Music rock & pop listings

Thu 22, Glasgow

I The Mars Patrol Bcansccnc. 5 (’rcssyycll I.anc. 334 6776. 8.30pm. l-i'cc. Laidback'. background sounds.

I Battle of the Bands .\1acSoi‘1cys. 43 Jamaica Strcct. 348 8581. 9pm. l‘rcc. I Phil’s Session l'isgc Bcatlia. 332 \Vootllaltds Road. 564 1596. 8pm. lircc. \Vcck‘ly jam.

I The Vagabonds ‘l‘hc Scotia.

113 114 Stockyycll Stt'cct. 553 8681. 9pm. l‘rcc. Popular cmcrs.

I Jam Session Samucl Dims, 67 7t Nilltsdttlc Road. 433 ()1117. 8.30pm. lircc. llostcd by Inchcndcncc.

I Live Music .\tc(‘huills. 41) High Strcct. 553 3135. 9.30pm. l’rcc. .\'c\\ bands night.


I Cherryfalls, Amateur Guitar Anti-Heroes and Viva Stereo 't‘hc \ctttlc. 17 31 (‘alton Road. 557 3073. 7.30pm. £5. llcart-crushing \sidcscrccn guitar cpics lrom ('hcrry hills.

I lain Archer ('abarct \‘oliairc. 36 38 Blair Strcct. 3306176. 7.30pm. £6. 'l‘hc l‘ormcr guitarist “111] Snoyy Patrol and Rcindccr Scction going back to 11a\tc\

yy ith his ncyy solo album l-‘lum/ I/Ir' lanky. I Carah Nugent Bcansccnc. 99 Nicholson Strcct. 667 5697. Split. I'Al'L‘L‘. l.aidback. background sounds.

I Denise Marie, Dieselbone and Cobra Grande \Vhisitchinkics. 4 6 South Bridgc. 557 5| 14. 9pm. lircc. l'S singcr/songyyritcr .\1aric on a 1K tour lolloyy cd by somc (ilasgoyy l'unk rock.


I Polysics, Little Buddha and Spyre King 'l'ut’s \Vali \Vali Hut. 373a St \'inccnt Strcct. 331 5379. 8.30pm. £5. Ncyy \Vay c .lapancsc dctttcntors. gctting a bit coiil'tiscd \\ ith thcir 1.ima|i1 tributc singlc ‘Kaia Kaila (ioo'. ()t‘ maybc thc mistakc is ours.


I Dead Fly Buchowski, Kain, Owsley Sunshine, Multiplies and the Grease Monkeys Barfly. 360 (ilydc Strcct. 0871) 907 0999. 8pm. Strong local linc—up. including thc rock'n'rolling of Kain and thc synth punk onslaught of Multiplics. conycrgc to cclcbratc thc birthday of thc Bat'lly"s l-‘unhousc club night.

I The Gems ubci .\'icc’n’S1c;uy.431 Sauchichall Strcct. 333 9637. 9pm.

I Thelonious and Free Radicals Stcrco. 13 14 chinhaugh Strcct. 576 5018. 8pm. 'l'hclonious arc dcscribcd as ‘I.ccds' liottcst ja/l hip hop act’. Yo.

I Nibushi Shang l-long, Supergun and Repeat To Fade 'l'hc 13th .\'otc (are. 50 60 King Strcct. 553 1638. 9pm. £3. Rock music to bcnd thc cars loyyat‘ds thc sun. it says hcrc. Bcttcr pray for somc rays.

I The Fusion, Plymsole, Kinky Stone and Bismarck l-ury Murrys. 96 .\1a\\yc1| Strcct. 331 6511. 8.30pm. £4. including cntry to post-gig club. Bill of upcoming local indic bands.

I Greyhound Trio (irand ()lc ()pry. l’aislcy Road To“. 43‘) 5396. 7.30pm. £4 (£3 mcmbcrs). ('ountry.

I Motown Tribute Bourbon Strch 108 (icorgc Strcct. 553 0141. 7pm. £5 (£13.50 \in11 dinncr). 'I‘ributc to thc labcl \\ ith thc mostcst.

I The Fusion Experience The Bullt'lub. 143 Bath I.anc. 348 1777. 8pm. l‘rcc bclorc 10.30pm: £5 al'tcr. \Vcckly jal/y loungc sct in thc 1o“ ct‘ bar.

I Starover Blue 'l‘chai ()yna. 42 ()tago l.anc. 357 4534. 8pm. £3. l’up lrlul contcstant Katc .\'a\'aronc's outlit play a gig in support of A .\Iomcnt's l’cacc tlicatrc company's liringc run.

I Snood 'l‘lic llalt Bar. 160 Woodlands Road. 353 9996. 9pm. l’rcc. I Grant Campbell Bcansccnc. 5 ('rcssyycll 1.anc. 334 6776. 8.30pm. l'rcc. Blucsy. country singcr/songysritcr. intlucnccd by Springstccn and 'l‘oxyncs \‘an /.andt.

