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Spider-Man 2 « 12A» 0000 vsam Raimi. l'SA. 300% 'lobey Magurre. Kirsten Dunst. James l'ranco 127mm Peter Parker tMaguirei struggles to pay the bills. keep his Job. get through college and yyoo syt. ccthcart Mary Jane tl)unsti As he is about to giye tip. scientist l)r ()tto ()ctayius t.\lolinai turns into eiyht~lirnbed freak 'l)oc ()ck‘ arid Nest. York needs a super hero Raimi‘s excellent sequel to the \scbbed ones first film outing is a textbook example of superlreak superhero blockbuster lilmrnakmg. (iellera/ release The Steptord Wives i m. 0.

thank ()I. ('5. 200-1i Nicole Kidman. Mattlieyy Broderick. Bette Midler. (ilenn ('lose. ('hristopher Walken. 03min, (ifs tipdate ot the l‘i75 classic Bryan l‘orbes' adaptation of Ira l.e\in‘s bestselling noyel. (It'llel‘tl/ release.

The Story of the Weeping Camel tl’(ii .0. tBayambasuren l)ayaa/l.uigi l‘alorni. (iermariyAlongolia. 2003i Janchiy Ayur/ana. ('himed ()hin. Amgaaba/ar (ionson. '/.e\eliarii/ Nyam. 90min. A camel deliy'ers a srioyy -yyhite call Botok but rejects her offspring. Nomadic shepherds send lyyo youngsters. l)ude and ()gna. on an important quest to return “till a y iolinist v. ho still play music to heal the rift between mother and baby camel. The patient obseryational approach by the liliiiriiakers certainly pays diy'idends in this fascinating ethnographic study of a community. (iluwmt' [Vi/m Theatre. (i/asr'mt.

3D Mania tt'i ttbc. l'S. 2003) Stuart Parikin. lilyira.l.\l:\.\' .il) aniriiation hell. l‘or riiasochists and computer render geeks only. lMxlX Theatre. (ilasgun‘.

13 Going on 30 1 12m 0.. t(iary Wirinick. [8. 3004) Jennifer (iarner. Mark Ruffalo. Matt l-‘laiiihaff. Judy (ireer. 07min. Age syy'ap comedy drama. (ienera/ I'e/eaye. 0 A Tale of No Sisters (Janghwa, Hingryeon) t IS) 000. tJi-yyoon Kim. South Korea. 20th Kap-su Kim. Jung-ah Yum. Su-jeorig (ieunn-yeong .\lun.

l l-lmin. See preyieyy. page It). and res ieyy. page l2. (’(K' Rea/fete Street. Glasgow. Glasgow; ('(i(' ('rnemas Edinburgh. Ifr/in/mrg/r.

Thunderbirds tP(ii O tJohnathaii l'rakes. l'S/l'K. 200-0 Brady ('orbet. Ben Kingsley. Bill Paxton. Sophia Myles. Ron (‘ook. 92min. International Rescue is in need of rescue. .\'ot from some terrorist cell with access to the Saudi missile surplus. but from mediocre American producers. Really rubbish live action version of the beloy'ed puppet adventure series. .\'o \sonder (ierry Anderson wants nothing to do with it. (ieltera/ release.

The Tigger Movie it“) 000 tJun Falkenstein. l'S. 2000i 77min. lderitical in many ways to 1977's The Many .‘lt/i't’llllll't'.\ ()fll’imire The Pooh. this neyy yarn based on .A.-\ Milne‘s characters finds Pooh. Piglet. 'l‘igger et al still living a charmed life of tea parties and afternoon naps. Only this time. the yy ee stripy' lellat‘s decided being one of a kind isn't quite as cool as he'd first thought and so a literal quest for the Tiger Family Tree ensues. A happy ending eventually makes its presence felt. because ey'eri 'l‘igger




16 THE LIST 5—12 Aug 2004

Serial killer investigations, 19805-5

is smart enough to recognise that is ith lr'iends like Pooh. Piglet. Roo and lieyore. yy ho needs family‘f’. Ster ('elitra'y ('inema. lat/inhuruh. Torch Song Trilogy t tit 000 «Paul Bogart. l'S. 1033) Nancy l‘ierstem. .'\llliL‘ Bancroft. Mattlieys Broderick. 1 19mm. The story of Ne“ York drag queen Arnold‘s search to base his se\ua| orientation accepted by his mother tBarici‘oft i. Adapted from the hit stage shim u itli \y'riter l‘ierstein taking the lead role. its theatrical roots lead to a succession of sharp one liners and knock ‘em dead musical numbers. The result is a heady mixture of laughter and tears. (iluyeuu- [Vi/m Theatre. (Hawaii;

Touching the Void t lit 00.” (Key in Macdonald. ('anada. 2003) Nicholas Aaron. Brendan Mackey. Simon Yates. Joe Simpson. l0(imin. Brilliant cliff-hanging reconstruction feature documentary of the terrible eyents that oy‘ertook mountaineers Joe Simpson and Simon Yates \y hen they tried to climb a Peruvian mountain in l‘hs'S. Macdonald pulls ey‘ery trick otit of the bag to make this as heart-churnineg scary as a real climb in bit/lard conditions. It is. as they say. quite a ride. ('(‘I ('ly'i/ehank. (’ly'i/e/mnk.‘ ('(‘I Iz‘r/iiilmreh. [film/Hugh.

