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Artist-Run Spaces

THE GLASGOW PROJECT ROOM Top floor. (t4 ()shorne Street. 552 I472. Tue Sat noon 5pm.

Amanda Currie and Stephen HeaIy l'ntil Sttn 25 Jul. Recent work.

GLASGOW SCULPTURE STUDIOS The Briggait. l4l Bridgegate. 55(» 7276. Wed Sun noon 5pm.

Amaryllis Sillyrama t'ntil Sat 24 Jul. noon 5pm. (it‘oup shots of sex en artists Kim ('oleman. ('raig (‘oulthatd Thomas (irace. Jenn) llogarth. l)a\id .\Iacl.ean. Kate ()u ens and (’atherine Stal'l‘ord u ho all “Ul'k as curators and directors of the lidinhurgh-hased artist—run galler) the limbass}.


73 Robertson Street. Suite (i. l'iloot' l. 243 37l l. Tue l'ri noott 5pm.

Mark Handforth l‘ntil l‘ri _'.' Aug. Recent “oils.


o Burnlield Road. (iillnock‘. (138 I200. .\lon liri llatu opm; Sat 10am 5.30pm: Sun noon 5.30pm.

Group Exhibition t‘ntil Sat Rt Jul. Paintings h} lilaine Wilson. lain ('arb}. (her) lene l)} er and lilaine (‘unningham


Vacant shop l'ront. IS Woodlands Road. 07947 7498”.

Solo Show l'ntil Sun 25 Jul. \‘acant

shop l'rout's latest solo sliou entitled IIU It'sline on.

Anthony Schrag Sun 25 Jul Stin 1

Aug. .\'e\\ installation entitled i1 HUAHT sup/mth {it /u' like this.

Amy Smith Still I Sun S Aug. .\'e\\

solo shim.

Edinbu 2 h.Puinc Galleries


2 Market Street. 52‘) 3993. Mon Sat ltlam 5pm. £5 H.350): family ticket £12.50.

0 Cecil Beaton: Portraits

0... l'ntil Stilt 2o Sep. liirst shout] to great acclaim at the National Portrait (iallet‘) in London. art exhibition celebrating the work of the influential portrait photographer ('ecil Beaton

( l‘)(l—l l‘JtSlli. See rex ie“ ttlttl liillisl. From Castle to Palace: Artists on the Royal Mile t'ntil Sun In Sep. An exhibition tracing the ltisltit') ot' the Ro)al Mile and the Old Tomi through the e} es oi artists. including historic arid contemporary paintings. prints. sculpture. photographs, posters, hooks and sound. Titanic: The World Class Collection l’ntil Sun 26 Sep. An exhibition charting the stor} ol‘ the doomed ocean liner and its tragic sinking in l‘)l2. lieatures hundreds ol' at'telacts.


22 2S (‘oekhurn Street. 22() l:(\ll.

Tue Sat noon 5pm.

Marianne Created and Michael Hill l'ntil Sat 7 Aug. tl’roiect Roomt. A [\so-pel‘sotl shoss ol uork h} Marianne (ireated and Michael Hill.

New Life coco l'ntil Sat 7 Atig. A solo exhibition of work h} artist and critic I)a\id Burrows that lills the galler} space \\ ith colourl'ul debris and heaps of ash-like black glitter. lending a strangel} celcht'ator) leel [U images til. tliSLtslel‘. See re\ iexs.


73 Behold Road. (i24 (i200. .\lon \Ved a l-‘ri Stin lilam 5pm; Thu 10am 7pm. 0 Paolozzi at 80 00000 t'ntil Sun 31 ()ct. l‘ree. Arranged in chronological order. the exhibition is a di//_\ ing arra}

Q Scottish Arts Council


the arts for Scotland

80 THE LIST 1/1" l." 5, Au;


The Scottish Arts Council and British Council Scotland are to continue the partnership behind the successful presentation of new work from Scotland at the Venice Biennale in 2003. Importantly, for the 2005 Biennale. a new partnership with the National Gallery of Modern Art will exhibit the work on its return from Venice in December 2005.

The partners are now seeking a guest curator to work with them to develop and deliver the project in Venice and beyond. The partners are interested in working with a curator who will bring a fresh perspective to work being made in Scotland today and who would be able to develop partnerships with individuals and institutions that are based outside the UK.

The successful candidate/s must be able to demonstrate a good knowledge of contemporary visual arts practice in Scotland and internationally, an ability to manage significant exhibitions/projects successfully and sound communication

A project manager is also to be appointed to undertake all practical arrangements in Scotland and Venice.

Deadline for submissions 5 August 2004

for further details Contact: Donna Murray, Visual Arts Secretary, Scottish Arts Council, 12 Manor Place, Edinburgh,

tel: 0131 226 6051, email:

The Scottish Arts Council champions ’7. .

oi the talent and intellect that l’aolo/li insested in his \sot‘k. He took the tenets of surrealism and extended them to help create and dexelop Pop Art. The collages and screen prints on displa) are testament

to the inspiration he deri\cd from popular

culture and his determination that there is no limit to the imagination. The central motifs in Paolo/It's isork emerge as soldiers. clocks and space tra\el; toda} the} produce a potent nostalgia. Paolo/xi u as able to not old} deconstruct the barrier hetueen high and lo\\ art but also the human hod} to espose its trailt}. l)_\namic. inspiring and faultless. See ltillisl.

