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T (GIVE US A) BREAK Hope you can pass on my thoughts to the relevant folks atTinthePark...Ihada brilliant time this year but can someone give us all a bit more room? Spending your afternoon jammed in crowds between the stages is not nice. If they got rid of half of the extraneous shite on the site (do we really need a fake beach?) we might be able to move. While we're at it. some recycling and litter patrols wouldn't go amiss. I shudder to think how many plastic bottles must've been trodden into the fields that weekend. Glastonbury can exist as a festival with a conscience: there's no reason you can't too. If you're playing with the big boys then act responsibly. Scotland's a big place: there's plenty room to spread us all out a bit so we can actually enjoy all the great bands you’ve booked. Paul Urquhart Paisley


I was glad you printed Paul Cameron's letter about his wife's defiant purchase of The List so she could make the most of her last days.

Paul's letter reminded me how remembering those we have lost and what they have contributed is a kind of celebration and need not necessarily be a solely sad or morbid affair. I felt this when I lost a friend a couple of years ago. He was only 36, and although it was a terrible blow. I was struck and bolstered by the memOry of how much he had made me laugh. Making a point of maintaining contact with mutual friends to recall stories about his life gives us appreciation of the influence he had on our lives.

I sometimes enjoy reading the newspaper obituaries. as they're such a neat package summing up intriguing contributions made by personalities some familiar, some you may not even have

2 THE LIST 22 Jul—5 Aug 2004


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heard of to public life. I don't understand why an obituary column is missing from your magazine. I reckon it would fit your remit if you were to highlight the contribution of figures who've played some part in Scottish arts and culture. Is it cos you're a bunch of young things. not yet giving much thought to the fact that regardless of tastes in music or film, the one experience we all have in common is that we’ll snuff it one day? Is it cos death isn‘t trendy? It‘s odd. I mean. we've had the Sex issue. we've seen you fearlessly cover more or less every issue that comes near to culture. ls death the last List taboo? Joelle

By email


I had an attack of outraged tight-fistedness the other day after going to see the Cecil Beaton exhibition at the City Art Centre. l was told that I’d have to pay $5. and staff responded to my look of shock and disappointment by reassuring me that included entry to the Titanic show something l can take or leave. I don't understand how a touring show of (admittedly amazing) photos can be just a quid cheaper than the National Galleries' Monet exhibition, which would have been a massive logistical operation that required a great deal of care and coordination.

Robert Randolph



Recently I decided to try somewhere new for dinner. As usual I looked through The List's Eating and Drinking Guide to get some ideas and plumped for 9 Cellars Restaurant in Edinburgh. It sounded worth the drive from Glasgow. what with comments like “has raised the standard for every Indian restaurant in the city'; ‘mood is chill-out bliss' and ‘the food is where 9

Cellars truly shines“. I also remember reading a rave review in the regular List magazine a few months. A sure bet. I thought. Wrong!

It was the worst Indian meal we have ever had. Both our main courses suspiciously had the same bland red sauce. The guide did say ‘subtle flavours' but I struggled to get anything more than watery tomatoes.

I simply can't accept that the person who reviewed this restaurant is qualified to have their opinions published in what is usually an accurate guide. Or maybe they were doing a favour for a friend.

Whatever the case. this review was the catalyst for a crap night. It has put into

doubt my faith in The List as a good and accurate guide. A shame. really, as I have bought it every fonnight for around 14 years and have regularly made use of your guides.

One bad experience is not bad going so it's only fair to let you know about such a vast inaccuracy. I think readers need to know before others ruin their evenings too. Debbie Ross Glasgow

We've been accused of all sorts in our time, but doing a favour for a friend? Do us a favour. Our guides are totally independent, as plenty of our friends who have received bad reviews will tell you.



Price of a weekend ticket for T in the Park: £75.00 Price of a weekend bus ticket: £21 .00

Total spent: £96

Time I arrived at the bus queue on the Saturday: 1 1 .30am Time I actually got to T in the Park: 5.30pm

Number of ticket windows in Edinburgh Bus Station: 10 Number of windows actually selling TITP bus tickets: 4 Number of other places selling TITP bus tickets for cash (not

credit card): 0

Number of hours spent bus queuing (whole weekend): 8 Number of bands I missed due to queue standing (whole

weekend): 40

Number of those I actually wanted to see: 10

TITP attendance increase from last year: 4,000

Area increase since last year: undetermined

Extra shite (beach, skateboarding. silver pyramid thing) that takes up such HUGE amounts of space. as to cancel out any

such increase: loads

Number of times l was nearly crushed to death just trying to walk from one stage to another due to extreme over-crowding:

too many to count

Number of times I'll be returning to TITP if they don't pull their

finger out: 0

Number of bottles of wine I need to consume to help blot this all out: 4

Bibi Gallini



Head South to 35 South - Great ('hilcan \Vincs





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