Treasure Planet rt» 0 (Ron ('lements and John .\luskar. l'S. 2003i Voices of Jospeh (iordon l.e\ itt. l)a\ id Hyde Pierce. limma ’l‘horiipson. ()(imin. Dreadful l)isney Version of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic book 'I'reasure Islam]. lllxlX 'I'healre. (i/asgmt:


(Wolfgang Petersen. [8.

200-1) Brad Pitt. Brian (‘o.\. Orlando Bloom. Julian (iloyer. Iolmin. lipie Homer-erotic drama. Glasgow l-‘ilm Theatre. Glasgow.

21 Grams t 15) 0.... t.-\le'iandro (iaon/ale/ lnarritu. l'SA. 2003i Sean Penn.

' tyle.

in Bong Jun-ho’s Memories of Murder

(‘har'lotte (iainsbouig. Bemt to Del loio. \aoini \\atts lllriiin \ car accident changes the liyes ot tliiee total strangers \ Ina|or mos re. a classit. unmissable l ('l (Yule/tank. (f\t/t/’t1llh, I ('l / u’iIi/iiiigh. l‘a/iIr/utrgh

TWO Brothers «M it C. Ilcan Jacques .-\nnautl. l'r'ance l'ls'. 300-1: (it!) Pearce. Jean (‘laudc l)rey ltis. l'tetldie llighmore. ()anli Nguyen l0‘imiri liger cubs Rama] and Sanglia are sepeiated \ylien legendary merchant :\ltl.tli \lcRoiy tl’earcet turns tip in the 'l'hai rungle to \ei/e some Buddhist statues. \\ ill the brothers be reunited alter their many traumas ' (ft in in! I't'lt’au'.

Uzak (Distant) t l5i O... t\uit Bilge ('eylan. 'l‘ur'kcy. 2003i Mir/alter ()Ideinir. limin 'l'oprak. /.uhal (iencei lurkaya. \a/aii Kirilmis. ll0min. .\lo\ mg and quite effortlessly touching account ot l\\o men‘s sloyy. li‘tisti'ating friendship. ("arm n. Iii/inhuru/r.

0 Year of the Horse t IS. 0000 Unit Jariiiusch. l'S. I‘NTi l05mm. \Vliile lear of the Home tails to coriipreliciisiyely tell the story ol tt litttid \sliost' ragged. glorious. three-decade career is littered ys ith drugs. deaths and classic albums. Jai'riiuscli deliyer's la“ dropping liye footage \sliicli goes some \say to capturing the band dynamic Shot on Superb and looking suitably grainy and otit ol locus. the lo ti style is appropriate for a band \ylio create ear bursting epics otit of burn notes. and heart piercing ballads tr'om strained throats ('( It. (r/(HL'HH.

Yu-Gi-Oh! the Movie: Pyramid of Light tl’(ii O Illatsuki 'l still. Japan. 3004i Various Xllllillt. See lL'\ icyy. page I: Se/et lt't/ I‘e/eayi.

Bus’ine’Ssgfli; . .. Media & Com ' ' Health

social Science‘s

Drama & Production" 4‘ .- - 1 _. l v '1‘. ~ 't‘:-. ._ . .u‘. i *96%onMUCgi-aduaties_lind-vito5kon ' l ' ' . .5

-. ll is!

": 1H3: 3c: 3‘; i" HT“, rip/$3415.73 - 1-,1.‘ 501:3 g

':i:;: iv-_,:

Films are listed by city, then alphabetically by cinema. Film Listings compiled by Henry Northmore

=50 Sauchiehall Street. tit-ll ‘02 won L31 It: 40». matinee L“ 50 t 13' See

three tiltns get the tourtli one tree

George Washington I I2: .s so

\::\7. ‘iA' .... .t'\ ; Small Faces t Is. it t5 Yearottheiiorsetlfit s I4

[Ni Sli'A‘v Eu tr} The Near Room t Isa o 15 American Cousins t IS» s 1*

It'll ,l‘\:)l,l/\l ‘»\ ‘i

The Nearlioomtlsi s {it

Glasgow Film Theatre

l2 Rose Street. Hill “I sljx (Kile/ii.” .'\ll performances bookable Ill] |l1| liyenmgs: f5 tf-li. .\latinees fl it ii. iii tbelor'e 5pm): [3 till. (il’l sayeis‘ £30 lhlhi to see 5 lllllis t\;illtl lot ilitt't‘ months).

it it JHSDAY 1:) At it,

The Story of the Weeping Camel «M it too. Stiti won.

16 Years of Alcohol t Is» 2 on. MS. (i, to. 3.45.

Blue Gate Crossing (Lanse Da Men)

t 12M too. ion,

FRIDAY 1”) Allt;

Last Lite in the Universe t ISi loo. 4.”. 030. 8.45.

The LastVlctoryit’tn too. Son. "on. (ion,

SATURDAY 1x1 Alli:

Looney Tunes - Back in Action tl’( ‘a ll.30am.

Last Life in the Universe 1 l5) Jon. (rill. 3.45.

The Last Victory «Pm mo. Son. 7.oo. tron.

AmellettSi 4.15.


The LastVictoryit’oi too. Son. 7m. Last Life in the Universe 1 IS» A. to. L’Auberge Espanole (Pot Luck) t IS: (illll.

Torch Son TrilogyttSi spin.

Madame'i s45.

MONDAY 16 AUG Last Ute in the Universe 1 IS» Jun, MS. 3.45,

The LastVlctoryti’tn 3.00. 045. 0.00. Ttoy (Subtitled) t ISi 5.30.

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