V I Saw You shouting at me after another disagreement over something silly. I hope next time we meet things are better my dunted darling) [1/499/43

V I Saw You at T in the Park.

blonde atid blue eyed lady standing with your girlfriends. I'm Aussie guy who told you that you were beautiful. Ptit me out of tiiy misery and please contact me! 1 want to have your babies! [.7499/44

V I Saw You on the lidin- Leeds/B'ford flight (08.07.04). You were wearing a suit and a blue shirt and were asleep for most of the flight bmine x [.7499/45

V I Saw You iii Paradise for many a year Henrik. 1 already miss your martian looks bag o' sweets arid that cheeky wee smile. I think I love yoti...Big 1)eej.x [.7499/46

V I Saw You at '1' in the Park. Sunday. dancing iii sand to (‘andi Staton. Me curvy brunette. You tall. dark. lots of eye contact and smiles. with female friend with orange/white stinhat. Fancy a drink‘.’ [.7499/47

V I Saw You girl. who caught my eye. while jogging tip Henderson 'l'errace. lidinburgh on Monday 21 June around 5.50pm. You had your hair tied back in a ponytail and were wearing a black track- suit. I think you noticed tne too. if you did please give me a call. (iuy iii white shirt. [7499/48

V I Saw You Kitty ('anuckl Molly Ringwald movie sound- tracks 8; drinkin' brewskies with Sweet Johnny (‘hinook pale in comparison to no showers 8; hangin' otit with til Luv ya sistal \\'['l) X [7499/49

V I Saw You Red hair and pierced nose in Ryan's. You tnade both my heads turn. I'm just treading water. with webbed feet. waiting for you to realise. ('ome to Japan with me'.’ [7/499/50

V I Saw You in the Pear Tree - you were going to become a writer. You'd just finished teach- ing drama - don't lose touch! [7/499/51

V I Saw You moongaling. as if it were about to offer you a secret. .\'o bree/e. no music. just the whisper you patiently waited for; its very reflection dancing in your welling eyes. [,7499/52

V I Saw You Sheila B you sexy girl. I'd like to be your slave. Pitt tne in chains and feed me marshmallows. [7499/53

V I Saw You after finishing our linalsll I love you guys - Jamie. Stiz. Josh. limina. Alice. linglish ('i'ew - stay in touch? 1.ove A110. [.7499/54

V I Saw You ('hris A at the 'I'rav. but not for a while. Please come back and rock our kitchen once more. we titiss votil Xxx t'/499/55 '

V I Saw You staring into my eyes. a slight smile playing on your beautiful lips and there

and then I wished you were mine. [7/499/56

V I Saw You my handsome devil (0‘ the Basement... the more you ignore me the closer I'll get... pprrrr. Kittie xxx [.7/499/57

V I Saw You and yer cucum- ber on the hunt iii (‘("s the other night. ge me a bell doll pls. [,7499/58

V I Saw You Aimee. you brighten tip my long days like a battery operated candle. Xxxx [.7499/59

VI Saw You Miss Louise '1‘. you sexy biatch. why don't you answer my calls'.’ Love big Lenny xxx [7/499/60

V I Saw You mon cherie. amour! You can make me sotip. or sandwiches. anytime! 1.ovin' yal Al 1). [7499/61

V I Saw You sexy bodice girl. You said me stroppy! Me said you tnore freckles than tne. I got to 5000. I'd love to do a recount? [7499/62

V I Saw You my big bear coming in my room very drunk- en hunting for salmon. X l-'-()- 1.. [7499/63

VI Saw You Kitten. let me scratch you with my claws. I know you like it. Laura. your cat-girl. [7499/64

V I Saw You Billy. walking across the party at Zinc and something clicked. It's taken a while to say it btit I love you! [7499/65

V I Saw You at 'l'aste + ligo where you work. next time you ptit your leg tip to stop me. 'l'ry harder! [7499/66

V I Saw You in the turquoise blue sleeveless top with white hand bag aitd ftill pants. Me- ;tthletic looking loser. Love to see your baps. [7499/67

V I Saw You wearing a cucumber encrusted. lemon scented tiara. laughing heartin at a beef wellingtonesque. high- ly elaborate btit well procured pair of Jimmy (‘hoos. Miss you dearly- so tiiticli it's costing me my soul. [7499/68

