Chinese Dragon Puppets In I i \llj_'. 3 «lptn I'tcc lint'tcll ('nIIi'pttnn. :‘lllll l’ttllitl.\ll.t\‘~\ RILIII. :5- 255M \ thanu' In\L’ )itlll nun ('hincvc di‘.i_~_'nn puppct.

Superstition: Fact or Fiction? l‘ll I i ;\u:_'. Illatn npnt. (ilthgim Sgn‘nu‘ (.L'IIII'L'. 5Hl’at'ilict‘hia).»13ll5llllll 'l l'_\ ntit thc Stipctxtilinn ()Intat'lc (‘nlttw

Events are listed by city, then type. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to, by post or by fax on 0131 557 8500. Listings are compiled by Morag Bruce.

\kllt‘lt' )tlll (.‘tII tltltlgt‘ lllllt'lx t'.ll\. “.Illx undct laddcn or men \Illtl\ll .i nurtnr In Icain .ihnul lhc ni'igim nl \ttpci'xlitinnx, Henna Painting Sttn I5 .‘\u;_'. I ~1ptn, Iii-c. lllt' llltltlt'll (iardcnx. Iratnua}. 35 .v\IIwrl l)ii\c. IIS~I5 iitli5lll Haw .i gn .it \Icht'ndi. lhc traditional art nl .ltltlllllllfJ lllt' hand\ and tccl \xith tlL'\lj._‘ll\ thing: .i paxlt' tnadc lintn lllk' lint‘l} pi'nliiid Ii-awx nl thc Ilcnna plant. Mugdock Superdog 2004 Sun l5 .\ug_'. 3 hurt. Ll. \lupdnt'k (.HIIIIII'} l’ai‘k. (‘t'atggallian Rnad. \lllllfJ.t\ n‘. ‘l5n (illlll. .\I| \hapw and \l/L‘S nl pnnt‘h .ll'k‘ \wh‘nnu' In haw .i gn at thc .ljJIllI} i'nut'xt'. hut l‘L'lellllL‘h niil_\ l‘lk'ilSC. Lucky Lanterns 'Iiii- l~ .\u;;. 3 l‘lL't'. lillllk'll (Illllk'k'llllll. :(lltll l’nllnkxhanx Rnad. IS." 355“. ,\ \Hll'lellUll In inalw and dccnt'atc _\UIII' imn hanging: (‘hincw papct' lanti'rn. Discover Woodland Sculpture \Vt'd IS .-\u3_'. Spin l‘ru‘, l‘llll;l_\\lllllt‘ ('nunti} l‘.\l.’llL‘. I-inla} \lllllL' IInuw. l.ang_'hanI\. III-175 5-lll5tl5. l-,\plnt'c lhc \\nntll;tlld\ and tnakc \t‘tilptui‘i' ll’tllll natural niatt'ttalx. \uttahlc lnr childt'cn .tgt'd .5 lll }t‘;tl'\.

Batty Bats \Vi'd IS .\ng_'. Sillptii. I’i'cc. I-tnla} \Innc (‘nuntt‘_\ lmtatc. l-in|a_\\tnni' llllll\t‘. Ianghank. Ill-I75 5~Itl5tl5 .lnin a Inl‘al C\]k‘l'l tn Icai'n ahnut and ualch lllt‘SL' littlc II} lll}_' inainnialx. Blinking; L‘\\L‘llll;tl.

Activities and Fun

Saturday Art Club Sat H ,\u;.'. Illain lplll. l‘l'L‘L'. (Salli-i} nl \Indt-i'ii \it. ()llL'L'll Sll’t't‘l. 23‘) I‘l‘llr l'tltl .lII ilk‘ll\lllt‘\ Int ilnldi't'n .iggi'd i Ill relating In all nn tll\[ll.l} \iith tll;t\\llljJ. i‘nllaggt‘. \t'lllpllll't'\IlIf._‘ and garlic» Traditional School Sports Day 'lltu l3 .v\u§_'. lillpin. St‘ntland Slim-l SL'hnnl \lttxi'tnn. \Iuwtnn nl Izdtti‘alinn. 235 St'ntland Slt't't'l. SS“ “5””, (nine and pct all timtalggu' plintin nId \I'hnnl fJilllIL'S \tu'h .‘tx and \pnnll.

