l0mini. Spin ((‘ath l.c (‘outcur. l'K. 2003. 8min). Sm tl-‘alk l'lbrich. (icrmany. 2003. 24min). xl/l ()w'r Ifrun'l tl)a\ id .-\ndrc\\ Ward. l'K. 2003. l0min) and first Bran/i (Jimmy (icorgiadcs. l'SA. 2004. 20min). (i/usgim' I’ll/II ThUUI/I'. (i/(Mgnu:

Gozu 1/8; 0.. (Miikc 'lakcslii. Japan. 2003) llidcki Sonc. Sho Aikayya. Kimika Yoshino. Shohci llino. 120mm. Scc rcyicys. pagc 27. Sc/i't‘lt'i/ I‘i'li'uyi'.

Happy Together 1 l5) 0... (\Vong Kar-Wai. llong Kong. I‘M?) l.cslic ('hcung. 'l‘ony l.cung. ('hang (‘hcn 96min. 'l'yyo gay guys from llong Kong try to makc a lrcsh start in Bucnos .»\ircs and disrupt thcir routinc ol' brcaking tip and gctting back togcthcr again. \arratiycly simplcr than Wong's prcy iotis mm ics (flirt/inking lit/Miss. I'iil/t'n ."IIPF/Xl. but as a low story and an investigation of two liycs liycd at a rcmoyc this is ncar pcrl'cction. and may just bc \\';ii's truc mastcrpiccc. A truly thrilling piccc ol cincma. I'il/iiliuuyi'. I'Li/ni/mru/I. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (PG) 0.. (Alfonso (’uaron. US. 2004) l)anicl Radclill'c. Richard (iril‘liths. Pam l‘crris. l-‘iona Shays; (iary ()ldman. 141mm. It is thc summcr bcl‘orc Harry‘s third ycar at Hogyyans. and hc has hcard that it is Sirius Black ((iary ()ldmani. a rcncgadc \y'i/ard. is thc Prisoncr ol Alkaban. What llarry docsn't suspcct is that Black has cscapcd and is coming al'tcr him. lixpcctations arc riding high for Harry l’um'r .i. \\ ith a ncys dircctor in (‘uaron t )' 'Iii .llunni 'liini/in‘ni. and a darkcr. morc compch book to adapt. ’l’hcrc is cnough dark humour. spcctacular cl't‘ccts and appcaling pcrl‘ormanccs to kccp you trappcd

Heat t 15! 0.... (Midland Mann. ['5. l‘NSi Al Pacino. Robcrt l)c Niro. Val Kilmcr. 170mm. Mann's star packagc cops- and-roblwrs talc is hcad and shouldcrs

aboy c thc rcst of thc gcnrc. thanks to an action-packcd scrccnplay that fully c\plorcs its thcmcs and giycs dcpth to its charctcrs. Pacino is lltc dcdicatcd dctcctiy'c \y‘hosc homc lil'c is in ruins; l)c .\'iro is thc rcclusiyc criminal mastcrmind. 'I‘hc tyyo mcn's lincly balanccd scnsc of honour and mutual rcspcct is \scll disscctcd. and thc shoot-out scl picccs arc hcat‘l-slopping. Brilliant. (‘umm I'fi/iIi/mrgh.

I’m Not Scared 1 13m 0000

((iabriclc Salyatorcs. llaly/Spain/l’K. 2002i :\itana Sancth-(iijon. l)ino .-\bbrcscia. (iiorgio (‘arcccia. (iitiscppc Cristiano. Mattia I)i Picrro. l)icgo Abatantuono. 108mm. Part horror tnoyic. part political thrillcr. this haunting. ccric ll'lnxrli' l)()l\‘II l/lt' ll'mil-sty lc drama is sct in thc bankrupt rural south of Italy during thc lalc 1970s. l)ircctor Salyatorcs has lilmcd Niccolo Ammaniti’s popular noy cl abotit a boy passing from innoccncc to cxpcricncc \yith quict sun drcnchcd malcyolcncc. :\daptcd for thc scrccn by Ainmaniti himscll. thc lilm kccps its audicncc as much in thc dark as its innoccnt protagonist. ltalo Pctriccionc's photography of thc baking landscapc is \iyid cnough to inducc an itchy hcat rash and thc pcrl‘ormanccs Salyatorcs clicits from child actors (iltiscppc (‘ristiano and .\lattia l)i Picrro arc \yondcrlul. .-\ glorious pacan to childhood \y‘illt llic \yrcnching pain ol' childhood's cnd. (.(IHH’U. Iii/nibiiru/i.

In July (Im Juli) t 15) (Faith Akin. (icrmany. 2()()()l .\lorit/ Blcibtrcu. (‘hristianc Paul. .\lchmct Kurtulus. 100mm.

Ramadan can sometimes seem like A Thousand Months

lilm. sct in (i0s [long Kong. an adultci'ous romancc is happcning clscys'hcrc bctyyccn thc husband of sccrctary ('hcung and thc yyil‘c ol' l.cung's journalist. Kar-yyai's intcrcst lics \y'ith thc ctickoldcd. and lhc way that somcthing cycn morc intcnsc. pcrsonal and fortuitous dcy'clops out of thcir sharcd ‘adultcrcc‘ status. With Nat King ('olc on thc soundtrack. rcgular ('hris [)oy'lc bchind thc camcra and bcguiling wardrobc dcsign. Kar-Wai ol'l'crs a scductiyc surlacc tcxturc

Pcppcrcd with Mr Bcan-stylc slapstick. this story inyolycs agcnt linglish‘s attempt to sayc dcar old Blighty from a dastardly plot cookcd up by cyil l’rcnchic Pascal Sauy’agc. Totally incpt in the task. Iinglish is bailcd out of numcrablc linc mcsscs by his undcrling Boll and his low intcrcst. lntcrpol agcnt Lorna (‘ampbcll (Natalic lmbruglia). You can scc cach disastcr coming a milc off. but somchow that

docsn't stop you hiding your l‘acc in shamc \shcn thcy happcn. Glasgow [Vi/m 'I‘ln'urn’. (i/usgim:

King Arthur t 12m .0 (Anionic l‘uqua. l'S/lrcland. 2004) (Inc ()ys'cn. loan (irul‘l‘udd. Kicra Knightly. l25min. Scc l‘caturc. pagc 22 and rcyicw. page 25. (it'm'ru/ I‘i'li'us'i'.

in thc l’i'anchisc. But llarry's ncyy adycnturc is also pondcrous and oycrlong. rcgular I’olli'r scrccnyy ritcr Stcycn Kloycs' confusing. rambling. structurally incohcrcnt script. in \y hicli charactcrs appcar and disappcar and plot turns arc ncy'cr rcaliscd. kccps thc door tirmly closcd on this priyatc club. (ii'm’m/ I'(’l(’(l.\('.

that's undcrcut by thc dircctor's lradcmark cmphasis of thc accidcntal oycr thc clcarly intcntional. Subtly stunning lilmmaking. I’i/In/iuusc, I'.‘i/nilnirgli.

Johnny English (PG) 0 (Pctcr lloysitt. (K. 2003) Rowan Atkinson. Natalic lmbruglia. John .\lalkoyich. 87min.

’I‘hc story iii a loyc—struck tcachcr \ylio cmbarks on an adycnturons trip from Hamburg to Istanbul. (i/mgnu- l‘i/ni I'llt’tlll't'. (i/uyc’mt:

In the Mood for Love (PG) 0000. (Wong Kar—Wai. llong Kong. 2000) Maggic (‘hcung. Tong l.cting. 97min. In Kar-yyai's

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