somehow. It is worth highlighting though; you could be lacking without it.

Mylo. as the name obviously suggests. is from north of Scotland and has brought his love of 70s junk. 80s funk and jacking 903 French house to bear on one long player. Yes. the spectre of Daft Punk looms large on Mylo's debut but as painfully familiar as some of the shining moments here are. they amount to a well- constructed. accessible and often inspired record.

To follow his rhetoric and destroy rock'n'roll seems a bit churlish when there‘s a power of dancing and feeling fine to be done.

(Mark Robertson)




(Sirocco Music) nee

Iowa—born pianist Henry Hey has been working as musical director for Rod Stewart. but we shouldn't hold that against him. He is a considerable jazz talent. and there is no sense of compromise in the music on this disc. His approach suggests a sharp awareness of a broad spectrum of jazz piano history. including the romanticism of Bill Evans and the percussive invention of Keith Jarrett. but he is very much his own man, and is carving out his own niche. Release of this finely crafted disc was delayed by the collapse of a major British jazz distributor earlier this year. but is worth discovering now that it is here.

(Kenny Mathieson)






Has there been a cull of British actors recently?

3 Are they suddenly an

endangered species? Did the Screen Actors

Guild of America hire a 2 team of hitmen to wipe

out their RP-speaking UK colleagues? For there can be no other reason to use American

accents in Thief: Dead/y i Shadows. a game set in

a pseudo-medieval city where the language is

. rough. cod

Shakespeare. Every single line of dialogue jars. slapping you square in the face and nearly.

oh so nearly. doth it

' bring ruination upon the virtuous game that coucheth it.

Luckily Thief: DS is a

. strong enough creation

to handle this setback. Following the further nefarious adventures of

Garrett as he sneaks around a kind of Dark

Age cyberpunk city. it is still full of surprisingly fresh ideas. Take his bow. for example. There is the obvious deadly

: function but. thanks to a 3 variety of imaginative

arrows. it becomes the

answer to many puzzles.

Need to cross a floor silently? Use a moss

arrow to give it a soft Q carpet. Want to create a

dark corner to hide in? Use a water arrow to extinguish that torch. It is pleasing to finish a mission and realise you used the bow a number of times yet killed no


It is this fluid mix of function and style that

i makes Thief: 08 such a joy. The hide—in-the-

98 THE LIST 8—22 Jul 2004

shadow feature works so much better here

' than in any other game

(yes. even Splinter Cell) partly because the enemy Al is better but also because the setting

and the character make

it feel more believable. And speaking of AI. it is nothing short of excellent with guards reacting exactly as you would expect. yet never breaking the carefully crafted atmosphere. For stealth aficionados this is the purest and best sneakathon available on

any system. For

everyone else. this is a fantastically evocative puzzle game that looks simply stunning. And verily that may be COunteth as naught but the truth. y'all.

XBOX BREAKDOWN (Electronic Arts) 00

Was it a conscious decision. do you think? Some game designer thinks: 'I know. let‘s do away with all the fighting and puzzles and stuff that makes games fun. I have an idea about a new way to present the game. all first person

and claustrophobic and

that; who needs anything else? Let‘s just have lots of corridors. Lots and lots of bland. bland corridors to meander down. And

when you have . meandered down one you can meander down . another or meander up the first one again.

‘Not that there will be a

Samuel Fishefl Dine on thine own heart sirrah!

choice because I'll make

it linear and restrictive.

so the choice of corridor

to meander has already

matter much because all the corridors to meander

been made. But it won't

will look the same. Hmmm. maybe I'll stick

; in some fighting after all, but only hand-to-hand

mind. so the innovative first person feels all claustrophobic and that. And it will look great. Yes. for a bunch of

corridors and a few fights. it'll look great. All

claustrophobic and that.‘ Do you think that was the thought?



(THO) see.

No one seems to be able to talk about Full

Spectrum Warrior

without mentioning that it was developed to aid the training of US Army troops. See? There it's mentioned again. Anyway. what it was

initially designed for is

irrelevant. It is sold as a game. to be played as a

game. on a games console. So let's look at

it as a game. There is a serious of deadly street-

based missions that

your squad of four

: soldiers must attempt. g with you as the commander. But there's

no aiming and shooting here for you. restricted as you are to bawling

out orders and watching ' how your men carry them out.

The Al of the men is excellent. though not perfect. and they react

both to orders and

5 developing situations as a believable. cohesive

i fireteam. Which makes

Full Spectrum Warrior a beautifully animated puzzle game. a

brainteaser in urban ; camouflage. There is

simply nothing like it on

the Xbox at the moment and for a tense workout of the grey matter you

could do no better. (lain Davidson)

Rental) 000


(Warner Home Video DVD Retail. DVD & VHS

Exactly why this fluffy artefact went straight to DVD in the UK isn't hard to divine; it‘s neither manipulative enough for the lowest common

mere 1.920 hours. intrepid Inspector Fix (Peter Ustinov) follows close behind in the name of a suspicious case of mistaken

' identity. Despite its

matinee feel. this film has an unforgivably sluggish pace. Brosnan lacks charisma but he shines when next to Eric Idle. whose Passpartout appears to have blundered in from the set of Mind Your Language. Bankrupt of

any aesthetic merit. this

unexciting. unfunny adaptation of Jules Verne's tale even makes

. the forthcoming Steve

denominatOr market. nor

punchy enough to appeal to the more thoughtful cineaste. Its director. Rob Reiner. gave us When Harry Met Sally - which is pretty

much romcom‘s Acme -

so he draws fine

performances from Luke Wilson (as romantic novelist Alex Sheldon. who has 30 days to write a full manuscript in order to service gambling debts) and Kate Hudson (the stenographer he hires. and the object(s) of his affections in the novel's

{ film-within-a-film world).

As a treatise on writing it is hardly in the

: Adaptations league. but

it is occasionally a fun if slightly laboured romp. Extras include

Coogan/Jackie Chan remake look like essential viewing. Extras are minimal. although

included is a collection

of production ‘trivia‘.

. whose abysmal spelling 3 only reinforces the

sloppiness endemic of

this release.



commentary from Reiner '

and Wilson. (David Pollock)


(PG) 266min

3 (MIA DVD rental/retail)

When eccentric English gentleman Phileas Fogg (Pierce Brosnan) accepts a wager to traverse the globe in a

THE CANARY (15) 90min (Anchor Bay Entertainment DVD retail) .0


An unnecessary remake of Paul Leni's original creepy comedy in which

six cousins gather on a dark and stormy night in

1934 to witness the

reading of a will

recorded on film 20

: years before. One will

; inherit the house and

i family fortune. but only on the condition that

they are of 30und mind

and body. Thus a rickety.

zero budget stage is set

. for a den of intrigue.

suspicion and murder

wrung from a cast of i varying charms and I topped with the most

woefully camp cameo from Edward Fox. Poor

film stock and editing on ' the cheap (director Radley Metzger's oeuvre

was mostly porn) conspire to smother an