The following events are your chance to see some of the top comedy moments in this year’s Fringe. And because they’re early, you get them for a nice price, too. Booking information is at the end of the listings.

Mon 2 Aug 10pm

British Television Explained This should of course be a 30-hour show. but won't be. Slum! II. I 0pm. [5 ([4).

Wed 4 Aug 2pm

Barbara the Vampire Slayer Need some lunchtime tips on staving off hungry I)racs'.’ This loveable lady may be your own personal Van llelsing. I’m] [)(‘('(). 2.10pm. [5.


Rebecca Carrington: Me and My Cello Musical comedy reaches its classical zenith with this cello-wielding funster. l’leu.s-mtce. 3.15pm. £4.50.


Never Mind the Botox Jonathan Ross lets his hottse band » liour Poofs and a Piano -- out for the month with a catnp selection of tunes and chatter. Pleasance. 4. [0pm. [5.

The Bearded Ladies 'l‘hey're ladies. But they don't actually have facial hair. (fudm‘he/ly. 6.15pm. [5. Bridge-Burner Andrew J l.edcrer has links to Bill llicks and Michael J Fox. Not every comic can say that. (I 0.1.5,)”1. [8.50 ([750).

Through it All I’ve Always Laughed The one-man laughter machine (‘ount Arthur Strong is back with tnore jocular reminiscing. l’m/ Deco. 6.55pm. [5.


British Television Explained See Mon 2 Attg for details. Slum! II. 7pm. [5 ([4).

Rhys Darby: Jekyll and Hyde 2030 New Zealand's version of Phil (‘ool may be one way of describing this quite physical comic. An adrenaline- fuelled mimic may be another. Pleasance. 7pm. [5.

Simon Munnery’s AGM ()Id Buckethead brings us his version of comedy terrorism. Slum]. 7pm. [6115). Uncut Confetti John llegley is qttite simply one of our most beloved lyricists from I.uton. I’leusunct'. 7pm. [5.

Colin Murphy: Miraculous Jovial Irishtnan with a string of top reviews in his wake. (‘ould it he his year? I’lt'usmtce. 7.05pm. [5.

Russell Brand’s Better Now This might refer to having watched a sumtnerful of Big Bl'nlht'r for ('hannel 4 or could hint at his rather colourful past. Pleasance. 7.l0pm. [5.

Rob Brydon: The Keith Barret Show TV's funniest relationship counsellor brings a few surprise guests along the way. l’lt'usunt't'. 7.l5/)m. [0. Steven Alan Green: Service Not Included Fringe veteran SAG gives his views on the irritations on modern living. ('. 7.15pm. [8.50 ([750)

Danny Bhoy (‘omedy's sexiest man. quite arguably. might be in a new venue. But those sell-out signs remain the same. I’m] Dew). 7.30pm. [5.

64 THE LIST 22 Jul-b Aug 200/.

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Michael McIntyre The wiseacres have it that this boyish comic is one to watch. I used to enjoy the rolls of the same surname. so it's a start. I’Imxum-e. 8.15pm. [5.

Reginald D Hunter: A Mystery Wrapped Inside a Nigga Last year's Perrier nominee returns. Pleasance. 8. /5/)m. [5.

Will Smith: 10 Arguments I Should Have Won .\'ot the man in black. but Miles Jupp’s telly pal and a line comic in his own right. I’m] Deco. (SI/5pm. [5.

Adam Bloom: Entertaining the Thought He‘s been dubbed by one fellow comic as the finest ADI-II) stand- up on the circuit. I’lt’us‘mtt‘t'. 8.20pm. {5. John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman: Erm . . . It’s About the End of the World . . . I Think You’d Better Sit Down 'I'houghtful musings from two analysts of the modern condition. ()f humans. I’lmsumw. 8.20pm. [5.

The Consultants Radio troupe with more anarchic sketch shenanigans. Pleasance Dome. 8.30pm. [5.

John Ryan: Stupid Monkey (‘an a lemon and lime save us'.’ (iood question. (iot any answers. Jobn'.’ Pleasance Dome. 8.30pm. [5.

Jo Caulfield: Role Model Is she quite simply the best female stand-up in the country'.’ Time. and this show. may tell. Pleasance Dome. 8.45pm. [5. Dara O’Briain The powerhouse of the stand-up circuit blazes more observations ottr way. I’lmsum't'. 8.45pm. [7.