Drop-in-and-Draw Thu 23 Jul.

5.45 (i.45pm. l‘ree. Drop-in drawing sessions introducing dill'erent t}pes of art from the galler) 's collection. All materials pro\ ided.

EDINBURGH COLLEGE OF ART 74 l.auriston l’lace. 22l ()(llll). .\lon Thu Illalii Spin: l-‘ri Sat ltlam 2pm.

0 Sam Taylor Wood Sun 1 Thu 2o Aug. lilam 5pm. I‘ree. Darling ol the Brit Art scene. Ta) lor-\\'ood brings Strings. a lilm installation \sitli sound. shot in the Rosa] ()pera House's opulent (‘rush Bar. It features the Ro}al Ballet's principal dancer [\an l’utrm as he mm es in sttspettsioit ahme a string quartet performing Tchaikox sk} 's String Quartet .\'u 2. See panel in separate lidinhurgh l‘estixal (iuide. NE St i()\.'.l See hitlist.


23 l'nion Street. 557 247‘). Tue Sat Itiam ()pltt.

Gavin Turk - Faces Sat 24 Jul Sat IS Sep. li\citing slum of se\ en neis screenprints h) (}a\ in Turk. si.\ prints h} l’eter Sa\ ille and No he“ l’eter Blake prints ol- the Beatles called 'l .o\ e .\le I)o‘ in association “ith the Paul Stolper (iallet'). London. See photo caption. Nil-II St 10V;


45 Market Street. 225 2383. Mon Sat

1 lam (ipm; Sttn noon 5pm.

Fred Tomaselli - Monsters of Paradise Sat 3| Jul Stnt 3 ()ct. l’ree. l-‘or its 2004 lidinhurgh Art l-‘esti\al lixhihition the l-‘ruitmarket (iallet') presents the lirst l'ls' solo e\liihitioti ot' Nets YUl'lx-l‘llSL‘tl ttt'lisl l‘TL‘Ll 'l'oltlttsellt.

\\ hose meticulous h}brid pictures

tnade using a da/lling arra} ol materials including paint. pills. insects. photo- collage. lea\ es and llouers ltasc gained him a reputation as one of the international art \sorld's most rapidl} rising stars. lit‘ed ’l‘omaselli gt\es a talk Sat 31 Jul. 2pm. See lt‘ttltlt'e in separate lidinhurgh liestisal (iuide. NE S? i()‘.‘.,


The Mound. 624 (i2llll. .\lon Wed &

l-"ri Sun ltlam 5pm; Thu ltlatn 7pm. Festivals, Fireworks, Feasts and Funerals t'ntil Sun I: Sep. Tuent} -li\e paintings spanning 3()() )ears lrom the |7tlt to the l‘)th centur} and l'caturing dramatic. cstrmagant celebrations and requiem masses h} artists such as Rubens. Robert Adam and Slelttllt) l)ella Bella.

After Hours: Music of Scotland Thu 22 Jill. o (i.3()pm. i‘rce. liinn .\loore. pipentaker atid pla_\er. gets the alter- uork set jigging.

Literature and Patronage t-‘ri .‘so Jul. 12.45 l.l5pm. l’t'ee. limilie (iordenker ol‘ the National (ialler) gises this lunchtime lecture on Rubens’ ’I'lu' l'i'usl (I’ll/(TIMI.


7.5 l‘TL‘ll-(ll'tl Road. 624 (i200. Mon \Ved tk l‘ri Sttn ltlam 5pm; Thu l()am 7pm. 0 Past Things and Present: Jasper Johns Since 1983 t'ntil Sun l‘) Sep. £5 tL'3.5()i; under l2s tree. The lirst major exhibition in Scotland of work b) one ot' the forerunners of Pop Art. Jasper Johns. The \lltt“ concentrates on the last 2() _\ears of his career and reflects lit)“. since recei\ ing critical acclaim tor his paintings ot‘ l'lags. targets and letters iii the 50s. he has continued to t'eiment himself. See hitlist.

NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY 1 Queen Street. (i24 (i200. .\lon Wed ck l-‘ri Sun l()am 5pm; Thu ltiam 7pm. Once Upon our Time: Portrait Miniatures By Moyna Flannigan coco l'ntil Stilt 5 Sep. Tiree. lidinhurgh-lMsed artist .\l(l}ll£l l-"lannigan. best known for her lictional portraits. has been L‘Ullllllissitilletl [0 create .50 neu contemporar} portrait miniatures paittted in \satercolour and gouache oit \ellum. The \sorks locus on uni\ersal themes ol )oth and age. rites of passage and dressing tip and. in the ticcotiipati}itig catalogue. \sriter l)i|}s Rose has uritten a short \ ignette alongside each of l-‘lannigan’s tin} imagined characters. Portrait Miniatures from the National Galleries of Scotland l'ntil Sun 5 Sep. ()\er 7() of the National (ialleries' most important portrait miniatures go on displa).

My Family l’ntil Sttn 2‘) Aug. ()ne hundred \\ inning entries in a competition run h} liainil) Mediation Scotland to paint _\out‘ tamil} and “hat it means to _\ott are displa) ed as part of l-'.\lS‘s 2tlth anni\ersar_\ and coinciding \s ith l-';tiitilies Da} on 2‘) Aug.

i Love Me Tender by Peter Blake on show at Edinburgh Printmakers