Instant Access at the Sub Club, Glasgow, Thu 12 Jul

Who’s pulling the strings? Kid Loco

Kid Loco, in 1996. Loco’s first album, A Grand Love

Story was a curious crossover smash, loved by indie kids, hip hoppers and film theme enthusiasts alike. lt

The Sub Club has always attracted fine guests, but the bedrock of the place is the resident DJ talent that play week in, week out, taking full ownership of the various club nights. Too many clubs suffer a loss of identity due to an over-the-top guest calendar, but Instant Access at the Sub is proof of the positive effects of resident-heavy parties. Only now in mid-August 2004, do they cherry- pick their first guest. Atmospheric hip hop pioneer Kid Loco is granted full and free Access on this hotly anticipated date.

Kid Loco, AKA Jean-Yves Prieur, is exactly the kind of guest that fits the bill at the Access party. An

sounded like nothing else, and it was one of the defining moments in a difficult year for music. When asked whether his music still vibrates with the same unifying energy, he says: ‘l’ve just finished the score for an American movie called The Graffiti Artist. It’s an 80 minute long track, something like an Indian or Spanish scale driven guitar jam mixed with sad hip hop, so everything’s still there in that respect.’

But how does the imposition of a lo-fi sonic landscape work in a club environment? Kid Loco is adamant that his club appearances never veer into self- indulgence: ‘I never play my tracks when l DJ. People

underground production legend, this funky Parisienne graduated through the ranks of spiky new wave bands throughout the 805, nurturing a love of reggae and hip hop at the end of that decade in the exquisitely named Mega Reefer Scratch. Prieur’s reputation as the act to follow was forged with the emergence of his alter-ego,

lsan do the eclectic electronica

38 THE LIST ‘» '4’ fwl Witt:

(Johnny Regan)

f‘l FCTHONICA MISO 13th Note Cafe, Glasgow, Sat 7 Aug

Quite what salty soybeans have to do with a night devoted to technology driven tuning is anyone's guess but organiser O Acam is obviously not worried about odd monikers. Presiding over Miso. he has procured a steady l)le blip of high end international visitors, including Schneider TM. To Rococo Rot and (lylob. and garnered a listening audience that has included genre founding lather Karl l—lein/ Stockhausen. Twice.

This month, sublime downbeaters lsan are brought northwards for their TITSI ever Scottish appearance. Considered to be one of the finest additlons to the electronica scene over

would lie on the floor, and you don‘t start a revolution by sitting stoned in a field. I want people to dance and feel happy so I just play really good music at a loud level. When I play live, I just play my songs and when it’s not party time then it goes psychedelic.’

the last five years. Robin Saville and Antony Ryan have soundly founded their Integrated Sen/ices Analogue Network in the world of analogue electronica. Making muslc that warms the ear, the duo paint perfect pictures with guitars and glockenspiels and other percussion Instruments. With sounds of soldered syntheslsm's humming happily, lsan's music skips amongst circuit boards. stroklng three note chords on old chlpped keyboards and offering klnd words to ageing drum machines.

Joining them at the Note are the equally wonderful Marcia Blalne School For Girls. adding some local flavour to the musical soup. Taste what modern electronic music Is all about.

(Michael Donald)

* list

TH BEST ewes m onscow

Burly It's been quite some time since the Arches hosted a big gay club night. but Burly aims to change all that. The club has one eye on the sartorial standards. so make Sure you comply with the monthly criteria. This time it's a sportswear Special. Arches. Fri 5 Aug.

What? Rebel Waltz are the guest collective on this date of question-marked clubbing. Two wonderful DJs and producers Murray Richardson and Stuart Patterson make up the ‘Waltz'. And the What? residents will be on hand to provide some warm- up funk. Liquid Lounge. Fri 6 Aug.

Miso Robin Saville and Antony Ryan make up experimental electronica outfit lsan. and they pay a long overdue visit to Miso on this date. The Marcia Blaine School for Girls. as ever. will be backing them up at the Merchant City boite. 73th Note Cafe, Sat Aug.

Nurture We love to highlight nights like these because the emphasis is so squarely on the music. Club 69 and Nurture welcome Realtime label boss Stephen Brown for an evening of that lush. deep techno that you hear so much about. Club 69. Sat 7 Aug.

Instant Access Kid Loco pushed the boundaries way back with his seminal A Grand Love Story in 1996. and now he plays at this fine. usually resident—only night at the Sub. Sub Club. Thu 12 Aug.

All Sound Makers A club in a pub with a totally organic approach to entertainment. til the heart of the city‘s Southside. It's an open mic night with its own line crowd and great atmosphere. The beautifully restored venue has seen poetry. music. nudity and performance art since the start of its run. so check this out. The Vault. (Shaw/ands Cross). l/l/eek/y ‘li/esdays.