Music rock 8. pop listings

Todd Gordon - Sinatra 1954-69 Scottish singer Todd Gordon has already made a considerable local reputation for his in~the-idiom interpretations of the master. As the name suggests. this concert concentrates on the vintage years after Sinatra‘s comeback in 1954 through to 1969. and visits the Tolbooth prior to Fringe performances at the Queen's Hall (Sun 15 and Sat 21 Aug). Tolbooth, Stirling. Sat 74 Aug.

Amy Allison, Helen Reeves and Grant Campbell The daughter of bluesman Mose. Alison (pictured) shows the family‘s country inflections with her latest opus. The Maud/in Years. Laurie '8 Bar, Glasgow. Sun 75 Aug.

Deerhoof, El Hombre Trajeado and Multiplies A bulked out mix up of sonic strangeness headed up by the Beefheartian peculiarities. post rock complexities of El Hombre and the squalling synth bloop of Multiples. Stereo. G/asgow. Mon 76 Aug.

The Bloodhound Gang and Electric Eel Shock Ignore the headliners. they‘re absolute mince. but pay attention to the opening act. a bezerker Japanese power trio who make more noise that Motbrhead. Napalm Death and Stiff Little Fingers put together. In fact they sound like them all playing together too. Garage. G/asgow, Thu 77 Aug.

Nucleotides and Juniper Spark Classy surf rock instrumentals from this veteran outfit from Edinburgh. The 73th Note Cafe, Glasgow, Thu 79 Aug.

Piping Hot The festival draws to a close this week so the next few days are your last chance to experience the joys of piping from all over the world. See Folk & World listings. Thu 72—Sun 75 Aug.

24 THE LIST ‘3-‘9 A“; 333.:

Thu 1 2, Glasgow

I Live Music \1e(‘liuills. 411 High Street. 3155 ‘1 llli‘iil lit't' \L'\\ bands night


I Cathy Davey and Michael Hargan King: lut's \Vah \Vah lltil. 353a St Vincent Street. 331 53“) 8. 3Hpni. £6 1)tib1iiier l)a\e} hates the singer" songtiriter nioniker btit \\ ill admit to a 1m e of Tom Waits and Kate Bush. llei' loi‘llicoillliif: debut album \u/iIr'l/HHL’ HA has hints of tltiii‘kiness iii a ('erys liotii (atatonia \say

I Kaiser Chiefs, Exit Pilot and The Deltas Barfly. Zttti (“lytle Street. (1371191)" 0999. 8pm, £5. See prexieu loi‘ l.eeds quintet Kaiser ('hlels \\ 11o i't'ct‘llll} toured “1111 the Ordinary Boys.

I Attika, 4th Time Round, Feedback atid Insomnia llie lei‘t'y. 43 (‘lyde Place. 111698 365 511. 8pm. £5. local band slio\\ case.

I Sunways, Recliner, Killing Ed and Misted Melons The I uh \ole (life. 51) 611 King: Street. 553 1638. 9pm. £3. Punk-pop and altrock troni Stinytays. See 'l‘hui's 13 lot Recliner.

I Shit Disco aitd The Olympics Stereo. 13 14 Kebinhattgh Street. 57» 51118. 8pm. £3. .-\i't school rock.

I Skarsoles and Gilbert Soundliaus. ~17 ll}th Park Street. 331 465‘), ‘).3(lpitt. £6 t£5i. Skapunk sounds.

I The Magic Drifters Bourbon Street. 1118 (image Street. 553 11141. 7pm. £5 l£13.5(l \tith dinnei't. Featuring original members ol' niale harmony \ocal group the Drifters.

I The Gift .\1c('huills.4tl11ig_'h Street. 553 3135. lllpin. l‘i'ee. 1’atil Weller/Jain— inspired outfit.

I The Fusion Experience The Bullt‘lub. 143 Bath Lane. 348 1777. 8pm. l‘ree before 111.3(lpnt; £5 alter. Weekly tax/y lounge set in the lott er bar. I Peer Group Pressure .\l;tcSoi‘le_\s. 43 Jaliiaica Street. 348 8581. Will]. 1"t'ee.

I Backstreet Samuel 1)t)\\.\. 67 71 Nilhsdale Road. 433 (11117. 8.3(lpin. l‘ree.

- i ' I


Cathy Davey plays King Tut’s, Glasgow, Fri 13 Aug

I Frank O’Hagan lhe Scolia. 113 114 Stockytell Street. 553 8681 "pm 1‘i‘ec (‘mers ol Dylan. the Band.


Saturday 14


I John Power and Lizzie’s Arcade King ltit's Walt \Vah lltit. 3—3a St Vincent Street. 331 53-9. 8 3llpni. £3. l’oxsei' started out as a nipper iii the influential 1..ts. formed the commercially successful but critical \xliipping boys ('asl and is non strumming attay solo. I Free Angle, Cindy Likes Rate, The Atomic Dogs, Nothing for Second, Given and 3am Boom Box Disturbance Barfly. 361) (‘lytle Sire-CL 118511911- 1199‘), 8pm_ [5. l‘lliitli‘diu‘i‘ for the llaeinatoina l'nit at Stobhill Hospital featuring: all assortment of local bands and cool soliiltl\ bettyeen limes loo.

I B Men, The Black Triangles, Dpak Emit and Jinn 'l‘he l‘t‘i‘i’}. 43 (ink l’lace.111698 365 511. 8pm. £5. l.oca| baiid slioxtcase.

