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Thursday 8

Outside the cities

I Golf: The Barclays Scottish Open Loch Lomond (iolf (‘1uh. Rossdhu House. l.uss. Alexandria. 01436 (355555. 7am 8pm. £5 £25 (under 16s free). Major 1’(i:\ liuropean 'I'our golf tournament. Fattioiis faces include players such as Phil Mickelson and lirnie lils. who will he competing over four days for a prize fund of around £1.5m.



Outside the Cities

I Golf: The Barclays Scottish Open I.och l.omond (iolf ('luh. Rossdhu House. I.uss. Alexandria. 01436 (155555. 7am~8pni. £5 £25 (under 16s free). See Thu 8.

Saturday 10


I Athletics: BBC Sport Relief Murrayfield Stadium. Rixersdale (‘i'escenL 08712 44441 I. 1pm. Sponsored run-. \\ a|1\'-. hop-. pogo-a-milc in aid of Sport Relief. uhich helps poor and disadVantaged _\oung people in the [K and abroad. See panel.

Various venues, Edinburgh, Sat 17 & Sun 18 Jul

Just as marathons are no longer simply the domains of the fiber-fit, but are also open to hundreds of relay and charity racers, so other niche sports such as adventure racing are adapting to attract a wider client base. The Rat Race falls right into this category. It covers a distance of some 100km all across the city and beyond, using a variety of disciplines including running, biking, climbing and kayaking. And although this might sound intimidating, the course has been specifically designed to attract more of the so-called ‘weekend warriors’, who might simply dabble in adventure sports.

The Rat Race is part of a series of five events in the British Adventure Racing Championship which take place across the country with teams of three navigating huge distances across the countryside. But this is the first time a BARC event has taken place in a city which Jim Mee, the Edinburgh Rat Race organiser, has used to his advantage. ‘All the pro competitors are coming because it’s never happened in an urban environment before so it’s a different challenge for them, but it’s also a very accessible adventure sports

platform for novice teams.’

And with more and more people engaging in extreme sports than ever before, he believes it is essential to open up the major competitions. ‘The difficulty with adventure sports is that people are really interested in reading about it and they aspire to be more involved, but may sometimes feel a little bit intimidated.’ Mee’s approach certainly seems to have worked as the 330

spots were filled very quickly.

So now the stage is set for what looks to be an incredibly exciting and unique event that takes full advantage of the capital’s plethora of crags, peaks and waterways. The action will begin at 8pm on Saturday night with a three-hour timed trial ranging freely between control points dotted all around the town. Then at 7.30am on Sunday morning the race proper begins, following a set (and as yet secret) course that will most likely take in Ocean Terminal, Holyrood Park and Portobello, then end up in Princes Street

Gardens around 2pm. I www. ra traceadvcnti ire. con i

OutSIde the Cities

I Golf: The Barclays Scottish Open Loch l.omond (iolf (‘1uh. Rossdhu llouse. l.uss. Alexandria. 01436 655555. 7am 8pm. £5 £25 (under lbs free). See 'I‘hu 8.

Outside the cities

I Golf: The Barclays Scottish Open Loch I.omond (io1f('luh. Rossdhu House. 1.tiss. .-\le.\andria. 01436 655555. 7am 8pm. £5 £25 (under los free). See Thu 8.

I Golf: The Open Championship Ro}al 'l'i-oon (tolt‘ (’1uh.’1‘roon. ()1292 319933. 'I'imes \ai')'. £5 £40 (£3 £15).'1'his is the 133rd year for golf’s oldest and most prestigious tournament. .-\11 the top names. including Tiger Woods. Relief (iooscn. l’hil Mic‘kclsot). lirnie lils and Sergio (iarcia. \\ ill he present and eager to get their hands on the sll\ er ('lai‘et Jug. The championship starts officially on the Thu 15. \\ ith the da)s preceding allocated for practice and qualifying exents.

OutSIde the Cities

I Golf: The Open Championship Royal 'l‘i-oon (iolt‘ (‘1uh, 'l‘roon. ()1292 319933. 'I‘imes \ai')‘. £5 £40 (£3 £15). See Sun 1 1.

