Take a walkon he wild side

Scotland is a playground rife with alternative accommodation and activities. Anna Millar selects the good, the bad and the downright loopy.

What? Coasteering

Why? One of the latest recruits to the adventure sports arena. this is essentially a combination of sea level traversing. scrambling. Surf swimming and cliff Jumping. Decked Out El‘. wetsuit. buoyanCy aid and protective helmet. the coaster scrambles. swwns and leaps his or her way around otherWise unreachable sections of coastline. The perfect rough and tumble for those who like it shaken and stirred.

Where? Hebridean Pursuits. 014/9 8612565. wv-Jw.hebrideani)ursurts.corn

What? Fun yakking

Why? Is it a raft? Is it a kayak"? Well. sort of both. really. Invented by the French Foreign Legion ino. reallyi these puffy inflatable canoes are perfect to get the pulse racing and the adrenaline flownig. l-OllOWntg the principles of white water rafting, river guides instruct the yakker down a series of w'i'iite water rapids. A white knuckle ride wrth a twist.

Where? Vertical Descents. 0181353 821 593. v-N/‘.i'/.a(:ti\./ity scotlandcouk

What? Converted church

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Why? As an acconimodation alternative. a church occupies that strange line somewhere between freaky and serene. In Scotland some churches have been renovated to accommodate trying spaces. Casein point: the Aulo‘ Kirk Hotel. Built in 1800. this once religious house has been tastefully converted. enabling

I re preservation of many of the original features. into a family run hotel with restaurant. Where? Auld Kirk l-lotel. Ballater. 01339 res/ea.

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What? .Jet skiing

Why? the flat water of Scotland's lochs are perfect for Jet ski lovers With many water sk: centres dotted around loch lomond, l ochearnhead and loch Ken. lookout to for water wakel)oar‘ding. Jumping and barefoot skiing l'l the surrounding area.

Where? loch Ken Waterski School, 0/0o0 009/07. v/ww.skilocliken.co.iik

What? I ight aircraft flying Why? lhunderbirds are go as you. the lucky flyer. get the chance to pilot the plane under the expert supermsron of your flying instructor. Alternatively. if

yeti fancy something less hant s on. sit back and take the trip of a lifetime in a seaplane. taking advantz go of the abundance of lochs and natural harbours ll‘. the surrounding area.

Where? Cantbernauid l lying School. (£1230 43,2595): l och lomono’ Seaplanes. {ll-130 (3/13030. ‘.‘/‘.'.".'.’.|()(Ztlt()lll()ll(t sear)lanesconi

What? Charter a y; cnt Why? Make like James Bond With Vv'ax'e Yacht Charters. complete ‘.'.’l“l high quality skipper and exclusive chartering. \I'i/ave . . . specialises in all their :32? ft glory in flexrble cruise itineraries. Where? Bonnybiidge. 01323- 8413150. ‘.'/‘."."‘.'.’.Vlf§l scotian: loom

What? Paragliding

Why? Not one for the faint of heart. paragliding is the ultimate way to fly Wrtl‘ only a thin seal between you and teria firma. gliders soar on thermal air ridges iising a rectangular canopy that allows you to control direction and speed. landern paragliding 's a good place to start for the high flying novice.

Where? I lying l ever. 01 [/0 89090? \.'./\.'.I\.'.i.llyirigfevetrtet

What? Ha‘t'ng Why? t xer‘t

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pretty environs with stomach cn.ii'i‘.ing r'apds. l‘ :;se"~'.'alli.'. rafting gnvo'z'es the piloting o" a

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Lit) to eig’t: 111(1l\.'l(2ll£tlf§i(i()‘.‘.*!‘ rivers of ‘.£t"\"lltt <lzf‘2ctiify (trade 1 :s l)a(i(l|;r‘g cooi style ‘.'.’t‘ll(} Grade r‘eztuiies f’i'esn undenaeai oi‘. zacatzi g the river at tl‘e er‘o’. Einougi". said. really

Where? lreespi'zts. 17 185-8." 890 980 ‘.'~.'\.'.'\.'.i.frees; >'i its


What? Climbing

Why? Hock clin‘birtg is i;i()‘.'.'§\ but (ttEflllitUl‘, necor‘rrrg a

in; E3f§l\.'(3 scc'a sport i" the {1(Zt'\.’l'tl(‘.f§ ca'e'iifai and Scottish rock offers the .iitiinate slto\.'~.'gio1.‘n<l for r":x rig ZUC'Y'VCéll chaiienge n‘aocap adxentaie .'.1'ie‘.ne" on n‘ouritain ciags or sea c'iffs. Indoor rock (:i-r'ttti'tg cer‘tres :ziovide artilica. ‘.'.'alls offerno beginner and trainxig routes. gnurig young and oid fine opportunity to tn, out can‘t: "g; for tl‘e ‘iist inie i'i a safe. controlled courio'iriien’. before \’(?llttlllllt] out into the great outdoors.

Where? /\:l\.'er‘.tti'e (lent-Ha.

What? l’in. ate

Why? Make )ke

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