V I Saw You on Saturday 10/7/04. You were wearing a suit. Short blonde hair. 1 was wearing a black vest and trousers. we looked across the bar. [7499/69

V I Saw You l’ee for a week iii ('orfu. it was fab and so are you. XX 1.. [7499/70

V I Saw You l)amski in Planet ()ut just back from your world tour. llow excellent and dee-lite-ful. (ionnae jtititp behind the bar wi tiie one Monday'.’ 01.1. Bella. X [7499/71

V I Saw You Aimee in the 'l'raverse. your 'l'-shirt was big enough for two. Would you like to try out that theorv‘.’ 1.1. Bear [7499/72 '

V I Saw You iii P'()ut before and at Vibe. You have the sweetest smile. [I brightened tip my night. Red & white striped 'I‘-shirt guy! 'l‘a x [7499/73

VI Saw You at ['nion St. then at the Phoenix. You in wee green top. me the dogma 1)] with you. Let's do it again sometime soon. [7499/74

V I Saw You at T in the Park. looking hot with your "I‘otir dc liraiice' skin tight t'l'—shirt on. It's the undercut that does it for tne elliot just say the word & I'm there [7499/75

V I Saw You and thought how much I've loved living with you for the past two years. So many kisses Beth 8; Polly. love jojo. Xxx [.7499/76

VI Saw You in (‘ity ('afe. Jenny 11. I'll be lost without you. Will definitely come and visit. Love Declan. xx [7/499/77 V I Saw You Kev. at the 'I'raverse looking like a badger and not at all like a secret FBI agent like you say you are ...or was it a rocket scientist [7499/78

V I Saw You 011 my favourite dirty beast in (‘ity Cafe. I'll miss you honey bunny. V I Saw You baby. shakin that ass. Love you always ...the other Kiwi. [,7499/79

V I Saw You Robby the Jobby iii the Basement with Jill. Ricky. Andrew aitd Jill. [7499/80

V I Saw You on stage. Sunday afternoon at the Stand. You were almost as funny as Stuart. Sexy goateel [7499/81

\f Q female seeks male

“W ATTRACTIVE female, 42 seeks tall male for fun nights. Must have (iS()11. (‘all me on 0906 751 0145 8; enter II) no. 4012809

W BLONDE female, 44, blue eyes. 5'1 I. loves music. ptibs & socialising. WIII'M genuine male for possible relationship. ('all me on 0906 751 0145 & enter 11) no. 4008809

W PETITE brunette, 32, enjoys eating otit. travel. cinema & theatre. Seeks genuine tiiale with own hair & teeth preferably. for conversation & summer sports. ('all me on 0906 751 0145 & enter 11) no. 4007809

V INSPIRED creative yoga enthusiast with positive otitlook. 35. Ms. \‘l'lfl'M similar tall & loving man with a keen sense of adventure. ('all me on 0906 751 0145 & enter 11) no. 4006809

W SLIM Livingston female, 5'2. slim build. blonde hair. blue eyes. quite bubbly & smiley. enjoys cinema. eating otit & cosy nights in. ('all me on 0906 756 3557 8; enter 11) no. 11746130 W BLONDE, sexy & looking for ftiii. female. 33. with a zest for life. seeking thoughtful. charismatic male for romance. (‘all me on 0906 756 3557 & enter 11) no. 2046142 W 34YR OLD, enjoy music. going out. staying in & watching l)VI)'s. honest. caring & reliable. (‘all me on 0906 756 3557 8; enter [1) no. 17630425

W SINGLE mum, easygoing. really shy & quiet. likes discos & cinemas. Wlfl'M genuine guy for caring & sharing times together. (‘all me on 0906 756 3557 8; enter 11) no. 13256421

VERY young 49yr old. likes nights otit. driving. country walks. \VIII‘M caring. genuine man with mutual interests for relationship & sharing laughs. (‘all me on 0906 756 3557 & enter 11) no.

1 1750130

EXTREMELY attractive Cumbernauld female. 5'8. loves itiost things. music 8; nights in. WIII'M tall male to see where things go. (‘all tne on 0906 756 3557 8; enter 11) no.