I G Plan, The Flying Matchstick Men and Hex The 15111 Note (kite.

5t) 6t) King Street. 553 1633. 9pm. £3. Post-rockers (1 Plan launch their next albtiiii.

I The Cinematics, Figure 5 and Eleven Mile Creek Solilitllltllls. 47 Hyde Park Street. 331 4659, ltlpin. £7 t£5 l. .\iod rock from [figure 5. rootsiei'. -inlltienced sounds from 1i1e\en .\lile ('i'eek.

I The Mandrakes and The Towers The Vale. 5 l)undas Street. 333 (1946. 8pm. £3. l’odboy Records nights. featuring some oi their l'atotirite bands. I Abba Tribute Bourbon Street. 1118 George Street. 55311141. 7pm. £5

1 3.511 \\ ith dinnert. Tribute to Sueden's finest e\port.

I The Coy Dogs .\ie(‘huills. 40 High Street. 553 3135. 1(lpni. l’ree.

I Jamie Barnes 8. Cochise .\1acSor|ey s. 43 Jamaica Street. 348 8581. 6pm. 1"ree. Residency for this blues \eteran.

I Black Rose MacSorleys. ~13 Jamaica Street. 348 8581. 9pm. lirec.

. a - o A A l 1 . a s t . . . A A A .

I Thunderstruck Samuel l)o\\ \, 6' "l \itltsdale Road. 43311111~

S .3tlpin liree

I Open Stage The Hall liar. loo \\.\‘l‘\11.llltl\ Road. 553 “mm hpiii. l5ree, \Veekly session for local musicians. no“ running all night

I Open Mic Brtinsmck Cellars. 339 Saucliiehall Street. 331 1830 4pm, 1-‘i‘ee \Veekly session


OAmy Allison, Helen Reeves and Grant Campbell luurie's Bat. M King Street. 553 "13.3 8pm. £7 The daughter of tall/bluesinan Mose .'\lll\oil adopts more country orientated lt‘iliilii}:\ in her music. Her debut album The Mural/in 1mm \ton .tcclatin front lilxis ('ostello Support from [no local snieer/songyyriters

I Sbindrift, Kalieda, Your Scarecrow and The Core Barfly. 2011(1)th SII'CCI, “87” ‘lllj ll‘l‘lll. Spill. £5. ()\L‘i'— 14s show Acoustic itidie hill spread in er [\Hi llooi's.

I The Plimsoles ’I‘he ('ailiotise. l5 l'nion Street. 348 66116. 7.3(1pilt, £4 tad\ancel. £5 ldooi‘l. (her-14s slit)“. Pop/punk line-tip \\ ith inore bands to be added.

I Lou Jak, 67 and Meta Stereo.

13 14 Kebinhaugh Street. 576 5618. 8pm. £4.

I The People’s Alibi, Friction FX and Too Young to Care The 13111 Note (tile. 50 6(1Klng Street. 553 1638. 9pm. £3. 'l‘urbo-charged punk rock triple bill.

I Jupiter & Teardrop The Bunker. 193 199 Bath Street. 339 1437. ltlpin. 1’ree. Residency for e\-'1'ra\ is man (ieott' Martyn and band.

I The Hucksters MacSorleys. 43 Jatiiaica Street. 348 8581. 9pm. 1"i'ee.

I Caragh Nugent Beanscene. 38 42 \N'oodlands Road. 353 9800. 8.30pm. Free. Laid back background sounds in the newest of. the Beanscene cafes.

I Figure 8 l’iyo l’iyo, 15 Waterloo Street. 564 31111). 8.30pm. Free. Acoustic residency

I Engine The Scotia. 1 12 1 l4 Siockyyell Street. 553 8681. 4pm. Free. Rock Covers residency.

I Big Blues Jam Studio ()ne. (irosyenor llotel. (irosyenor 'l‘ei‘i‘ace. 341 6516. 7.30pm. liree. Hosted by the Next Blues Surfers \tith contributions from Sttidio ()ne regulars such as Res l)oc atid the Nimino Brothers.

I Phil’s Sunday Session lfisge Beatha. 333 Woodlands Road. 564 1596. 6pm. Free. Bring your own instrument.

Monday 1 6


0 Deerhoot, El Hombre Trajeado and Multiplies Stereo. 12 I4 Kelyinhaugh Street. 576 5018. 8pm. £7. l)eerlititii"s recently released Mil/t Mun album is endearineg all over the place. ttith singer Satoini Matsu/aki keeping it together with a line display of quirky Vocals. Support lTUiii rhythmic instrumentalists lil llotnbre 'l'rajeado and the synthquake oi Multiplies.

I Vanilla Pod, Lost for Words, Regular Joe, Gilbert, Friction FX, Nine Pound Note and Scallywag Barfly. 26ft (‘lyde Street. (1870 9(17 0999. 8pm. £5. Punk bill headed by the Norfolk-based band Vanilla Pod.

I The Dangerfields, Gamma Bomb and Karioof The 13th .‘s'ute Cafe. 50—60 King Street. 553 1638. 9pm. £4. Punk bands from Belfast and Aberdeen.

I Hill City Blues Studio One. Grosvenor Hotel. Grosyenor Terrace foil Byres Road). 341 6516. 9pm. Free. Blues. I Acoustic Jam Nice'n'Sleazy. 421 Sauchiehall Street. 333 9637. 8pm. Free. With a free drink as incentive for participants.