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V I Saw You wearing Celtic shoes and eating Thai sweet chilli crisps. A mushroom risoto for lunch? I'd love to join you but we are now on different shifts roomie! quack quack! U/500/l4

V I Saw You Blythe. turning your nose up at me and listen- ing to Saint Etienne and Sophie Ellis Bextor. Get off your high horse or I wont buy you a

mo d for Christmas! U/500/15 V Saw You - not seen u for a while in my local cinema. U were working there. at u still? Long brown hair from Cumbemauld. Brightened up my day when I saw u in the UGC in Renfrew St. U/500/l6 V I Saw You on the train to Stirling. You had purple hair and a B.A.R. pin badge. We talked Fl and horoscopes. I would liked to have said more U/500/l7

V I Saw You emu lookin sexy behind the Tramway reception. if you wanna see me. just come home i've got your dinner on! x U/500/l8

V I Saw You blinking just before you ran me over outside the CCA. There was no need to ride up on the pavement. U/SOO/l9

V I Saw You gorrgeous brown-haired girl with the beautiful eyes and sexy smile in Safeway next to the galleries (28/07 at around 8). We ran into each other twice the next time who knows. U/500/20

V I Saw You Lesley. beauti- ful smile. long blond hair. in Oranmor. Byres Road. had a wonderful Friday night chat- ting. you were recently single. me the one who wouldn't stop chatting! Would love to do it again. only maybe just coffee this time!! U/500/2l

V I Saw You tall gorgeous female. jeans. long brown hair walking down Rose Street. Sunday 26th July 6.30. you were with shopping friend. me wearing jeans and tan jacket with two friends having street pavement beer. you passed twice and l was looking for a smile...watched you walk into the distance and wished I'd had the courage to say hello... U/500/22

V I Saw You Hazel. you're a bad influence. I love it. Keep being naughty. Love YOOOOU!!! U/500/23

V I Saw You in centrotre Sunday 26th July. blond. tanned. sunglasses. perfect jeans. me the guy next to you with the persil white shirt and tan jacket sitting with two friends. was desperate to face the other way and smile would love to meet up and share a bruschetta U/500/24 V I Saw You running your finger around my dirty oven I'll be your super noodle any- day! U/500/25

V I Saw You behind the Antield bar. Didn't mean to be cold when you asked was 1 coming up for the geriatric

karoke. You are beautiful. Do I have a chance? U/500/26

V I Saw You on Broughton St/Rd. you work in Roots! l have short hair and sometimes have a rucksack and head- phones. liking that hair colour! Fancy a drink??


V I Saw You Lioni @ CC's once in a blue moon I forgot to get your number. Cannot wait another year or so. Sorry about my rude friend. Another ltallian name. U/500/28

V I Saw You peering disgust- edly into my wee home. the skanky fridge. This could be the beginning of a beautiful thing- i'll follow you anywhere. love The Mould. U/500/29

VI Saw You in a tent in a field under the sky. Thanks for the tea! U/500/30

V I Saw You Chris. in February 2003. Since that day I feel like a little old-fashioned music box with just one tune to play. my heart keeps singing I love you. 24 hours a day! U/500/3l

V I Saw You in my bed and got tingles all over. I want to fly up above the rooftops of this town with you. You're butch enou h for me xx U/500/32

V I w You on Salisbury Crags. 28th July. you with dark hair. a Black's rucksac. and a gorgeous smile; me resting with my bike. enjoying the view. Was it just coincidence you came back? U/500/33

V I Saw You Natalie. I know this is a long shot but hey what the hell I Saw You at Medina on Sunday night and l was blown away by you guess you were busy though with that other guy. that I know is not right for you I mean He can‘t even dance? Anyways call me! Dale. U/500/34

VI Saw You in ward 9 in your harness. 3 feet in the air straining to drop the kids off on the bed. Your distinctive odour still lingers 4 years on. Nurse Stool. X U/500/35

VI Saw You striking brunette with blue eyes. 1 was the small bookish fellow with the green cardigan. You helped me find my contact lenses. U/500/36

V I saw You at the Peartree 23/07. brown hair & green/blue eyes. sitting in the comer. I believe you by the name Debs! U/500/37

V I Saw You Scene I: Bongo Club. loud music. Scene 2: Zimbabwean boy sees Spanish girl. Scene 3: "You're beautiful." Scene 4: "What. I'm not from Bordeaux." Scene 5: bugger. another shot? U/500/38

V I Saw You Filthy Troll and Manky Witch + l smelt you. Ewan-one-pair-of-pants. trying to sneak into my harness in the Bongo club. No Danger x x U/500/39

V I Saw You for a while Roxanne you unusual weasel. You broke my heart with your busy schedule. The world is a darker place without you. U/500/40

V I Saw You - you were per- fect. shoulder length blond hair and New Zealand accent. in the Peartree at 8.30pm 23/7...l'm sure your name is Jay. U/500/4l V I Saw You Vicker-Roo- on your way oot of the Trav Bar Café! Quick-Run! Don't look back but please come in for cof- fee. Love Jean xx. U/500/42

V I Saw You lighting up midnight mass. Yes. you. Ethnic Baz. Never show your face in here again or in any of ma other hooses or else. ya wee radge. The big man x. U/500/43

V I Saw You in Peckhams (Newington) buying raspbeny beer & stuffed vine leaves. you can stuff my vine anytime! X U/500/44

V I Saw You. you bunch of badges. working away in the Traverse Bar Café. Good luck for the Festival sorry to desert. I'll miss you all. Banella. xxx U/500/45

9 I Saw You City Cafe boy. As you brought in the ice you warmed my heart!! U/500/l

V I Saw You and asked if you wanted to dance. You said "no. feck off !" I love you girl @ city cafe’. U/500/46

V I Saw You oh bronzed beauty. looking fab as ever in R0. Tell me if we can meet 4 a drink? Your lover. x. U/500/47 V I Saw You Crossie & Fosse. you "thrillers" being "bad" at Vibe. Foaming at the mouth? Go! Luv the human spi- der monkey. x U/5(X)/48

VI Saw You working as a cocktail waitress in the fourth floor bar. You have blonde flashes in your hair, I think your name is Claire. Can I take you for a drink? U/500/49

V I Saw You Kev & Grant wearing yer braw shirts in the basement. Ye ken yer wheat from your chaff. Bye now. U/500/50 V I Saw You Dr Love. danc- ing like a radge on the bar in Merrida. Mike fell off. l fell for your fake tan stained gum. Lolitta.x U/500/5l

V I Saw You looking south thinking of home! All I can say is please don't go. I miss you!!! U/500/52

V I Saw You not in the Basement Bar. Many Swedish miles between us. Missing you. France frolicks and fun beck- ons. N xxx U/500/53

V I Saw You staring at Bunnies. however I thought I'd go for a curry. U/500/54

V I Saw You at the doctors surgery Canonmill's for what you give me baby, I don't need no cure! Thank you for being my man baby. Xxx U/500/55 VI Saw You cat killing ash- tray man. you bitchin son of a bitch. it's no easy up the Zambezie. I hope you fall over. U/500/56

O I Saw You at the Cafe Royal. Thanks for coming. you guys were amazing. Big kisses. Steven. Oh. and I think you've got the six of clubs. Please. don't let me down. U/500/57

V I Saw You with your green fluffy cardi and new hair. Hot stuff! From the girl with the shoes! U/500/58






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