Yee-haw, etc. Country music ain’t all rhinestones and facelifts, you know. A handful of bands still stick to country’s downhome roots, and so what the hell if they hail from South London? Four-piece outfit Grand Drive are based around the songwriting and singing of brothers Danny and Julian Wilson, and create a beautiful, subtly harmonious brand of country rock like the Band on a spliff bender, or Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young afore they all fell out. With a fourth album set for release, the lads have refined their gentle sound over the years, and now create near-perfect amble-rock to smile your stoned ass off to. (Doug Johnstone)

I King Tut's. (.-}/a:;_q()t'./. Sat 24 Jul.

46 THE LIST 91' '3 f~_.:; L"

I The Furz MacSorlcys. 43 Jamaica Strcct. 348 8581. 9.30pm. 1-‘rcc. Red Hot ('hili l’cppcrs tributc act.

I Rush Hour Samucl Dow’s. 67 7| .\'ith.sdalc Road. 433 0107. 8.30pm. l'rcc. I Frank O’Hagan 'l‘hc Scotia.

113 114 Stockyycll Street. 553 8681. 9pm. lircc. ('oycrs of Dylan. thc Band. (’rccdcncc.

I Acoustic Session Starbucks. Bordcrs Book. Buchanan Strcct. 331 6987. 6pm. lircc. Fortnightly scssion.

I Live Music Rockcrs. 14 Midland Strcct. 331 0736. 9pm. l-‘rcc.


I Inge Mcllroy, Mothersugar and The Belgranos \Vliistlchinkics. 4 6 South Bridgc. 557 5| 14. 6pm. 1‘rcc bcl‘orc midnight; £3 attcr. (‘lassic and contcmporary rock lt‘ont Mothcrsugar and thc Bclgranos.

I The Alarm and The Wayriders 'l'hc \cnuc. 17 31 (‘alton Road. 557 3073. 7pm. £13. .\likc l’ctcrs' \Vclsh punk act back on thc road.

I Tom Jones and The Magnets lidinburgli (‘ast1c. Royal .\li|c. 335 9846. 6.30pm. £35 £40. Big show from thc 1.as \cgas sty ch. pcrma-tanncd \\'c1sli lothario. Iixpcct all thc hits from ‘(irccn. (irccn (irass of llomc' to ‘\\'hat’s .\'c\\ l’tissycat'.

I Ayerletha, Duke 69 and Death Certificate I.'.»\ttachc. Shandyyick l’lacc. 33‘) 3403. 7.30pm. £4. Hard poucr rock bill.

I The Selector (‘itrus ('lub. 4t) 42 (irindlay Strcct. 633 7086. £9. 'I‘hc ska yctcrans li‘om thc 'I‘yyo 'I‘onc cra put in a .spccial acoustic sct.


C) The Wickerman Festival liast Kirkcarsys c11 1~'arm. 1)undrcnnan. 01557 500349. £41) (£31) day tickctsi.

:\1tcrnati\ c l'cstiyal \yith 1i\ c music from thc likcs ol' the Buzzcocks. Spii‘ituali/cd. thc Stindoyyns and thc 1.c\'c|lcrs as “ch as a dancc stagc. acoustic stagc. .\'ortlicrn Soul turn and morc. Scc prcyicyy.

Saturday 24


I Grand Drive and Jason McNiff King Tut‘s “ah “ah Ilut. 373a St \'inccnt Strcct. 331 537‘). 8.30pm. £7. Scc pancl Icl‘t.

I Mull Historical Society t-‘()t’1’. 1‘) l'nion Strcct. 333 3138. 5pm. lircc. In-storc appcarancc in support of thc .\1ull's patchy ncyy album This is Hopc. lnllatablc animals alway s a possibility. hoyy L‘VL‘l'.

I Macrocosmica and Laeto Barfly. 361) ('lydc Strcct. 0870 907 (1999. 8pm. (iimmc gimmc hat‘dcot'c altrock tyyith quictcr patchcs l.

I Amsterdam, Duke 69 and Wake the President Barfly (upstairs). 361) (‘lydc Strcct. 0871) 907 099‘). 8pm. £5. Amstcrdam arc a .\1crscysidc indic ct'cyy. layourcd by John 1’ch and lilyis ('ostcllo.

C) O & Not U, Bullet Union and Titus Gein Nicc’n‘Slca/y. 431 Sauchichall Strcct. 333 9637. 9pm. Scc prcy icyy 1'or Dischord band Q & Not 1'. Support from Bulch l'nion. l'caturing l‘ormcr mcmbcrs o1~ 1)cad lnsidc. and synth rockcrs 'l‘itus (icin.

