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108 THE LIST 22 Jul—:3 Aug 2004


I Very affectionate, intelligent. graduate. profes- sional man who is passionate about music. art. gardening. walking and talking seeks a warm and lively-minded woman (45+) who has her own passions and shares a desire for friendship +. (Box .\'o: P/499/l)


V I Saw You Levellers. bath not your friend. Me: quiff to the heavens. Ben Sherman is me dad. Mud bath'.’ Sherman! No time wasters. [7499/l

V I Saw You at Live and Loud dancing to 'lnsania'. You were the topic of conversation at Braehead with looks like yours you should he on the sil- ver screen. [7499/2

V I Saw You birthday girl. loved yourjeans. glad you spent a fortune on them. Should have used your visa tho. llappy 21st. (‘hazie [7/499/3

V I Saw You being agitated by Basment Jaxx on the playlist. Mojo's your 'lop dog'. You were playing air guitar next to all the metal overstocks. Read my body language [7499/4

V I Saw You sneakily peek- ing as we kissed in the cutie house. You were cuddling a monkey and dreaming of new shoes. You are amazingly gor- geous in your 'soppy soles'. I love you. [7499/5

V I Saw You caring concierge eating condiments and not making the most of your Sky package. You said I was to blame but who's fault is it I've a question mark above my head‘.’ [7499/6

V I Saw You James R in Arches on Burly night. Would like to see you again. [7499/7 V I Saw You not smiling on the till. You are more of a thank you person! I know no-one told you to take a pen and paper. but turn that frown upside down! ['/499/8

V I Saw You working hard every day for the last six months. with soaking wet hair and a hot dog in your hand. Ileader boards were an ongoing saga. Long live Leslmnatron. [7499/9

VI Saw You Peter in Bamboo on Thurs lst July. No. I never meet guys like you in London. so ('ALI. me! Oh. enjoy 'l'hailand! I’m Sallyxxx [7/499/ l (l

V I Saw You Lee. but u never see me! Keep on smiling! Jhav X [7499/l l

VI Saw You in Silvermills area a few times now. Once from car and couple times in the (ilobe. You short dark hair and a wee white Westie. Me'.’ You know who l am l’ancy a coffee‘.".’! [7499/l 2

V I Saw You ll)on'.’l at the Buff (‘lub wearing an Adidas

top. I was the girl with the red top and dark hair trying to get your attention. You looked at tne and I looked at you. (‘an I see you again Please! [.'/499/I 3

V I Saw You Iii indie boy working at Thus call centre on your cigarette break (I think your name is Perry). In fact I see you everyday. (‘ontact me cos I never ever get the guts to talk to you (and I'm not usually shy). Asian girl who works at Tiscali in Thus with her name written on her bag. [7499/l4 V I Saw You TNT III’ for so long in my life. You added a bit of purple and lots of love. Let me be your rock again and let me love you forever and ever and ever. (it) on l,'/499/l5 V I Saw You Aimee. beauti- ful eyes. llB()S Sauchiehall Street. You helped me. black suit. with a bill payment & gave me the online helpdesk tele- phone number. Maybe next time you could give me yours! [7499/ l (r

V I Saw You working in the top lloor of Virgin in Buchanan St. You had brown hair. weren't in uniform and had a very nice bum. Your name badge read John. [7499/17

V I Saw You Buchanan Bus Station. Me: butch lesbian read- ing .l/Irs‘ Dal/mm): You: gor- geous blonde asking for l.ll)l.. I can just see us going tip the aisle [7499/18

V I Saw You at T in the Park.

lovely tall (ireg from Fife. You and me and Muse! Where did you disappear to'.’ Find me and follow me and phone me (iingercat xxx ['/499/l9

V I Saw You Tom. in Dublin in April. now i can't get you out of my head... [7499/20

V I Saw You Sarah. you smoke a bit too much but I tnust say you're rather 'rad'. Let's go to France. [7499/21

V I Saw You libony lim. 30 from lidinburgh. I like you too. If we meet once we could be friends. if we meet again we could be reunited! Fancy a date'.’ [7499/22

VI Saw You Linz. I think you're intense. llow intense'.’ Very intense. You know it.

[ 7499/ 2 3

V I Saw You ('raig and yer laughin. A bit too much. Shoosh. Alrighty'.’ ['/499/24

V I Saw You lovely Soundhaus lady in hospitality tent (0‘ 'l' in the Park. Sun night. I was a knackered zombie. prob seemed dull & rude. I'm not. I would've loved to dancc'n'speak to you tnorc. but could barely stand. Shall we try again'.’ [7499/25

V I Saw You Katy. we had a thing in summer 2002 then ended suddenly. Always won- dering how ur getting on. Maybe we could go for coffee'.’ Love Paul. [7499/26

V I Saw You Buff (’1th 9th July. [' work there'.’ Asked my sister where l was going. [,' said it would've paid me in. You - dark hair glasses. Me - small cropped hair. [7499/27

V I Saw You red-headed pierced barista working in Tinderbox (Glasgow) on l5/5. You didn't understand my accent at lirst. so now I want to make myself clear: get in touch guapo! [7499/28


V I Saw You Rachel who works in the National Library: you're lovely. and I wish I could've asked you out Keep smiling. you make my day. Your most loyal customer. [7499/29 V I Saw You lissex Artsy burning carrots and wandering in the rain. Your sculptures gave me nightmares but you're the ‘l)onnie l)arko‘ of my dreams. Keep in touch. baby! (‘anuck X [7499/30

0 I Saw You Phil. I danced with you in Subway West [End on Saturday. I was wearing a green top and have blonde hair. I had the time of my life [7499/3]

V I Saw You you had on blue jeans. hope to see you in Bute on the 16th (don't forget your toolbox) love Wencth - Short - Stockings. [7499/32

V I Saw You leaving me to go to Norwich and was ever so glad to see you get back again. I missed you such a lot dolly bird. [7499/33

V I Saw You laying into me at the (‘omedy Stand on 5th July. My head's sore HMV boy. [7499/34

V I Saw You in Dean (iallery shop 5/7/04. 2.30ish. me tall guy with glasses you girl with dark hair fancy a drink some- time'.’ [7499/35

V I Saw You at Dance Base. Iidin. on Tues ()[l‘l July after your ('apoeira class. I was in a red track suit. We actually said hi! Would be really good to see you again. (let in touch if you wanna get together. [7499/36 V I Saw You shopping at Tesco on ('olinton Road on 06/04 about 5:30pm. You blonde highlights with white linen outlit. Me. in suit. dark hair - should have said hello. (‘ontact tne pls. [7499/37

V I Saw You with Tiger and a bottle of brandy. Your neck studs needed salved. Why is your blondebombshellness so sedate'.’ Let‘s do something suitably splendid soon'.".’ Me = mad. red and lrish‘.’ [7499/38 VI Saw You...will you marry me'.’ Pretty please- tall kiwi honey. Xo [7499/39

V I Saw You giving a home to three boy guinea pigs from l)ofos. Your grin made tne smile all day. I know a couple of nice girl guinea pigs - can we meet to let them do what comes naturally? [7499/40

V I Saw You on a Tuesday - lots of trips to the gym water fountain l)r Renal. Was it my red socks or her ball skills you admired‘.’ I'm hoping it was my socks! [7499/4l

V I Saw You behind the bars - with tiger hair and small orange paws. Sparrrkle sparkle! [7499/42