Daniel Kitson llaving play ed in a tent on l.othian Road last year. Danny boy comes back to what he knows and says what he thinks. Slum]. 9pm. [7 l [0). Little Howard and Big Howard In: At Home with the Howards Last year's Perrier nominee gives tts some more jovial jottering. But you wouldn't want to live there. I’lt'usunu'. 9.20pm. [5.

Bourbonitis Whisky galore as Rich llall transmogrilies into ()tis Lee ('renshaw. Pleasance. 9.30pm. [7. Glen Wool: Relax (‘artoon philosophy from a man who has oddly been mistaken for Jason Wood on occasion. By someone I know. anyway. I’m/ Dew). 9.30pm. [5.

Sarah Kendall ()ne of the true bright sparks on the circuit brings its some intelligent and snappy fun. With twists aplenty. Pleasance. 9.35pm. [5.

‘This is My Home’: Andrew Maxwell And Maxwell is our man. The Irish bluffer returns with feisty fun. I’m/ Den). 9.35pm. [5.

Dan Antopolski: A Whim Away An intellectual rogue with a handy knack for facial shrubbery. ('link. clink. Ii/lf.’ Pl('(l.\‘(l)l('(’. 9.40pm. [5.

Brendon Burns The titanic Attstralian gentleman loves to divide his audiences and this year he'll not be slacking. with more hardcore frolics. I’lt'usum't'. 9.45pm. [5.

10pm Nick Revell: Like It Matters One

of the most intelligent stand-ups of our time (in that he doesn't talk about cocks for an hour). Slum! ll. 10pm. [6. Peddling Stories Someone once told John Bishop to get on his bike. So he went to Australia and back on a two- wheelcr. llere's his tale. I’/(’(l.\’(lll(‘('. l0pm. [5.

Jason Byrne: That’s Not a Badger! Quite probably the most sweat-filled hour on the tour is guaranteed. I’lt'usunm'. /0./5/)m. [5. Gary Le Strange: Face Academy

Last year's Perrier Newcomer victor

returns with more SOs-drenched torture. I’ml Den). 10.25pm. [5.

Alex Horne: Every Body Talks What signs are you giving out'.’ Find out. I’It'us‘tmt't’. /0.40/)m. [5.

Thu 5 Aug 2pm

Barbara the Vampire Slayer See Wed 4th Atig. l’m/ Dem. 2.10pm. [5.


Rebecca Carrington: Me and My Cello See Wed 4. Pleasance. 3.15pm. [4.50.

OAP Comedy Spectacular (Guaranteed Perrier Winner 2004! Or Double Your Money Back: From Their Pensions) We‘ve been impressed with the quality of their daily press releases but will their show match the publicity"? I 'm/erlu'llv. 3.25mi). [4.


Never Mind the Botox See W'ed 4. Pleasance. 4. l0pm. [5.


Boothby Graffoe and the Following People Stand-up from the man named after a Lincolnshire village. ()r is he’.’ I’lt'usunu'. 5.45pm. [5. Faultless and Torrance: The Snag They look dark. They seem mean. But are they mild at heart'.’ Littler/wily. 5.45pm. [4.

United Biscuits: High Tea More lady double acts with Richard Wilson on their side. ('Ittlt'l‘ln'lly: 0pm. [5.

The Bearded Ladies See Mon 4. (.')ttl(’)'/)t'llv. 0. 15pm. [5. Bridge-Burner See Wed 4th Aug. ( '. 6. 15pm. [8.50 ([750).

Through it All I’ve Always Laughed See Wed 4. I’m/ I)(’('U.

0. 55pm. [5.


Rhys Darby: Jekyll and Hyde 2030 See Wed 4. l)/(’(l.\(lll(‘('. 7pm. [5. Uncut Confetti See Wed 4th Aug. l’lt'usunt't'. 7pm. [5.

Colin Murphy: Miraculous Sec \Ved 4. I’lt'usunt't'. 7.05pm. [5. Russell Brand’s Better Now See Wed 4. I’It'usurtt‘t'. 7./0/mt. [5. Richard Herring: The “velve Tasks of Hercules Terrace See Wed 4. I’m/ Deco. 7.10pm. [5.

Rob Brydon: The Keith Barret Show See Wed 4. I’lt'usum‘t'. 7.15pm. [6.

