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The closure of Bennets in Glasgow, Scotland’s oldest gay and lesbian

Scotland’s gay social scene is changing.

venue, following a fire in May has brought both profit and loss to the club- going community. Like Ant without Dec, Scotland without Bennets seems unimaginable in a country where being called a ‘Bennets Boy’ is synonymous with being identified as gay.

Its hard core loyalists still maintain a vigil at the club’s website for a flicker of news in a manner reminiscent of the Catholic faithful watching for white smoke coming out of the Vatican chimney. Life and commerce, however, wait for no man and the crater-like void is being filled by a plethora of theme nights hoping to grab some of those pink pounds.

DJ Annie has now brought her disc-spinning act to the new venue formerly known as Penelope’s, Club Devotion. Before its name change it had just relaunched the gay night after a long and unfortunate hiatus. Now, Sundays and Thursdays will feature the Bennets legend, Annie, in the snappin-titled Pink Devotion night. DJ Annie says: ‘My loyalty has always been to Bennet’s and I was shocked by the abrupt end. The management are determined to bring it back, and I’ve pledged to return with my act.’

In the meantime, Pink Devotion has been packing them in. ‘My debut show attracted a crowd of over 250. And former Bennets regulars are bringing their straight pals.’ Could it be we are entering a pan-sexual era, making the need for gay and lesbian venues obsolete? Certainly, the major losers in the Bennets closure are lesbians and fag hags who adopted the dominant sexual position in its fortnightly ‘female only’ event, Girls On Top.

Despite new nights, such as a Sunday slot at Glasgow’s the Tunnel, called Cabaret, no city club has come forward to offer the girls an exclusive evening of their own. For as long as Bennets remains closed there will be new pleasures in Glasgow to seek. Alternatively, as my friends in Edinburgh would argue, you can always make the journey to the East and sample the delights of the ‘real’ gay scene. (Brian McGeachan)

Events are listed by city, date, then type. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to glasgowGlist.co.uk, by post or by fax on 0141 353 2803. Listings are compiled by Brian McGeachan.

Glasgow Thursdays


Club Devotion with DJ Annie. I8 Jamaica Street. 847 0820. £3 entry. but free passes/llyers available from the nearby LGBT (‘entre. Another chance to enjoy the delights of this new gay night. courtesy of the club formerly known as Penelope's.

Glasgow Fridays


GLC Cafe Bar l 1 Dixon St. Glasgow. 0141 226 5050. I’ree. Karaoke is supplied tonight for those who like their performance art up close and personal. Any wandering wannabe star can take up the mic this evening and tomorrow.

Fresh at the Polo Lounge. 84 Wilson Street. 553 112]. |0pm--3am. £5 door entry or discounted ticket from Delmonica‘s next door. The only place in the heart of the city for a hot and sweaty experience. (iet your glad-rags on and get down there for an eclectic

66 THE LIST 8-22 Jul 2004

mix of sexy fun and passion to the sounds of Andy and Michelle.

Glasgow Saturdays


Lush at the Polo Lounge. 84 Wilson Street. 55.3 I l2l. lllpm 3am. £5 door entry or discounted ticket from the sister shop next door. Saturday night sw ings round again. Time for you lovers of ltlst and the lush life to come to the aid of the party. AND you have a choice of the door level seating area. the trophy room or the dance area for the hard core dancers. There's also the secluded ‘passion pit' way upstairs for ‘the young and the restless'.

Glasgow Sundays


Pink Devotion at (‘lub Devotion. I8 Jamaica Street. 847-0820. £3 entry. l-‘lyers/l'ree passes are available from the LUBT centre and all good gay venues. The club formerly known as Penelope‘s has undergone a name change and introduced a queer night on Sundays and Thursdays with the divine DJ ANNlli.

ANGIE ‘0’ at Merchant Pride . 20 (‘andleriggs. 564- I285. This popular bar lays claim to hosting the campest Karaoke in Scotland. with the superlative Angie ‘()‘ officiating as the Mistress of Ceremonies. If you wanna Iind out if this is true join her on the night.

Cabaret at the Tunnel. 84 Mitchell Street. 204 1000. I l.30pm~-3am. £3. This brand new night from the people who bring you Allure is also aiming to fill the void left by the temporary closure of Bennets. Its debut falls on the 4 July. so go along to its launch and see if it's got the makings of another gay mainstay.

Glasgow Mondays


Passionality at (‘ubc. 34 Queen Street. 223-8990. ll.30 3.30am. £3 (£2 with Hyer). Weekly. Kick-start the beginning of the week courtesy of those gay-friendly chaps and chapesses at ('ube. If the cheap drink and cracking sounds of DJ Shawn‘s don't entice you otit of your post-weekend slumber then the regular talent on display for girls and boys just might.

Glasgow Tuesdays


FUN at (‘ube 34 Queen St. 223 8990.