I The People, Recliner, The Ronelles and Scott McDonald Stcrco. 13 14 Kclyinhaugh Strcct. 576 5018. 8pm. £3. .-\ bill mixing of country. classic rock and acoustic scls.

I Summer Punkstravaganza The 13111 .\'otc ('ttlc. 51) 61) King Strch 553 1638. 7.30pm. l-‘inc punk liarc l'rom (ilasgoyy and clscyyhcrc.

I Down the Tiny Steps Rattcho Rclaxo. 'l‘hc ('alcdonian lnstitutc. 14 l’it/roy l’lacc. 9pm. £4 (£3). listccmcd 1"cncc Rccord artist l)o\\tt thc 'l'iny Stcps. also answcr to thc namc o1 Johnny. brings his intriguing indic l‘olk strummings to this ncyy monthly c1th night.

I The Merchants and Stash Rockcrs. 14 Midland Strcct. 331 0736. 9pm. 1-‘rcc. Rock linc-up.

I Three Days Born and Poor Jack 'I‘hc V’alc. 5 Dundas Strcct. 333 0946. 8pm. £3. ’I‘hrcc l)ays Born rcccntly supportcd thc rcyitaliscd Scnscr at thc Barfly.

I Free Candy Collective Liquid Loungc. 94 \Vcs‘t chcnt Strcct. 353 6333. 6pm. Free. A dict of funk. soul. blucs. jazz. and \yliatcycr clsc at this altcrnatiyc prc—club night.

I Colt 45 (irand ()lc ()pry. l’aislcy Road Toll. 439 5396. 7.30pm. £4 (£3 mcmbcrs). Country.

I Abba Tribute Bourbon Strcct. 108 (icorgc Strcct. 5530141. 7pm. £5 (£13.50 with dinncr). 'l'ributc to Syycdcn's lincst cxport.

I Midnight Sun Md‘huills. 40 High Strcct. 553 3135. 10pm. 1‘rcc.

I Jamie Barnes & Cochise MacSorlcys. 43 Jamaica Strcct. 348 8581. 6pm. lircc. Rcsidcncy 1‘or this blucs yctcran.

I No Dice MacSorlcys. 43 Jamaica Strcct. 348 8581. 9pm. I-‘rcc.

I Open Stage The Hall Bar. 160 \Voodlands Road. 353 9996. 6pm. l-‘rcc. \Vcckly scssiott for local musicians. now running all night.

I Open Mic Bt‘tllis\\'ick (‘cllars. 33‘) Sauchichall Strcct. 331 1830. 4pm. l'it'cc. chkly scssiott.


I Jase, John Doe and U Know Hoo Whistlcbinkics. 4 6 South Bridgc. 557 51 14. 6pm. 1"rcc bcl'orc midnight: £3 al‘tcr. lndic guitar sounds and funk rock t‘usion.

I Westlife lidinburgh (‘ast1c. Royal .\li|c. 335 9846. 6.30pm. £35. Ballads and othcr pop hits from thc Irish boyband.

I Cobain 'I'hc Liquid Room. ‘)c Victoria Strcct. 335 3564. 7pm. £9. Scc Thu 33.

I St Judes’ Infirmary, Centrix and New Ego Stainers l.':\ttachc. Shandyyick' l’lacc. 33‘) 3403. 7pm. £4. Night of quality indic guitar sounds. I The Very l-'oi‘c.st. 3 Bristo l’lacc. 3304538. 7pm. 1"rcc. Rays rock’n'roll tyyo piccc blcnding carly punk mi\cd with strippcd doyyn minimalism.

I RAAR and Starry Wisdom Cult Spidcr's \Vcb ('cllar Bar. 358 .‘ylorrison Strcct. 477 3471. 8pm. £4. .\1ctal ril'l's. surf guitars and hugc l'lul't’y ti‘otisci's l'rom thc immcnsc R.-\:\R.

I Plan A and Degrassi ('alcdonian Backpackcrs. 3 Quccnstcrry Strcct. 476 7334. 8.30pm. £4. llcayy rock action l'rom thc cx mcmbcrs of thc \Vildhcarts and his ncys band.


I Live @ the Greens Music Festival lllicston liarm. 1 1.30 1am. £11). \Vcst 1.othian's lirst opcn ait' milsic t’cstiy'al with a massiyc linc up of local bands tincluding 33 acts such as thc liggmcn. thc Zips. ()rdinary Son. ('ritik'ill and many. many moch oycr [\yo stagcs coy cring all gcnrcs. l’lus dancc arcna. stalls. paintballing and all thc othcr usual l'cstic slicnanigans all raising moncy l‘or thc Kids Ward at St John’s Hospital. 1‘or dircctions and into chcck tyyistcdc\ cnts.co.uk.


C) The Wickerman Festival liasi Kirkcarsucll Farm. l)undrcnnan. 01557 50034‘). £40 t£30 day tickctsi.

SL‘L‘ i'il'l 35.