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(PG) .0. (Babak Payami. Iran. 2003) (Molina) turns into eight-limbed freak ‘Doc Maryam Moqadam. Kamalan Narouli. ()ck' and New York needs a super hero. 96min. An executioner (Narouli) is told not Raimi‘s excellent sequel to the webbed

to execute a condemned woman (Moqadam) ; one‘s first film outing is a textbook example because she is a virgin. of superfreak superhero blockbuster

But trouble arises when he is told to marry filmmaking. General release.

the virgin so she can be deflowered for The Steptord Wives ( 12A) 0. execution. Much of Babak Secret Ballot (Frank 07.. US. 2(XH) Nicole Kidman. Payami‘s new film is too ambiguous for its ; Matthew Broderick. Bette Midler. Glenn i own good. but this is only a blip for this ' Close. Christopher Walken. 93min. ()z‘s promising filmmaker. Glasgow Film update of the I975 classic Bryan l-‘orbes‘ Theatre. Glasgow: adaptation of Ira Levin‘s bestselling novel is l Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas an abject lesson on how to dehumanise a l (U) 0” (Patrick Gilmore/Tim classic movie. In this new incarnation of | Johnson. US. 2003) Voices of Brad Pitt. Levin‘s tale of small town misogyny and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Michelle Pfeiffer. domestic goddess perfection. suspenseful Joseph Fiennes. Dennis Haysbert. Timothy horror and the subtle socio-political critique West. 85min. Sinbad (Pitt). is a naughty of feminism have been discarded in favour pirate type. Eris (Pfeiffer) is the Goddess of of slapstick comedy and a haughty Chaos who toys with his emotions by cleverness. Joanna liverhart (Kidtnan) throwing various diverting challenges his moves frotn the Big Apple to Stepford when way. Meanwhile. Marina (Jones) is on hand she loses her job as head of a TV network. for a high seas romance. Sinbad hasn't got Her panner Walter (Mathew Broderick)

the irreverent humour that is the saving wants to reassert his masculinity. You know grace of so many animations. but thankfully . what happens next. A predictable comedy it is rarely dull. Cleverly. the filmmakers that revels in bland Hollywood values.

have opted to paint the various monsters f General release. and exotic locations Sinbad encounters with The Story of the Weeping Camel i a mighty hyper-real CGl-lick which makes (PG) .0. (Bayambasuren l)avaa/l.uigi i it ultimately a trip worth taking. North Falorni. (iermany/Mongolia. 2003) Janchiv Edinburgh Arts Centre. Edinburgh. Ayurzana. (‘himed ()hin. Amgaabazar

Sllence Between “no Thoughts I about to give up. scientist Dr ()tto ()ctavius i

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A W A R D S . 16 Years of Alcohol (18) O... Gonson. Zeveljamz Nyam. 90min. A camel i for the best acts at this year’s Fringe i (Richard Jobson. UK. 2003) Ewen Bremner. delivers a snow-white calf Botok but rejects l o i Laura Fraser. Susan Lynch. 102min. Family her offspring. Nomadic shepherds send two 5 to put into a ShOi‘tllSt for the award dysfunction. alcoholism. violence. mental youngsters. Dude and ()gna. on an , i instability and much tnore fortn the centre 7 im )ortant uest to return with a violinist and need your help! Why nOt pomt them I I of Jobson‘s semi-autobiographical wlio will play music to heal the rift between - writing/directing debut. Thirtysomething mother and baby camel. The patient to your favounte ShOW? Let us know I former hard man Frankie Mac (McKidd) ' observational approach by the lilmtnakers I at ' and the reflects upon his troubled youth. Jobson certainly pays dividends in this fascinating 5 [iLEZ’I'L‘L‘JLlidli‘jli] has sought to make beauty out of ugliness ethnographic study of a community. f winner will be announced in the Autumn. ! and has crafted an unashamedly poetic film. i (ilasgow Film 'l'heatre. (Ilasgow; ('ameo, i Kar Wai is his touchstone. but this powerful. Edinburgh.

