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This issue: 0 AND NOT U.

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Form a queue for Q

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I Nrco'n'S/oa/lz G.’(’lf;§}()‘.1.’. Sat 24 Jul. Tho sing/o X Poly/ration Book of / lags is

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WORLD JAZZ WEB Caird Hall, Dundee, Sat 24 Jul

The Dundee Guitar Festival will feature the second Scottish appearance by the recently formed all-star guitar trio WEB, featuring the diverse talents of classical guitarist John Williams, jazzman John Etheridge and African guitarist Patrick Bebey.

WEB made their debut at the Perth Festival in May, and grew out of a quintet that John Williams had formed to record the African-influenced The Magic Box album. The band included Etheridge, and played music by the famous Cameroonian musician and composer, Bebey. That band is still active, but the concept has now been extended to this new trio, as Etheridge explained.

‘The quintet is still going, but John Williams fancied trying a slightly different slant on it and decided to ask Patrick Bebey, who is the son of Francis Bebey, to form a trio with us. I hadn’t met Patrick before that, but we went over to Paris and played some music with him, then he came over and stayed with John, and we did a lot of rehearsing and so on, and put it together that way.’

The musicians will perform in various combinations in the course of the concert. Each will have a solo slot to showcase their various styles and there will also be some duos. The show will close with a handful of tunes from the trio.

‘Patrick sings and plays nose flute as well as guitar, and there is a big African influence in the trio part of the show. At the moment we are doing some things by John and some by Patrick and his father, but not yet anything of mine. And we have Chilean tune in there as well. The approach is fairly wide-ranging it’s basically a matter of all our various influences feeding in to the music, we hope in a way that is interesting and exciting.’

I Har Mar Superstar

liquid Room. lidinhurgh. 7


I The Datsuns liquid Room. lidinhurgli. 8 Aug.

I Air ('orn l-Aeltange. Iidinhurgh. l0 Aug.

I Optimo pres. 5,6,7,8’s liquid Room. lidinltur‘glt. l0 Aug.

I Half Man Half Biscuit liquid Room. lidinhurgh. ll Aug.

I Dido l‘slter Hall. lidinhurgh. 13 Aug. S()l.l) ()l‘l

I Zero 7 (‘orn lixehange. lidinhurgh. l3 Aug.

I John Power \‘enue. lidinhurgh. 15 Aug.

I The Best of T Break liquid Room. lidinhurgh. l5 Aug.

I Laura Veirs \‘enue. lidinhur'gh. lo Aug.

I Massive Attack ('ot'n li\el1ange. lidinhurglt. l‘) Aug. I Ed Harcourt liquid Room. lidinhurglt. ll) Aug.

I James Yorkston \‘enue. lidinhur'glt. ll) Aug.

I Mull Historical Society liquid Room. lidinhurglt. 30 Aug.

44 THE LIST in Au“; .’

(Kenny Mathieson)

Tickets are available from:

Tickets Scotland: 230 Argon Street. 0141 204 5151 Tickets Scotland: 127 Rose Street. 0131 220 3234 Ripping Records: 91 South Bridge. 0131 226 7010 Way Ahead: 0141 339 8383 Ticketmaster: 0870 169 0100

I Josh Ritter Venue. lidinhurgh. 30 Aug. I Jethro Tull (‘or-n Iixehange. lidinhurgli. 30 Aug. I Shane MacGowan (‘orn lixehange. lidinhurgh. 3] Aug. I Donnie Munro (‘orn limhange. lidinhurglt. 33 Aug. I The Charlatans (‘orn liwhange. lidinhurgh. 3.3 Aug. I Hope of the States liquid Room. lidinhurgh. 33 Aug.

The Beta Band (‘om

liwhange. lidinhurgh. 34 Aug.

I The Zutons liquid Room.

lidinhur'glt. 3-1 Aug.

I Sons 8. Daughters Venue. lidinhur'glt. 3—1 Atrg. I New Found Glory

Harrow land. (ilasgtm. 3-1 Aug.

I The Rasmus Harrow land.

Glasgow. 35 Aug.

I Yourcodenameis:milo Venue. lidinhurglt 35 Aug.

