Films screening this fortnight are listed below with certificate, star rating, credits, brief review and venue details. Film index compiled by Paul Dale

O Andrei Rublev ( 12) eeeee (Andrei Tarkovsky. USSR. I966) Anaton Solonitsyn. lvan Lapikov. Nikolai Grinko. 185mm. See review. page If). Glasgow Film Theatre. Glasgow.

Anything Else (15) 000 (Woody Allen. US/France/Netherlands/UK. 2003) Jason Biggs. Christina Ricci. Danny De Vito. Woody Allen. 108mm. Jerry Falk (Biggs) is a young. successful writer whose benign foible appears when his career hits the skids for the first time. Allen plays his sixtysomething sidekick. David Dobel. a has-been writer looking to get one more shot at the big time. Falk leaves his girlfriend for Amanda (Ricci). a bulimic actress who specialises in irrationality and their relationship follows the familiar torrid template Allen retreads Annie Hall territory. Which is no bad thing for Allen's legion of fans. UGC Renfrew Street. Glasgow, Glasgow; Film/louse. Edinburgh.

Around the World in 80 Days (PG) .0 (Frank Coraci. USA. 2004) Jackie Chan. Steve Coogan. Jim Broadbent. Cecille De France. l20min. Slapstick. comic update of Jules Veme's classic adventure story with an all star cast. Jules Verne‘s Victorian novel is repackaged as a vehicle for East-West martial arts superstar Jackie Chan and British comedian Steve Coogan with terrible results. Fidelity to Verne is largely abandoned as many characters have been recast and. to put it bluntly. this action-comedy isn't funny. Selected release.

Before Sunrise (15) see (Richard Linklater. US. 1995) Julie Delpy. Ethan Hawke. Andrea Eckert. l()lmin. American lnter-Railer Hawke and French student Delpy are the strangers on a train who strike up a chance conversation and spend a night wandering around Vienna. The actors give career best perfomiances while director Linklater veers into Eric Rohmer territory with a funny. sweet and fundamentally wise movie. Grost'enor. Glasgow:

0 Before Sunset(15)m0 (Richard Linklater. US. 2004) Ethan Hawke. Julie Delpy. 80min. Nine years after Before Sunrise and Jesse (Hawke) is in Paris on the final leg of a book tour promoting his debut novel. The book‘s plot concerns that night in Vienna hanging out with Celine (Julie Delpy) and the attendant press corps asks what fans of director Richard Linklater‘s l995 film have wanted to know for nigh on a decade. Did the couple meet six months later as arranged? Did they copulate under the stars? And what ever did happen to these two? Before Sunset is proof that practice can make

10 me on 542 Aug 2004

perfect. Linklater not only tackles the

loose ends of the original with imaginative aplomb but he also works hard to make the

movie work as a standalone essay on how adolescent hope inevitably gives way to disappointment with the encroaching realisation that life may just be a big pile of shite. Linklater‘s sucker punch. however. is the killer ending. Selected release.

0 The Best of Youth (La Meglio Gloventu) ( IS ) “0. (Marco Tullio (iiordana. Italy. 2003) Adriana Asti. Sonia Bergamasco. Alessio Boni. Fahrizio (iifuni. Luigi Lo Cascio. 360mm. ()riginally commissioned for Italian 'I'V. this epic. six- hour familial drama is being screened to British audiences in two separate parts. Using the story of a family as a metaphor for the experiences of a whole social class

or nation. in a way it's a kind of ltalian Our

Friends in the North. It begins in 1996. following the lives of two temperamentally opposed brothers and the impact their very different choices have on theirown selves and subsequent family relations and political engagement. U(}(‘ Renfrew Street. Glasgow. Glasgow.

Blue Gate Crossing (Lanse Da Men) ( l2/\) “0 (Yee (‘hih-yen. Taiwan/France. 2002) Chen. Lun Mei Guey. Shun Hue Liang. 85min. Lin (Liang) likes Zhang (Chen). She asks her friend Meng ((iuey) to tell Zhang of her ‘eelings. However. she is attracted towards Lin. while Zhang falls for Meng. The traumas of three teens in a Taipei high school: two girls and a boy. The girls are best friends who chat about the boys they like. One night they go looking for the boy one of them fancies. but things don‘t go to

plan. Drama about the growing pains of adolescence. Its simple narrative and delicate naturalism have charmed tnany. This features a great performance from (iuey‘. Glasgow I'll"! 'I‘heatre. Glasgow. Blueberry ( 15) 0. (Jan Kounan. linglish/(ierman/l-'rench/Spanish. 2004) Vincent ('assel. Juliette Lewis. liddie luard. lirnest Borgnine. Michael Madscn. l2-lmin. It is the 1870s in a small frontier town in 'l‘exas and 1S Marshall Mike S Blueberry ((‘asselt is trying to stop Wally Blount (Madscn) from getting to a

stockpile of gold hidden in Indian territory.