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moving film certainly stands alone as a major achievement. In terms of Scottish cinema it is unique. Selected release. The Son’s Room (La Stanza dl Figllo) (15) O”. (Nanni Moretti. Italy. 2(X)2) Nanni Moretti. Laura Morante. Giuseppe Sanfelice. 99min. A significant creative departure for ltalian actor-writer- director Nanni Moretti. the Paltne l)'()r- winning The Son's Room makes for a fascinating portrayal of how an unexpected death fragments a previously united middle- class family. Moretti depicts the chilling practical details of the funeral arrangements. and then shows how grief is both extemalised and intemalised by the bereaved. Aided by understated perfonnances and an unobtrusive visual style. this is a film of deceptive simplicity. which engages directly with the spectator's emotions while avoiding tearful reconciliations. Glasgow Film 'l'heatre. Glasgow. Space Jam (U) 0. (Joe Pytka. US. 1996) Michael Jordan. Bugs Bunny. Wayne Knight. 87min. Nasty alien cartoons have captured Bugs Bunny and are going to enslave the Looney Tunes in their amusement park on Moron Mountain. but Bugs has the brainwave of challenging them to a basketball game and enlisting the talents of Michael Jordan for his team. Lacking the class of Who Framed Roger Rabbit." and the pace of a real basketball game. Space Jam should divert the kids on Saturday momings. even though the jokes and effects are tired from over-use. Grosvenol; Glasgow. Space Station 30 (U) (Toni Myers. Canada/US. 2003) 47min. Narrated by Tom Cruise. this big screen lMAX presentation follows real astronauts into the big blue. Impressive. but not as awesome as it should have been. [MAX 'l'heatre. Glasgow. Spartan (15) C” (David Mamet. US/Gennany. 2004) Tia Texada. Derek Luke. Val Kilmer. William H Macy. l06min. See review. Page 17. UG(' Renfrew Street. Glasgow. Glasgow. Spiderbflan 2 (12A) «00 (Sam Raimi. USA. 2004) Tobey Maguire. Kirsten Dunst. James Franco. l27min. Peter Parker (Maguire) struggles to pay the bills. keep his job. get through college and woo sweetheart Mary Jane (Dunst). As he is

The Straight Story (U)

(David Lynch. CS. 1999) Richard Farnswonh. Sissy Spacek. Harry Dean Stanton. 1 l lmin. Midwestern old timer Alvin Straight is hellbent on being reunited with his estranged. terminally ill brother so he takes to the road aboard his motorised lawnmower. Farnswortlt's lead performance is honest. heartfelt and credible. while Lynch maintains his fascination with the inherent strangeness of smalltowns and lost highways. But. in this sublime snail's pace odyssey. modern psychosis is replaced by old time decency. (."( ‘I ('lydelmnk. ('lydebank.‘ U('I Edinburgh. lidinlm/gh. Sunrise (PG) 0... (F W Murnau. US. 1927) George 0‘ Brien. Janet (iaynor. Margaret Livingston. Bodil Rosing. 97min. After a fling with a beautiful broad from the big city. a country boy tries to tnurder his wife. but then repents and spends the rest of the movie making tip with her. Lyrical silent love story. with superb monochrome

imagery and some genuinely surprising

twists. Glasgow Film 'l'heatre. Glasgow.

13 Going on 30 (12A) 000 (Gary Winnick. US. 2004) Jennifer (Earner. Mark Ruffalo. Matt l‘lamhaff. Judy (ireer.

97min. Jenna (Garner) is miraculously transformed from her 13-year-old self in 1987 to a high flying modern day fashion reporter. After trilling ‘liverybody Wang (‘hung tonight!‘ she spots her childhood sweetheart ( Ruffalo) on a crowded dancetioor. Is he still part of her life'.’ And Does Jenna like the cold-hearted.

calculating. ambitious person she’s

become‘.’ So far so Big but Gary Tadpole Winick‘s lightweight slice of girly wish fulfilment is bright and brash enough to make you suspend your disbelief. And it's got a constantly amusing 80s soundtrack to boot. General release.

A Thousand Months (12A) 0000 ; (Faouzi Bensaidi. France/Belgium/Morocco. 2003) Fouad Labicd. Ne/ha Rahile.

Mohamed Majd. l24min. Set in the

Morocco. at the foothills of the Atlas Mountains. this film is light on plot but

speaks volumes about rural hardship and the smallness and resilience of human life. A woman takes her young son to stay in her father-in-law‘s mountain village after her husband's imprisonment. Whether or not poverty of means or production plays its