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Scottish National Photography Centre scores sponsorship boost . . . Glasgow artists line up for new reality TV show . . . plus letters on tea. T in the Park and eggy film reviews.


6 Let’s get out of here Is it ever going to stop raining? Probably. but in the meantime. why not get on the next cheap flight and enjoy one of the many festivals taking place in sunnier climes. Toronto for just over £100. anyone?

8 Ross Noble The Geordie comedian is in the middle of a tour of the Highlands. before coming to Glasgow and Edinburgh. Lord knows what kind of material he'll come back with to add into his acclaimed Noodlemeister show.

10 Korean films For a couple of years. the Korean film industry has been making increasingly acclaimed new wave movies. Now. some of them are getting released in Britain. Paul Dale talks to Ji Woon Kim about his new horror flick, A Ta/e of Two Sisters.


41 Fashion goes Olympic With the world's gaze turning to Athens for the Olympics. the fashion community is looking to cash in. Katy McAulay checks PR out the retro sports gear that's now flooding the

market. Reinventing aSpansh classrc

Edinburgh Festival Supplement

The Edinburgh Festival is in full flow, and

emerging from the sea of productions are some “mfgng gems that you should cross a continent (or at Garland least a small country) to see. Read our tickets

forR aI


supplement to find out what’s worth braving the barrage of bagpipe buskers for. Throughout August The List appears weekly. Next issue published 19 August.

Tilt , _ THE MUTORCYClE DllllllES 4-15:

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7 Win Sonny & Cher DVDs


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ursday 12 Thursday 19 August 2004

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