I l.30~3.30am. For those with the staying AND spending power to enjoy another midweek dance-a-thon. ('ube presents its second night (see above).

Glasgow Wednesdays


Fourplay linvy. 2o (‘ambridge Street. 332 3437. I lpm 3am. £4 (£2 with llyer). Weekly. New gay club. A great night is guaranteed at Iinvy. with some of the best DJ funkin‘ in town.

Allure The Tunnel. 84 Mitchell Street. 204 I000. l I.30pm 3am. £3. Weekly. The newish gay nite is brought to you good people from the brain's behind (’ube's Passionality and PIN. promising happy. cheesy pop in the company of DJ Darren.

Edinburgh Fridays


Polysuper-Camp Newtown Bar. 26b Dublin Street. 538 7775. I0pm 2am. Free. Weekly. l)Js Polysuper Pete. Ali and guests whip up a storm of camp classics and new sounds. Sally [5 and DJ Michelle go a wee bit alternative down below.


Blaze Iigo. Picardy Place. 478 7434. Ist. 3rd at 4th Fri of each month. loth July.

I lpm 3am. £3 before midnight; £4 alter. Fortnightly. DJ James Longworth. is guaranteed to ignite the gay weekend with a chart and commercial/ft)nky house soundtrack. Lovers of the best queer and dykc tracks in the nation's capital will doff their caps at the sexy sounds from the coolest of all track trippers on the decks.

Edinburgh Saturdays


Polysuper-Mix Up Newtown Bar. Zoh Dublin Street. 538 7775. 10pm<2am. Free. Weekly. New night of chee/ce disco pop and charty hits for boys and girls with l)Js Polysuper Pete. Ali and guests.

Edinburgh Sundays


GOTHAM CITY (’ity ('afe. l9 Blair Street. 220 0125. 8pm Iain. Monthly. Sun I I July. This Fetish/Goth crossover club has moved to a spanking new venue and features dungeon. cinema and a dance floor.

Taste The Liquid Room. 9c Victoria Street. 225 2564. I lpm 3am. Sun I8 July. £5 before I I.30pm: £8 (£6 members) after: £I0 non-members on guest DJ nights. Weekly. Sample the tasty brew of house and garage in this chkclitl celebration of all things queer and dykey. Taste‘s Main Room resident DJ I‘isher & Price play for you. and Back Room resident DJs Martin Valentine and Steven Wanless play Deep House and [S House. [f you want to shake your booty to the best sounds in the capital. then make this a 'must do' night.

BootyLUSHous Medina Nightclub. (under Negoeiants) 45-47 Lothian Street. 10pm 3am. £2 entry before midnight -- £3 thereafter. Weekly. A Block Party hosted by DJ Dale Lush as well as residents Simmone Black. Piinpster & (iee and Trendy Wendy.

CC Blooms Karaoke. 2.3 (ireenside Place. 556 933 1. 6pm -3am. This two floor jewel in the crown of lidinburgh's scene is at the heart of the social calendar. It's down to earth and unpretentious. while karaoke is a riotous affair. This venue also hosts a disco every night from I lpm.

Edinburgh Mondays


PolysupenCheez Mood (’lub. ()mni (‘cntre. (ireens‘ide. 07788 474 414.

10pm 3am. £l before I I.30am; £3 after (£2 with membership card or discount pass). Weekly. DJ Polysuper Pete. Ali and guests do the business. Polysuper-('heez is your night and the Mood ('lub your place!

Edinburgh Tuesdays


The Hub at LUBT ('entre for Health & Wellbeing. 9 Howe St. 523 1100.

4.30 7.30pm. Drop in for friendly access to lesbian. gay. bisexual or transgender info. contacts and services. An easy. friendly and welcoming environment is guaranteed. This service is also provided on Wednesday and Thursday.


Vibe ligo. Picardy Place. 478 7434.

l lpm 3am. £3 (£2 members). Weekly. James Longworth provides the sounds upstairs at this popular. sparkly. charty party while Nathan Scantlebury plays an R&B mix downstairs. The best of the Vibe acts including Beverley Rainford and the Vibe Dancers.


GOOD GIRLS (LESBIAN SHORT FILMMAKING) This collection of lesbian short filmms boasts fun, bizarre and kitsch efforts in abundance. Where the Girls Are, an informative testimonial to the American golf circuit, takes in the Dinah Shore pro am, where the girls outrage their elderly neighbours. Summer Brunch examines a woman’s lunch with her ex, where the subject turns to multiple orgasms and whether cucumbers really are a woman’s best friend. And Hummer is Guinevere Turner’s new short featuring central character Casey, ‘coming to terms with up close and personal sex’ in a visually stunning piece. In short, all lesbian life is featured here, and brought to you via the London Gay and Lesbian Film Festival on Tour.

I Fi/mhouse, Edinburgh, Sat I 0th & Sun I I th Jul.