1 1745130

W BLUE-EYED single mum of one. blonde. 5'6. likes cinema. outdoors & restaurants. Wlfl'M fun-loving. caring man who's serious about a HR. ('all me on 0906 756 3557 & enter “)1ux 18352426

W” BLUE-EYED 47yr old red-head. likes walking. swimming. drives otit & quiet ptibs. very bubbly. enjoys life. ('all me on 0906 756 3557 & enter II) no. 17638425

W EASY-GOING Clydebank lady. 46. 5'4. blonde & blue eyed. enjoys gym. cinema & drives in countryside. seeks affectionate male. (‘all me on 0906 756 3557 8; enter 11) no.


W AIRDRIE female, 5'6, blonde shoulder length hair. medium btiild. interests including travel 8; socialising. looking to get otit & about & meeting new people. (‘all me on 0906 756 3557 8; enter ll) no.1325442l

W EDINBURGH female, 5'3, slim btiild. short dark hair. quite attractive. into socialising & dancing. (‘all me on 0906 756 3557 & enter 11) no. 18767225

W BUBBLY lass, 5'8, brown hair. blue eyes. Wlfl'M titale with similar personality & likes to have a good laugh 8; lots of fun. ('all me on 0906 756 3557 & enter II) no. 18760225

W” HAWICK single Mum, 20. 5'4 with slitii btiild. long dark hair & dark eyes. likes football & cltibs. Seeks tall. dark & handsome man for fun times. (‘all me on 0906 756 3557 & enter 11)no.1014699

W WISHAW female, 19, blonde hair & blue eyes. 5'4. medium/chubby btiild. enjoys playing darts & watching football. ('all me on 0906 756 3557 & enter 11) no. 13258421 SINGLE mum, 31, student nurse & works part- time. likes socialising. cinema. dining otit & spending time with my child. WLTM friendly male to share interests & fun times. (‘all tne on 0906 756 3557 8; enter 11) no. 1 1748130 FIT single mum, 41, likes clubbing & shopping. seeks sincere male for fun nights iii/out. Must like kids & pets. (‘all me on 0906 756 3557 8; enter 11) no. 18351426 HONEST reliable, bubbly single mttm. easy going. 5'8. brown eyes. long brown hair. (‘all me on 0906 756 3557 8; enter 11) no. 18762225

SLIM blonde, bubbly, female. 39. 5'7. enjoys socialising 8; football. WLTM genuine gtiy to have good times with. (‘all me on 0906 756 3557 8; enter 11) no. 17633425 FEMALE, 5'7, long dark hair. wears glasses. (iSOll. enjoys gardening & walks. WLTM a gtiy with similar interests who loves dancing. (‘all me on 0906 756 3557 8; enter [1) no. 17629425 EASY-GOING female, 56. 5'1. blue eyes. blond hair. medium build. likes dining out. cinema. reading 8; cooking. (‘all me on 0906 756 3557 8: enter 11) no. 1 1302220 OUTGOING attractive female widow. 5'4. small 8; dainty. loving. caring & understanding. loves theatre. the arts. gardening & swimming. (‘all the on 0906 756 3557 & enter 11) no. 17634425 GLASGOW female, 37, long streaked hair. 5'4. slim/medium build. likes pubs & clubs. looking for ftiii titties with right guy. (‘all me on 0906 756 3557 & enter 11) no. 17627425

PETITE bubbly, blue- eyed blonde. 33. likes to have ftiii & \\'1.1‘M loving man with (1.80” for special times. (‘all me on 0906 756 3557 & enter 11) no. 2052142

SINGLE mum, 5'8, average btiild. long brown hair & highlights. likes cinema. theatre. restaurants 8%; sometimes pubs & clubs. (‘all me on 0906 756 3557 & enter 11) no. 13261421

BLONDE female,45, 5'5. \YIII'M gentleman to enjoy socialising with 8; nights in. linjoys weekends away. good food 8; friendship. (‘all tne on 0906 756 3557 & enter 11) no. 17650425

W” SLIM female with long brown hair. dark eyes. tanned skin. 5'5. likes dancing. clubs. cinema & playing sports. (‘all me on 0906 756 3557 & enter II) no. 11744130

5'4 4OYR OLD blonde, brown eyes. 2 grown tip children. a dog & a cat. l.ikes pubs. cltibs. (‘all tne on 0906 756 3557 & enter 11) no.

1 1758130

22 Jul—ii Aug) 2004 THE LIST 109