part is by the by. because. as is readily apparent here. aesthetics and subject matter are in perfect harmony. Filmhouse. Edinburgh.

30 Mania (U) (US. 2003) Stuart Pankin. Elvira. IMAX 3D animation hell. For masochists and computer render geeks only. IMAX Theatre. Glasgow.

Thunderbirds (PG) 0 (Johnathan Frakes. US/UK. 2004) Brady Corbet. Ben Kingsley. Bill Paxton. Sophia Myles. Ron Cook. 92min. lntemational Rescue is in need of rescue. Not from some terrorist cell with access to the Saudi missile surplus. but from mediocre American producers. Really rubbish live action version of the beloved puppet adventure series. No wonder Gerry Anderson wants nothing to do with it. General release.

The Tigger Movie (U) coco (Jun Falkenstein. US. 2000) 77min. Identical in many ways to 1977‘s The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. this new yarn based on AA Milne’s characters finds Pooh. Piglet. Tigger et al still living a charmed life of tea parties and afternoon naps. Only this time. the wee stripy fella‘s decided being one of a kind isn't quite as cool as he'd first thought and so a literal quest for the Tigger Family Tree ensues. A happy ending eventually makes its presence felt. because even Tigger is smart enough to recognise that with friends like Pooh. Piglet. R00 and Eeyore. who needs family? Grosvenoi; Glasgow Touching the Void (15) em

(Kevin Macdonald. Canada. 2003) Nicholas Aaron. Brendan Mackey. Simon Yates. Joe Simpson. 106min. Brilliant cliff-hanging reconstruction feature documentary of the terrible events that overtook mountaineers .loe Simpson and Simon Yates when they tried to climb a Peruvian mountain in 1985. Macdonald pulls every trick out of the bag to make this as heart-chumingly scary as a real climb in blizzard conditions. It is. as they say. quite a ride. UCI (‘lydebank Clydehank; UCI Edinburgh. Edinburgh. T'r'easure Planet (U) 0 (Ron Clements and John Muskar. US. 2003) Voices of .lospeh Gordon Levitt. David Hyde Pierce. Emma Thompson. 96min. Dreadful Disney version of Robert Louis Stevenson‘s classic book Treasure Island. IMAX Theatre. Glasgow.

Tine Brothers (PG) es (.lean- lacques Annaud. France/UK. 2004) Guy Pearce. Jean-Claude Dreyfus. Freddie Highmore. Oanh Nguyen. 109min. Tiger cubs Kumal and Sangha are seperated when legendary merchant Aidan McRory (Pearce) turns up in the Thai jungle to seize some Buddhist statues. Will the brothers be reunited after their many traumas? Annaud returns to the same territory of his 1988 hit The Bear. with exotic. thrilling and occasionally somnambulistic effect. This will just about keep kids and their parents entertained over its excessive length. General release.

Uzak (Distant) (15) em (Nuri Bilge Ceylan. Turkey. 2002) Muzaffer Ozdemir. Emin Toprak. Zuhal Gencer Erkaya. Nazan Kirilmis. 110min. Moving and quite effortlessly touching account of two men's slow. frustrating friendship one that is always tempered by distance and distrust. Mahmut is a 40-year-old independent photographer who lives in Istanbul. After his wife leaves him. he falls into an existential crisis. Then his cousin Yusuf turns up looking for work because the local factory in their home town has closed down. This intimate drama was filmed in the director‘s apartment in Istanbul. using all his belongings as the props. and stars non-professional actors. A remarkable achievement from the gifted up and coming Turkish director Nuri Bilge C eylan. Cameo. Edinburgh.

Check out th

Films are listed by city, then alphabetically by cinema. Film Listings compiled by Henry Northmore

listings Film

350 Sauchiehall Street. 0141 352 4900. £4 (£2.50); matinee: £3.50 (£2). See three films get the fourth one free.

THURSDAY 5 AUG Shallow Crave(18) 8.30.


Bully(18) 6.15. latelllght Shopping (15) 8.15.


Washingtonuz) 6.15. Bully(18) 8.15.

THURSDAY 12 AUG CeorgeWashIngton (12) 8.30.

Glasgow Film Theatre

12 Rose Street. 0141 332 8128. Cafe/bar. All performances bookable. [D]. [E]. Evenings: £5 (£4). Matinees: £4 (£3). Fri (before 5pm): £3 (£2). GFT savers: £20 (£16) to see 5 films (valid for three months).


ShenceBetweenMThoughts(PG) 1.30. 16 Years otliicohol (18) 2.00. 4.15. 8.45. TheFloweroiEvllMFleuduMalHIS) 3.45. 6.15. 8.30.

SMMPG) 6.30.


16 Years othlcohol (18) 2.00. 4.15. 6.30. 8.45.

The Story of the Weeping Camel (PG) 3.00. 7.00.

BlueCateCrossing (Ianselia Men) (12A) 5.00. 9.00.


honCiant(U) 11.30am. TheStoryotiheVleeping Camel (PG) 1.00. 5.00. 9.00.

16 Years otAicohol (18) 2.00. 4.15. 6.30. 8.45.

BlueBateCrossing(Lanselia Men) (12A) 3.00. 7.00.


Lakshya(12A)2.15. BhieCateCressing(i.anseliaIen)(12A)

2.30. The Story of theVleeping Camel (PG) 430

I'm liot Scared (12A) 6.30.

16 Years otAlcohol (18) 6.30. 8.45.

The Son’s lloom (La Sta (ll Figllo) (15) 8.45.


16 Years oihicohoi(18) 10.30am. 2.00. 5.15.

The Story oi the Weeping Camel (PG) 2.30. 6.30.