Steven Alan Green: Service Not Included See \Ved 4. (I 7. 15pm. [8.50 ( [7.50).

Milton Jones: A Rough Guide A man who lit up the Fringe in the mid to late 90s makes a welcome return.

I ‘Ittlt'r/wlly. 7.20pm. [5.

Arnold Brown: Life Tips You want surreal one-liners'.’ You got ‘em. Slum]. 7.30pm. [6 ([5).

Helmut’s Half Hour (‘an (let-mans be funny? This man isn't but he does a great job at convincing tts he is one. (ierman. that is. ('Itt/t'r/n'lly. 7.50pm. [5.

Michael McIntyre See Wed 4th Aug. I’lmsum‘v. 8.15pm. [5.

Reginald D Hunter: A Mystery Wrapped Inside a Nigga See Wed

4. /)/('(l.\(lll(‘(’. 8. l5/m1. [5.

Will Smith: 10 Arguments I Should Have Won See Wed 4. Pm! De”), 8. l5/)))t. [5.

Adam Bloom: Entertaining the Thought See \\‘ed 4. I’lt'us‘um't'. 8.20pm. [5.

Stewart Lee Richard Herring‘s tender mate returns to the stand-up stage after wooing the nation with his musical about Jerry Springer. l.’mlerlwll_v. 8.40pm. [5. The Award Winning Robin lnce: Star of The Office, Series 1, Episode 5 (First Bit) Yes. he was in The Office and yes. he was part of Ricky (icrvais' Rll/)/)(’I'II(’('/\'('I' line-up from a few years back. (.v’mler/u'I/y. 8.45pm. [5. Jo Caulfield: Role Model See Wed 4th Aug. Pleasance Dome. 8.45pm. [5. Dara O’Briain See Wed 4th Aug. ]’/('(l.\’(lllt'('. 8.45pm. [7.

AI Pitcher A New '/.ealand comic. of whom there are plenty about. brings us some upbeat musings on his lidinburgh debut. (Julerlwl/y'. 9pm. [5.

Little Howard and Big Howard In: At Home with the Howards See Wed 4. I’It'usum't'. 9.20pm. [5. Bourbonitis See Wed 4th Aug. I’lt’usum't'. 9.30pm. [7.

Chris Corcoran: Welsh Assembly An atnttsing publicity shot isn't everything. but it's a darn good start for ('(‘. l’lt'usum‘e. 9.30pm. [5.

Glen Wool: Relax See Wed 4. I’m! Dem. 9.30pm. [5.

Sarah Kendall See Wed 4. I’leusunct'. 9.35pm. [5.

‘This is My Home’: Andrew Maxwell See “ed 4. I’m] Ih’t‘t). 9.35,”)1. [5.

Dan Antopolski: A Whim Away Sec Wed 4. I’lt'usunt‘t'. 9.40pm. [5. Brendon Burns See Wed 4. I’lt’thlllt‘l’. 9.45pm. [5.

10pm Janey Godley: Good Godley

She's the only solo Scottish stand-up of a female persuasion at this year‘s I’ringe. Disturbing publicity shot of her in a washing machine. though. ('mlvrlwllv. /()/)))t. [5.

Tony Law: A Tony Law Show More psychedelic musings from one of the circuit‘s undoubted rising stars. I’m/erlu'l/v. l0. 15/»)1. [5.

Alice Lunt’s Picnic Yellow submarine and tea cakes make a heady brew on this big day out. I'm/(Wholly. [0.40pm. [4.

Jade the Folk Singer in the Happy Show! A comic creation in the shape of a folk singer'.’ It can't work: but it does. I’lt'usmtt‘t'. [0.45pm. [4.50. Porn Idol (ientleman Jim Jeffries (not the Kiltttat‘nock managaer) muses on the porn industry. But what does he know'.’ More than you. upsettingly. I’lt'us‘um‘t'. /0.55/)))t. [5.


Roger Strokes: Live and Ungloved ()ur own Perrier winner (‘xarth ('ruickshank adopts a psychic creation into his fold. (‘ould it be magic'.’ (Tut/crln'l/v. l l . I 5pm. [5.

Booking Information

C 8 C 02 0870 70l 5l0.' Pleasance ()I31 556 o550

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Stand ()l31 558 7272

Underbelly 0870 745 .5033

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