Tuesday 1 3

OutSIde the Cities

I Golf: The Open Championship R0} ((1 11-foot) (iolli (‘Iuh. from). ()1292 319933.1‘imes Var}. £5 £40 (£3 £15). See Sun I 1.

Wednesday 14

Outside the Cities

I Motor racing: Stock Cars Knockhill Racing (‘ircuit. Knockhill. 1)unfcrm1ine. 01383 723337. o 9pm. £8 (£4). Stock car racing featuring high speed 1'52 single sealers. Hot Rods. Saloons and Banger Stocks.

I Golf: The Open Championship Ro}al 'I'i'oon (iolt' (‘1uh. from). ()1292 319933. 'l‘imes Var): £5 £40 (£3 £15). See Sun 11.

Outside the Cities

I Golf: The Open Championship Ro)al 'l'roon (iolf (‘1tih.'I'i'ooii. 01292 319933. Times var). £5 £40 (£3 £15). See Sun 11.


I Basketball: Scotland v Luxembourg l’ol‘lohcllo High School. 10 Dtttldingston Road. 317 72(30. H.30pm. The Scottish \xomeii's basketball team pla} a series of ft'ieiidl} matches against their opponents from I.u\eiiihoui'g. in preparation for the upcoming liuropean Promotions ('up.

Outside the Cities

I Golf: The Open Championship R()_\al 'l‘i'ooii (iolt' ('luh. 'l'i'oon. 01292 319933.1‘iines \ar). £5 £40 (£3 £15). See Sun 11.


I Basketball: Scotland v Luxembourg .\le;itlo\\haiik Sports (‘entre. 139 London Road. 317 72(i0. ()pttt. Sec l'il'l lo.

I Adventure racing: Rat Race l’l‘lllc‘cs Sll'L‘L‘l (itlt’tlclls. (18704 1032-15. 8-1 1pm. |00km ui'han adxentui‘e race around lidiiihurgh co\ ering a numhcr of different disciplines such as c} cling.

listings Sport

BBC SPORT RELIEF Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh, Sat 10 Jul

To coincide with the 50th anniversary year of Roger Bannister’s record-breaking four minute mile, Sport Relief is trying to create the biggest mile event in history. People all over the country will be ‘going the extra mile‘ to raise money to help disadvantaged young people at home and abroad. In Edinburgh, athletes Liz McColgan and Yvonne Murray, as well as comedian Fred MacAulay, will be some of the famous faces getting involved. Don’t worry if you haven’t registered yet there’s still time. Simply call 08712 444411 or log on to the website.

at www. sportre/i'ef. com

hiking. running. canoeing and rope li‘aVel. See panel.

OutSide the Cities

I Golf: The Open Championship Royal 'l‘i-oon (tolt‘ ('1uh.'1‘i'ooii. ()l292 319933.1‘imes \ai'}. £5 £40 (£3 £15). Sec Sun 1 1.

Sunday 18


I American football: Glasgow Tigers v Edinburgh Wolves ('amhuslang Rugh} ('luh. (‘oats Park. 1.anglea Road. ('amhuslang. (i47 3403. 2.30pm. The \\'ol\es face the 'I‘igers in a return match.


I Adventure racing: Rat Race - Urban Adventure Princes Street (iarilens, 03704 103245. 7.30am«opm. Sec Sat 17.

I Basketball: Scotland v Luxembourg Poiiohello High School. 101)uddingston Road. 317 72o0. 9am. See liri lo.

Outside the cities

I Motor racing: SMRC Scottish Championship Car Racing Knockhill Racing ('ircuil. Knockhill. 1)uiiferiiiline.01383 72333 . 1 5pm. £12 (UN. High octane motor racing.

I Golf: The Open Championship Ro}a| 'l'roon (iolf (‘luh. 'l‘roon. 01292 319933.1‘imes \ar). £5 £40 (£3 £15). Sec Sun 11.

Tuesday 20

Outside the Cities

I Motor racing: Bike Track Days Knockhill Racing ('ii‘cuil. Knockhill. Hunfermline. 01383 723337. 0 8pm. £40. Bike track (lass for all road hikes.

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