The guide to events in central Scotland

Thursday 22 July Thursday 5 August 2004

The Front

The Playfair project opens . . . cider . . . plus angry letters on T in the Park and our restaurant reviews.

Highlights 12 Alison Watt One of Scotland’s best respected painters has just completed a large canvas in an

Edinburgh church. Ruth Hedges marvels at Alison Watt’s devotion to the cause of art.

14 Wild weekends OK, it has too much rain and more than its fair share of muddy bogs. But despite its down- to-earth character, Scotland boasts some great short breaks and they can be dirt cheap too. Our mucky pups catch a weekend in the wild outdoors.

20 Louise Welsh How do you follow a bestselling debut novel that catapults you to a place among the finest crime writers in Europe? With an historical drama, of course. Allan Radcliffe meets the Glasgow-based writer to find out what she’s up to.

22 King Arthur Take a great legend, add a sprinkling of talented actors, and garnish with the production genius of Jerry Bruckheimer. Surely the recipe for a winning movie? Er, no. Leigh Singer unravels the reasons why they‘ve cooked up a turkey.

98 Glasgow’s new beauty mecca Go to get your hair done, your body massaged and your stockpile of Aveda products back up to industrial levels. Then, in the same shop, grab some chips and a vodka tonic. No wonder Ashley Davies wanted to write about Eden.


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Christian Slater takes on the I Cuckoo's Nest

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