(ieorge IV Bridge. 226 453|. Mon-Sat l0am 5pm: Sun 2 5pm.

Read All About It! l7ntil Sun 3| Oct. The story of the news in Scotland is explored in this exhibition which takes you on a journey throuin 400 years of

OLD ST PAUL’S CHURCH 2 ()3 Jeffrey Street. 556 3332. Still Sun l Aug—Sat 25 Sep. lmmense l four-panel installation by Alison Watt. 5 created for the Memorial (‘hapel See feature. page l2.

THE QUEEN’S GALLERY Palace of Holyroodhouse. .556 5100. 9.30am—4.3t)pm. Enchanting the Eye: Dutch Paintings of the Golden Age oooo tfntil Sun 7 Nov. £5 (£3 £4); fatnily ticket £13. .A selection of Dutch paintings from the l7th century. with examples by Rembrandt. Vermeer. ('uyp de Hooch and Terborch. featuring still life. everyday scenes. portraiture and landscapes.

ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN Iixhibition Hall. lnverleith Row. 552 7l7l. Daily 10am 5pm. Free. Botanical Threads l'ntil Sttn l Attg. An exhibition of contemporary textiles by 25 artists taking nature and the surroundings of the gardens as inspiration.


2 (‘hambers Street. 247 4219/4422. Mon 1%; Wed Sat l0am 5pm; Tue l0am 8pm: Suit noon 5pm. Free.

Around Designers t'ntil Sun 3| ()ct. ('ontemporary Italian product design by the Milan-based duo (iiulio lacchetti and Matteo Ragni whose guiding philosophy is to tnake ftmctional objects which produce an emotional response.

Treasures from Tuscany t'ntil Sun 3| ()ct. £4 (£3); fatnily ticket £l0. An insight into the litruscans. an ancient civilisation of highly sophisticated people who were contemporaries of the ancient Greeks Featuring nearly 500 objects from the collections in Tuscany.


The Mound. (H31 225 (i(i7|. Mott Sat 10am -5pm; Sun noon-5pm.

The Age of Titian: Venetian Renaissance Art from Scottish Collections Wed 4 Aug Sun 5 Dec. £7 (£5); free to children under l2. (‘elebrating the completion of the final stage of the Playfair Project. The Age of 'Iitian brings together works which have entered Scottish collections alongside works by his contemporaries Tintoretto. Bellini. Lotto. Veronese and Bassano. Reviewed next issue. NEW SHOW.


23 Palmerston Place. 225 (3293. Daily l0am 12.30pm S: 2-3pm. Desideratum Until Sat 4 Sep. Nicholas (‘harles Williams hangs his huge I)esideratum.

TALBOT RICE GALLERY University of lidinburgh. South Bridge. ()50 22 ll). Tue Sat |0am- 5pm. Cyclorama Sat 3| Jul— Sat 25 Sep. A recreation of New York artist Sandy Wurmfeld‘s (yr/mama. a 360 degree panorama painting of an abstract colour field rainbow. complemented by an historical exhibition exploring the origins of the panorama. NEW SHOW.


Lady Stair's House. Lady Stair's (‘lose. 52‘) 490l. MonvSat l0am—5pm. l’ree. Dame Muriel Spark: Scottish By Formation l'ntil Sat 3() ()ct. An exhibition celebrating the life and career

i i t i i l i' r + —- -. , ,~- I - .' ‘E ‘9‘ / ' ,. i." ' r f i l , r' A o - g I 1 "l, I" H . 3.. i i ' - l V .. ..' i i 2.". . ' 4, ‘l .... Pg: 5 I J ,f'o Rm) j _ _ I "n n |‘ Ir 4:7 .1:

:0 IL.

~+-l if :12. :a 3 z i '3 t

l , .- a}! T I it '1: l a - j g p . ; ‘Ul '. l .' f; l j z (1". " ‘l'l ‘n‘ 'n - o . I “‘ ' i "' f l J- a ' a 4 o . s. j i ' "l i i i. l I i l. l I' 'L 1"?“ an- - 5;, f l. ."l ' , M'ICL . l ' ':1 . 1. l :94: f t ,., t j ~. ,

Radiolover by Elph from Bango Whackin’ Funk on show at the Bongo Club

of Datne Muriel Spark. author of the world-famous. The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie. See profile in (‘ity Life. page 86.

Edinbur h Private Galleries

DANISH CULTURAL INSTITUTE 3 Doune 'l'errace. 225 7|S‘). Mon Fri 9am 5pm; Sat llatn 3pm.

The River Thu 5 Fri 27 Aug. Danish artist Jy‘tte Rex combines painting. photography and film to create new textures. Here she forges a symbolic universe between myth and science.


20a Dundas Street. 557 5002. Mont-ti l lam-5pm: Sat |0am lpm.

The Edinburgh Gallery Festival Exhibition Sat 31 Jul -Sat l4 Atig. New paintings under the title Intimate R(’l'll(' by Muriel Barclay.


22a Dundas Street. 556 2181. Mon Fri 1 lam-~6pm; Sat l0.30am-r4pm. Mountains and Remote Places l'ntil Sat 24 Jul. A new selection of paintings by gallery artists featuring landscapes. seascapes. still life and floral studies.


(3 (‘arlton Terrace. 556 444 1. Tue Sat 10am 5pm.