[)escribed by its writer-director Jan Kounen as a ‘shamanistic Western'. Blue/terry" is based on the French comic book series of the satne name. On paper at least the lilm boasts an impressive cast 'l’emuera Morrison as Bluebet'ry‘s shaman brother Runi. Juliette Lewis as the feisty love interest and the great lirnest Borgnine

as wheelchair-bound sheriff. l'nfortunately

Kounan‘s storytelling skills really suck. ‘('haotic' doesn't even begin to cover it. There is also an over-reliance on (’( il effects. especially for the peyote- induced finale (morphing beetles and snakes you know the score). which detracts from the lilm's considerable subtleties. l'(i(' ('inemas Ifdin/nojgh. [cilia/Hugh.

The Bourne Supremacy ( 12A) (Peter (ireengrass. l'S/(iermauy. 2004) Matt Damon. Julia Stiles. Brian (’oyff. l08min. Jason Bourne is back and he's angry as all hell when he is framed for a botched ('lA operation. Previews only. Reviewed next issue. General release. Bully ( l8) 0... (Larry ('Iark. 1S. 2002) Nick Stahl. Brad Renfro. Rachel Miner. l l2min. If you can get past the fact


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The cows have a beef when they get Home on the Range

that ('lark is the biggest paedovoyeur working today then there is lots to enjoy in the new movie from the director of Kids. Iiul/v is based on the true story of Bobby Kent. who was murdered in Florida in I‘ll)?» by a group of teenagers led by his best friend Marty Pttccio. As you would expect from this legendary photographer. Bully looks great and is naturalistically paced and acted. No one catches seedy suburban teenage nihilism better than ('lark. (Y 14. Glasgow.

Catwoman ( 12A) (i’itol‘. [1812004) llalle Berry. Sharon Stone. Benjamin Bratt. l0~lmin. Big screen blockbuster in which the cat lady goes centre stage. The liltn follows her genesis from sensitise artist to feline warrior. The sets are supposed to be ama/ing but time alone will tell. Previews only. Review ed next issue. Geltt'l'a/ release.

Chocolat ( 12) O. ( ilallstt‘otn. PS. 2001) Juliette Binoche. Johnny Depp. Judi Dcnch. l2lmin. Adapted from Joanne llarris’s nos cl. ('hoeo/ut unfolds ‘once upon a time' in a tranquil l‘rcnch village where sexy unwed single mother \"iannc (Binoche) opens up a chocolatcric during l.cnt. ller magical confections are soon has ing a liberating effect on various locals. though her actions incur the wrath of the reigning count (Alfred Molina). who fears that the traditional order tnay be irrevocably datnagcd. l'nfortunately. llallstrom's ('I'lie ('ider House Rules) fcclgood fairytale relies on its calculatedly cosmopolitan cast and glossy production values to disguise its lack of substance. ()(ll’llll at the (jam; Glasgow. Glasgow.

The Day After Tomorrow t 13A) 0. (Roland iimmerich. 1S. 3004) Dennis Quaid. Jake (iy llenhaal. Emmy Rossum. Dash Mihok. Jay () Sanders. lan lloltn. Kenneth Welsh. ll-lmin. ('limatologist Jack llall (Quaid) and Professor Rapson (ilolm) spot some drastic climate changes drops in water temperature. freak storms. liailstoucs the si/e of bricks. Now they tnust cons ince sceptical vice-president Becker (“clshl that their initial estimation for the coming (if the new ice age in ‘10“ to llllll) years. time' has been rapidly res ised to the day after tomorrow. Without any character empathy. no amount of ('(il w ill generate any drama. and without drama there can be no suspense and no fear. This movie. to has c any effect w hatsoes er. needs its to feel frail. s ulucrablc and helpless faced with the awesome pow er of nature. It doesn't. limmcrich has dumped on the tttoy ic-going world a soulless and sub- standard cut-and—paste job from his own

\ ile and risible Independence Day. entirely devoid of suspense. humour. emotion or creatis ity. Selected release.