves into its A-listed ‘- ' ' ' , -"' _ " the US during WW“ 2

premises in Glasgow's Park Circus to form a new kind of entente.

Only one other such combination exists. and that's in Ramallah. Palestine. but this is the first in Europe. 'We think it's a good thing to work together.‘ says Heike Uhlig. director of the Goethe-lnstitut. ‘All of us see this as a great possibility for a European network. so it's not jtlSl a building for those who are interested in German. but those who are interested in French too and then we hope that it will also bring people

Percentage of women who wear the wrong bra size 75

Percentage of men who say they wear uncomertable shoes because they look who are interested in Europe.’ fashionable 20 'l he cultural centres are planning to create J()llll programmes and

initiatives with one alreadi,’ iiiiiiei‘\.'-.iag. with the Scottish Poetry libran.’ getting on board too, taking liltfllfill and GOl'll‘iélll poetry to schools in a bus.

Number of people employed in British fashion 220,000

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