I 2 Many Musicians leal BRMC and 2 Many DJs ('or'n liseliange. lidinhurgli. 35 Aug.

I 50 Cent Sli(‘(‘. (ilttsgtm.

30 Aug. 801.!) ()l’l k 3l Aug.

I Radio 4 and Futureheads Venue. lidrnltur'glr. 30 Aug.

I Dashboard Confessional liquid Room. lidinhurglt. 37 Aug.

I The Walkmen Venue. lidinhurgh. 37 Aug.

I The Streets (‘orn liwhange. lidinhur'gh. 38 Aug. 801.1) ()l "I‘

I Dido Sli('(’. Glasgow. 38 Aug.

I dEUS liquid Room.

lidinhurgh. 38 Aug.

I The Hives (‘orn lixehange.

lidinhurgh. 3‘) Aug.

I Goldie Lookin’ Chain liquid Room. Iidinhurgh. 3‘) Aug.

I TV on the Radio Venue. lidinhurgh. 30 Aug.

I Embrace liquid Room. lidinhur'gh. 30 Aug. 80].!)

()l "l

I Morrissey (‘orn Iixeltange.

lidinhurgh. 3| Aug. 801.1) ()1 "l.

I Edwyn Collins \‘enue. lidinhurgh. I Sep.

I DKT/MCS Garage. Glasgow. 3] Aug.

Jurassic 5 (’orn lixehange. lidinhurgh. I Sep. I Sonic Youth Barrowland. Glasgow. I Sep.

PJ Harvey (‘ar'ling

Aeadem)’. Glasgow, 4 Sep. Eddi Reader Queen‘s

Hall. lidinhurgh. () Sep.

I Rush Sli('('. Glasgow. [-1


I Liann Rimes (‘lyde

Auditorium. Glasgow. l7 & I‘)

Sep. I D12 Sii('('. Glasgow. 33 Sep.

McFly (‘lyde Auditorium. Glasgow. 37 a 38 Sep.

I Wonderstuff Barrowland.

Glasgow. l ()el. I Slipknot and Slayer Sli('('. Glasgow, 3 ()ct.

I The Music (‘orn lixehange. Iidinhurgh. 4 Oct. The Ordinary Boys liquid Rooms. lidinhurgh. () ()el; Garage. Glasgow. 7 ()et.

I Avril Lavigne Sli(‘(‘. Glasgow. 7 ()et.

I Maroon 5 Barrowland. Glasgow. 8 ()et. S()I.l) ()l'T I Cowboy Junkies l'sher Hall. lidinhurgh. ‘) ()et.

I The Delagdos Barrowland. Glasgow ‘) ()et. I Lloyd Cole 8. the Commotions Bar't'owland. (ilzlsgow. l3 ()L‘l.

I The Finn Brothers l'slter' Hall. lidinhurgh. lo ()el:

John Williams

Royal (‘oneert Hall. Glasgow.

I7 ()et.

I Biffy Clyro Barrimlartd.

Glasgow. 1‘) ()et.

I Hope of the States

Garage. Glasgow. 1‘) ()et.

I Kate Rusby l‘s‘lter' Hall.

lidinhurgh. 33 ()et.

I HIM (‘orn lixehange.

lidinhurgh. 33 ()et.

I Rufus Wainwright l'sher

Hall. Iidinhurgh 37 ()et. Keane Barrowland.

Glasgow. 3 .\'o\'.

I Nick Cave (‘ar‘ling

Academy. Glasgow. () .\'o\'.

I Ibrahim Ferrer l’sher

Hall. lidinhurgh. o .\'o\'.

I Paul Weller (‘lydc

Atulitorium. Glasgow. 7 .\'o\-.

I Motorhead Harrowland.

Glasgow. 9 No\‘.

I Ben Folds Royal (‘onecrt

Hall. Glasgow lo .\'o\‘.

I Beach Boys (‘lyde Auditorium. Glasgow. l‘) .\'o\'. Shellac liquid Room.

Edinburgh. 38 .\'o\'.

I Blink 182 S('('. Glasgow. l [)CC.

I KD Lang (‘oneert Hall. (ilusgim. .3 l)ee.

I Wet Wet Wet Sli(‘(‘. (ilusgtm. 8 (Q 9 Dec.