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A quiet revolution is taking place in SCOTTISH CLUBS: cool bands are playing live, replacing brainless, soulless music to the delight of punters. Camilla Pia reports.

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that distant rumhle'.’ It’s

the sound of indie kids wiping away tears. casting aside their (‘amus novels and stainpeding out of their hedrooms in droves. They're taking over the clubs. l‘orcing la/._v I)Js who have snuffed out dance music with too many drugs to come up with something new and getting creative with other like-minded genre—bending music tans who can pick up a guitar and synths and do headspins at the same time . well almost.

With a growing amount of hands appearing at club nights around Glasgow. chewing your cheeks and tour to the lloor are no longer where it's at. as Radio 1‘s (iill Mills. one ot’ the record spinners at Period. explains. "I‘he days of people just dancing all night at a club are gone. It was like we suddenly realised we‘d been standing in a dark hos ol‘l‘ our tits to shit drugs for ten years listening to egos play records. So we reinvented ourselves. People now like the idea ol something a hit different: they don‘t want to he genre-specific. they want to try a little hit of everything.‘

So take your pick from a whole range of music styles and venues throughout the week. In the past few months alone Sons and Daughters. We Rock Like Girls Don‘t and Hall (‘ousin have appeared at Period. the Bronx and Minus (pictured) have rocked DeathkiIl-Hltltl and then there‘s a whole host of local acts who have performed at the Winchester Club. Club Tromolo. Supertly. Iil Rancho Relaxo. Funhouse. Ahnormals Anonymous and Record Playerz. It‘s the perfect way to catch them


Yorkshire. and it's not With puddings. Recer


KAISER CHIEFS Barfly. Glasgow, Fri 13 Aug

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the Blueskins have one" se'ats'fl, guitars and shanty (‘t‘ Wakefield. and non“. the Kase' C"~:‘:f:; are stirring; up a sto'n‘ City. Leeds. Named after African soccer side. “g” Leeds Utd's Lucas P; fivesome forn‘eo '1 2.913 and since then have put out one s in the shape of ‘Oh My God Anr '. lnspired by Devo. P K and the songs." 1 s Andy Partridge. the sons .n‘p es beautifully. all diSCC'dat“. Keybo .‘CIS. funky basslines. derai‘geo “or: s a

before they make it hig. a point made hy Brian

Reynolds. one (it. the promoters hehind indie/electro/inetal night I)eathkill4(l()l). ‘It just seemed the perl‘ect opportunity to handpick great hands and give them a lot more exposure.‘

With such a clash of cultures as cluhhers and gig— goers collide. there's hound to he some interesting results. and (‘iraham Peel. l'rontman of local camp‘n‘catchy electro rock act the lilying Matchstick Men has already seen them at his hands perl'ormances at Ahnormals and I)eathkill. ‘I’orget dance culture

fills still pilled tip with wrinkles. no hair and glowsticks. Music has evolved and these cluhs are genuinely pushing people into hehaving dil'l‘ercntly. Now even rock kids have to dance and dress well and that can only he a good thing.‘

See club and rock & pop listings for more info.

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BEERJACKET 13th Note Cafe. Glasgow. Tue 6 Jul 0...

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Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh. Thu 22 Jul 0..

Anyone who Witnessed Snow Patrol tear through the Tut's tent at T in the Park this year will no doubt have been almost as overwhelmed by the occasion as Gary Lightbody. One man who wasn't at the party. however, was fellow Irishman lam Archer a shame. because he contributed guitars to 'Run' when he was actually a member of the band.

Fast fonvard a week and a half later. then, and we find our hero playing to promote his new album Flood the Tanks. OK. so the crowd is a lot more sparse than the One his mates managed to muster prewouslv - but what he's playing isn't that different. truth be told. Anthem-hooked indie— pop is the order of the day for Archer. and his softer tones can; it Just as well. Even screWing up a verse of excellently nostalgia-tinged slowie ‘Hon/ood Seapark‘ only endeared this personable and personality-filled troubadodr to us more - one of these days. the big tent .‘Jlll be his.

Davd Pciiocki

2—": Aug 223/. me LIST 21