‘At night, I mash the fruit up and spray the audience with a delicious, fresh juice. It’s a fine beverage.’

' mine, am |?'


Ross Noble is not the only rough diamond to hail from the North East.

' , The original ' " “L nad Along with q. Johnny . Fartpants and M /_ Bifta Bacon. ( A ,_ ,- 3}? lovable Buster «a It)“ turned Viz into the fastest-growing British magazine success story of the 1980s The guardian Angel Like an anthro- pomorphic 852 bomber

with its tail stuck into the ground. this art work is in fact a cast of artist Antony Gormley‘s body, with wings and a rather bulgy crotch added on. Why? Dunno. but it‘s one of the most distinctive sights on the Gateshead skyline.

The monster multi-storey

Best known as the scene of that car chase in Get Carter. this icon of 19603 brutalism designed by concrete junky Owen Luder is now sadly set to be demolished.

The musical codpiece Actually, it's a vast and highly "~ significant concert hall and cathedral to all things aural. It's just that the outside of Norman Foster's building looks like a rather full pair of pants.

The fat bastard

Roy Chubby Brown's from Middlesbrough. so he's not a Geordie. And he's not actually called Boy Chubby Brown either. The self-styled fat bastard's real name happens to be Royston Vasey. as (ab)used by The League of Gentlemen.

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