From Here to Eternity .0000 Until Sat 24 Jul. Significant show encouraging tis to look beyond the here and now to something somewhere else. It succeeds completely. A stunning light projection. I’rm/n Ru]. by James 'l'tirrell is complemented by delicate. fragile works from (iarry liabian Miller while Stisan Derges photographs composed in a moonlit stream inspire wonder. LAST CHANCE TO SEE.

Alison Watt Thu 5 Aug-Sat l J Sep. Free. New paintings by the much-loved Alison Watt. See feature. page l2.

LEITH GALLERY ()5 The Shore. l.eith. 553 5255. Tue l'ri llatn 5pm; Sat llatn 4pm. Buena Vista l'ntil Sat 24 Jul. l-‘ree. An exhibition of paintings inspired by the Spaniin landscape including works by miles Somerville. Doug Phillips. lan lilliot. (ieorgie Young. Annette lidgar. plus ceramics by Angus (irant and jewellery by John Kolb. Art in August Hi 30 Jul w‘ca 4 Aug. Free. A mixed liestival exhibition of paintings. ceramics. jewellery. glass and sculpture.


S7 Broughton Street. 558 8778. Wed Sat noon (rpm.

Zip: The Art of Joey D Mon 2 Sat 2| Aug. Something of a beacon for lidinburgh style pilots. Joey D's shop of clothes recycled from old pieces of fabrics turning jeans into jackets.

jackets into skirts and adding bullet

holders to bags gets its chance to shine in this exhibition over the road. NFW SHOW.


4b l)tlndas Street. 556 0803. Mon Fri l0.30am 5.30pm; Sat 10am 4pm.

The Summer Show 2004 t'ntil Sat 24 Jttl. A mixed show of paintings by gallery artists including Barbara Balmer. James litirgreave. Alexander Robb and David Sinclair.


2 St Stephen Place. 225 (1257. Mon Fri |0am (iptti; Sat l0am (rpm; Sun

noon 5.30pm.

Festival Exhibition Thu 5 Tue 3| Aug. l0am (ipm. lixhibiton of new works by Mait‘i .Ailken. l.esley Anne Derks. Roll liat'dley’ and Jac \'o|beda.


lb Dundas Street. 558 I200. Mon Fri 10am (3pm; Sat l0am -4pm.

Paul Reid l'ntil Sat 3| Jtil. .\'ew series

listings Art

of painting taken from ()vid's classical iconography and transplanted to the Scottish Highlands.

Summer Exhibition t'ntil Sat 3| Jul. Paintings. drawings and prints by Scottish (iallery artists including John Byrne. James Morrison and Barbara Rae.

Wendy Ramshaw t‘ntil Sat 3| Jul. New work Prospero's Table inspired by Shakespeare's 'I'ltt’ 'Ii’mprsl.


Reiach and Hall Architects. (i Darnaway Street. 225 8444. Mon l-‘ri 2 5pm. Antonio Scaccabarozzi t'nttl Hi 30 Jul. A space-specific installation by Antonio Scaccabaro/Ii of minimalist paintings.

Artist-Run Spaces


l5‘) (ireat Junction Street.

Aurora Festival Show Sun 1 Sun 8 Atig. l‘rce. New work by Tommy (irace and Jenny Stephens as part of the lidinburgh Anntiale that gathers together live new artist run spaces.


Moray Hottse. 37 llolyrood Road. 553 7604.

Surface Appeal t'ntil Tue 3 Aug. Photography by Katherine Ballingall of poster art gigs. political notices and all the temporary pastings that reveal the cultural life of our cities.

Banjo Whackin’ Funk Wed 4

Aug Wed 8 Sep. We profiled the designs around the city of lidinbut‘gh-based graffiti artist. lilph. earlier in the year. but he returns here with his own exhibition featuring work on wood. walls, paper and canvas inspired loosely by music from the l800s to early 1000s. though his characteristic elph-heads still lootn large. See photo caption.


7o Iiast (‘rosscauseway 07960 4 | 378‘). Thu Sat noon 7pm.

Fire and Brimstone l'ntil Sun I Aug. noon 7pm. This new exhibition space continues its series of show s featuring young artists this titnc there are l I looking into the dark and lighter sides of life.


3 Bristo Place. 220 4538. noon ltlpm. Post ID l'ntil Mon 2 Aug. Third in the series of A5 member's show s w here 'l'otalktmst‘s I30 artist members show their posted artworks in A5 format. Jenny Brow nrigg. artist and writer. gives a talk on Stm 1 Aug. 7 0pm.

Outside the Cities


I52 Nethergate. 0| 332 900900.

Tue Wed. Sat a Sun l0.30am 5.30pm; Thu & l‘ri l0.30am 8pm.

Marine Hugonnier ooo t'ntil Sun S Atig. A major solo show for french artist Marine Hugonnier featuring a selection of photographic works and her acclaimed 2003 lilm Ariana. which tracks her attempts to film the perfect panorama. See re\ iew.


Mount Stuart. 0l700 503877. & l-‘ri Sun |0am 5pm.

Langlands and Bell t'ntil Sun 30 Sep. An installation by Langlands atid Bell. referencing the tiny faintly chapel dedicated to St John the liyangelist and designed in lb’73 by the architect Williatn Bttrges at Mount Stuart.


35 The Stirling Arcade. (H 736 47‘)3(i|. Wed Sat llatn 5pm.

Wendy McMurdo t'ntil Sat 28 Aug. Photography exhibition from various series tnade in the late I‘Nlls.


.7." .lx.‘ 1" Aug; .‘Ct‘t-l