BlueCateCrossing(lanselia Men) (12A) 4.30.

Andrei Bublev (12) 7.30.

I’m liot Scared (12A) 8.30.


l’mllotScaretl(12A) 1.00. lCYearsolAicoholUS) 2.00.845. TheStoryoltheWeeplngCameHPG) BiueCateCrosslngflanseliaMenHlZA)



The Story oi the Weeping Camel (PG) 1.00. 5.00. 9.00.

AnthelllublevUZ) 2.30. BlueCateCrosshIg (lanselia Men) (12A) 3.00. 7.00.

18 Years otAIcohol (18) 6.30. 8.45.


The Story ottheVleeplng Camel (PG) 1.00. 5.00. 9.00.

16 Years otAicohol (18) 2.00. 4.15. 6.30. 8.45.

Blue Cate Crossing (lanse Ila Men) (12A) 3.00. 7.00.

Ashton Lane. Hillhead. 0141 339 8444. Fri—Sun: £5.50 before 6pm; £6.50 after; Mon: £3.50: Tue—Thu: £4.50 before 6pm; £5.50 after. Students/OAP: £3.50 (not available after 6pm Fri—Sun): Child: £3.50; Kids’ Club Sat Morning: £2.50.


BeloreSunrise(15) 10.30am. Betore Sunset (15) 12.50. 2.50. 4.50. 6.50. 8.45.

l,liobot(12A) 6.30.

Spider-Manz (12A) 100. 3.40. 9.00.


Betore Sunrise (15)

Sun: 2.40.

Betore Sunset (15)

Daily: 12.50. 2.50 (not Sun). 4.50 (not Sun & Thu). 6.50 (not Thu). 8.45 (not Sun)

Also late Fri & Sat: Also Sun: 5.00. Also Thu: 7.10. The Boume Supremacy ( 12A) Thu: 4.50. 9.15.

I, Robot (12A)

Daily: 1.00. 3.45. 6.20. 9.00. Also late Fri & Sat: 11.30. Also Thu: 10.30am.

Space Jam (U)

Matinee Sat: 10.30am. TheTigger Movie (U)

Matinee Sat: 10.30am.

IMAX Theatre

Glasgow Science Centre. 50 Pacific Quay. 0141 420 5000. £6.95 (£4.95). 10% discount on parties of more than four.


Space Station 30 (U) 1.45.

31) Mania (U) 12.30. 3.00. heasurePianet (U) 10.30am. 4.15.



SpaceStation 30 (U) Daily: 1.45.

3D hiania(U)

Daily: 12.30. 3.00. TieasurePlaneHU) Daily: 10.30am. 4.15.

Odeon at the Quay, Glasgow

Off Paisley Road opposite Harry

. Ramsden’s. 0141 418 0111. Info and

; CC booking: 0870 50 50 007. [D]. [E]. Adult £4.50 before 6pm: £5.50 after (and ' all day Sat & Sun). Wed all tickets:

£3.60. Students/Child under 14: £3.75. Family ticket: £14.40. Licensed bar.


Fahrenheit 9111 (15) 3.30. 6.15. 9.00. Garfield (PG) 12.15. 2.30. 5.00. 7.15. 9.30.

I, hobot(l2A) 10.30am. noon. 1.00. 2.30. 3.45. 5.30. 6.30. 8.45. 9.30.

King Arline (12A) noon. 3.00. 6.00.

9 00

will... liosti Karogel (U) 1.45. 5.00.


New York Minute (PG) noon. 2.15. 4.30. 6.45.

ThePrInceand Me (PG) 11.00am. 1.15. Shrek 2 (U) 11.30am, 2.00. 4.30. 6.45. 9.15.

Splder-Ian2(12A) 11.15am.12.15. 2.15. 3.15. 5.15. 6.15. 8.15. 9.15. TheSteptordlees(l2A) 11.45am. 2.00. 4.30. 7.00. 9.30.

13 Cohg on 30 (12A) 9.00. Thunderblrds (PG) 11.15am. 1.30. 4.00. 9.30.

‘IttvoBrothers(PG) 12.30. 6.15.



1966 film gets an outing in a brand new print. This remarkable. long, challenging, beautiful and ultimately moving historical epic details the life and times of a pious monk who became one of Russia’s most respected icon painters. Told in curious instalments that reflect many of Rublev’s frescoes. this film will dazzle as much as it confounds but as a piece of art it is a small miracle. GFT, Glasgow. See review.

I The Last Victory Stunning documentary that details the truly bonkers (not to say deadly) Siena Palio horse race that takes place in Italy every year. Selected release. See preview and review.

I Best of Youth Six hour film (shown in two parts) that attempts to detail recent Italian social history as it concentrates on the lives of two brothers from the late 19603 to now. Almost (but not quite) an Italian Heimat. UGC, Glasgow.

I Before Sunset Richard Linklater, Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy revisit their indie moviemaking roots with this lovely sequel to Before Sunrise. Selected release.

I 16 Years of Alcohol Richard Jobson’s moving, ambitious and digi art dissection of a crazy youth in Scotland’s capital. The man is making great. reasonably priced movies in Scotland - you have to take your hat off to him. Selected release.

I Last Lite In the Universe Weird but brilliant Asian crime shit from the bizarre Pen-ek Ratanaruang (Mon Rak Transistor) about gangsters and librarians. Chris Doyle is on camera duty. Fi/mhouse. Edinburgh.

I Fahrenhenheit 9/1 1 Let's help Moore hit that $100m mark as Bush goes down. General release

I Spartan Mamet’s is back with an intriguing kidnap thriller. Val Kilmer shines. General release.

5-12 Aug 2004 TH! List 23