' Intuit-er '. .

CAMPAIGN AGAINST ANCIENT TRANNIES I was reading the latest magazine and on page 73 noticed the Tackno preview had no photo. only what I can only assume is an internal list memo referring to a photo of ancient trannies. which has been deemed out of date. I can imagine loads of transgender people. and in particular the more mature ones. will be horrified to read these transphobic and ageist comments from your magazine. Imagine if it read ‘got anything better than those poofs/ blacks?’ - take your pick. This is not the standard that I expect from Scotland’s premier listings mag. and I hope your incompetence does not reflect on the Tackno crew. Andrew O‘Donnell Via email The trannies in question were transparencies, not transvestites. It 's a common abbreviation in publishing. But what a great club to choose as the victim of our double entendre. Thankful/y Tackno saw the funny side too.

ORATUITOUS PRAISE Re: Wild weekends (499) Just wanted to say we thought your Wild Weekends feature was great. My friends and I are already planning our summer activities around it!

Sarah Jennings



Re: City Life (499)

On my way between the music

2 THE LIST 5—12 Aug 2004


The List,

14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE

or The List at the CCA

350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow 62 (MD

or email

POST CARD a“ 7L/ CORRESPONDENCE is: 5 «at 7 t ' A : 1"" «Mud/w...“ "may (7 mm“... “Vim” 5 W‘fioowvd' .l ,. N7"? 3 . 6“! ' 00M 64’." a at” 8' l 1.. : prevrews and the W “W 74.4.. “4: Mn M .r. ‘7 j! ,2 345 i books I discover a full EMU/i” m. M “‘me2 a“, . I. 3 page on drinking tea 4...“, " '"~ myuwfld ’7 n g 5/0 . . 4. “a” 5"! d .'" r? .' in Glasgow in your WWI...” ‘A‘W-dmd ‘4 5’ ' ' ' 300 “TM-v1». '7‘“. ,0 Wit/ear City Life section. 144/...“ m «- 4o u, may 33 Ruth Hedges says: :~/W'/n¢r M m“ Mrs...“ W" 5 ’9‘ 7L, 7,4,4 9 , ‘The hot wet liquid in ; farmhmw r. -. .4007, g; a. A all its incarnations, ,: r :«x 4...... My: 4.7... .9, (“a if g qurte Simply, makes 1,, M 7.2:... ~44. s. g “M 7‘7» ca (1) 5/77 f7? life better.’ When w, 34“ w 'w M, “‘7’ *7. $5,... 3:» - - a‘ 0 a MC ~“7' "#ka“ 4, did [(4% M 4 4 (‘7 “177‘”? a. become fucking 52.; 7... m 2”” ~w< 7.... m ,“f‘w . A" Wolf.“ '. ¢ “'4‘, Saga magazme? "*3 ,3 gm 70,, mm)...” r. .....r... m. “1.?

And a teatime panel alongside? This from the publication that gave us a shit hot Pixies cover and feature last issue - Mark Robertson I salute you. mate. Don't get me wrong. the weekends feature upfront is a crackin’ read. some move away from The List’s entertainments stuff is fine - whether you're up for it or not. But then I'd rather (like most, I expect) read about quad biking by a castle than the powers of a fuckin' cup 0' tea. Brewing up a storm? Brewing up shit more like. Let's see some balls in The List again.

David Briar


Ruth Hedges replies: if you 'd read beyond the first line,

you ’d have seen it was an article about corporate greed taking precedence over independent initiatives on the other side of town.


1 928-2004

One performer who will be missing from this year’s Fringe is Gael Turnbull. who died last month. age 76, while on holiday in the Wye Valley. In recent Augusts he could be seen busking poetry on the Royal Mile. involving passers- by in his participative 'Edinburgh Poem'.

Gael was born in Edinburgh, but spent most of his working life - he was a doctor - in Canada. the USA and England. only returning to Edinburgh when he retired in 1989. In the late 19503 he founded Migrant Press. which introduced American poets such as

Robert Creeley to a British readership. and took Scots such as Ian Hamilton Finlay in the other direction. His own poetry appeared in such collections as For Whose Delight (Mariscat. 1995). but he also produced “Minimal Missives'. simply produced booklets and cards which he would send to friends.

Gael had been a member of

his insight, his elegance, his

and his generosity.

from Etruscan Books. Ken Cockburn Shore Poets Edinburgh


Tchai Ovna is under threat from luxury flats? Yet another in a long line of places lost to palaces of laminate flooring. But let's be honest, would the closure of Tchai Ovna be getting this publicity if it weren't in the West End? Already in Glasgow alone, countless playing fields and green spaces have made way for expensive housing. Are these not just as big a loss? Are not the generations of kids who don't have the chance of these places just as important as a tea shop?

And as for Martin Fell saying that half the buildings in Govan are windowless. what rubbish. Working in Govan six days a week I can see that it isn't great but it is getting better. If he's so concerned why doesn't he move his tea shop to Govan,

the trendy West Endies be bothered then? ‘Politicised'? The Scottish Socialist Party's jumping the bandwagon! Problems in places like Govan don't just stem from luxury flats being built. In Fell's own position he should know the real facts and problems. Chris Turner

Govan Shipyard Worker



inventiveness. his enthusiasm

employ some locals and give the place another wee lift? Would

Edinburgh's Shore Poets group since 2001 and we shall miss

A memorial event is planned for this autumn, and a Selected Poems is due out next spring,

Head South to 35 South - Great (‘hilcun “ines



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