Kick Off! l'ntiI \M'd IS .\ttj_'. nnnn. Ipin & -l[llll. (ilaxgnxi St‘tt‘nu‘ (‘i'nlic 5U l’at‘ilit' ()na}. ~12“ 5Illlll. (‘hi't‘k nttt lllt' \t'lL‘llL‘C lk‘llllltl \tltIlL‘ ill )Ulll launtt‘ltt' \pnl‘l\. Iakt' part III liw L‘\[k‘l'llllt'lll\ and intcractiw cliallcngcx Kids Activity Week l'nllI 'l'hti I‘) Aug tnnt until Still 15 .'\llj_‘l. lIain (Illlll. L' ‘50 t t' I .75 I, ('lydi‘htiilt Scnlltxh .\Iat'itiinc .\lll\t'lllll. llt'achcad Shopping ('t'nli'c. Ix'inggx Inch Rnad. SKI» Itlll. .\ \arict} nl ilk'll\lllt'\ lnt' ktdx including: innch painting. t't‘altuni'k and punlcx. A Science Odyssey l'iiiil l'l'l l3 :\ltg_'. Illatn lltltill. Lil). (ila\g_'n\\ St‘u'tu'i' (‘t'ntt'ix 5lll’at‘ilit‘Qua}. ~12tl5ttltll. l‘iw \xnt'kxhnpx In inwxligalt' \ inlcnl tnt‘nadnx. lurinux \UlL'illlllL'\ and launching: t'nt‘kctx In nthcr planle Knights and Weapons 'I‘Iiii I2 Aug. tinnn. Ipnt. 2pm ik .iptn. l'i‘t‘t‘. litit‘i't‘ll ('nlh‘ttinll. lehll l’nllnkshtmx Rnad. LS7 2550. Iran) ahnut tncdimal \wapnnx li'nin thc Ilut't'cll (‘nllt'ctinn‘x \ct'} n\\tl t'cxidcnt knight.


Theatre & Dance

Bad Girls l'ntil Sat I.1.-\ug_'.l'hu & Sat Jillpni; 7pm. £3 [l3 tL'S UH. King\ Ilillk'illl‘t‘. 3‘)“ lltllll .SII'L‘L‘I. llll l l l l. .lat‘qtn‘linc \\ ilxnn'x linnk Ill‘tllll \(ltnnl ll'lL‘lItl\lll[I\ ix adapch lnt‘ thc \Iagc.



All kids will be familiar with the order to ‘get out and get some fresh air!’ But if local leisure facilities are becoming a bit tiresome, then there’s a feast of stuff happening just outside the city, all of which is guaranteed to keep everyone happy.

Mugdock Country Park, near Milngavie, is a perfect place for running about daft and learning all about the wonders of nature. There are regular park ranger led mini-beast studies and pond-dipping adventures, or if you just fancy having a bit of an amble there are marked trails through the acres of ancient woodlands and moorlands. For those with four-legged friends, this week Mugdock is hosting Superdog 2004. This is a competition strictly for amateurs - no prima-donna pooches allowed. Buses run every half hour from Milngavie train station during the school holidays.

Thanks to Kelburn Country Centre there’s somewhere to work off all that Nardini’s while down Largs way. And it‘s a bit of an enchanted place: there’s a secret forest with a Chinese garden, a swamp with a monster that eats human heads (yikes), a gingerbread house, a maze and a woodcutter’s house. In the fairytale-free zone there are regular pottery workshops, an adventure course, pets’ corner, a soft play area and a riding school. Only 300 yards walk up the glen above the centre there’s a spectacular 20ft waterfall where you can watch out for deer and foxes darting about. Catch a train to Largs, then one of the regular buses to the centre.

Finlaystone Country Estate near Langbank is home to an adventure playground, with a flying fox and wigwams. Among the host of animals that call Finlaystone their home, there’s a large colony of bats and this week you can join a local expert to learn all about these wee furry flyers. There’s also 3 Woodland Sculpture workshop, where you can get arty with natural materials. The park is 30 minutes by car from Glasgow, there are trains to Langbank but no buses to the centre from the station which is about a 25 minutes walk.

Summer is but a fleeting thing, so get yourself out of the city and enjoy it while it lasts. (Morag Bruce)

Events are listed by date, then city. Submit listings at least ten days before publication. Sports listings are subject to change, so please check in advance. Listings are compiled by Rachael Street.

Thursday 1 2

Outside the cities

I Golf: Eden Tournament SI \ndtt'u \ I llll\\. ()Id .\ ,lttlnlcc (‘nnt'xtx SI \Iltll't‘\\\. lll zitl -l(\(\(i(l(l_ {95 mm} lcc. (inll Inut'natncnt Int tncn pl;i_\cd

H\ L‘l lllL‘ l'.klt‘ll Illltl NC“ t‘lllllu‘.

I Golf: Strathtyrum Tournament SI .-\ndt't‘\\\ l.llll\\. ()Id ik .luhtlcc (.HIIISC. SI ;\lltll't'\\ \, III {N -l(i(\(i(\h_ L05 untr} tcc. (inll tntn‘natnt‘nt lnt' liltllt'\ plawd incl thc lzdcn and \c\\ cnttrxc.

Outside the Cities

I Golf: Eden Tournament SI x\lltll'L‘\\\\. ()Id & .luhilcc (‘nurxu SI .'\lltll't'\\ \. “Iii-l »l()(i(i(i(\. [U5 unit} ICU. SL‘L' III” II.

I Golf: Strathtyrum Tournament SI :\lldl't'\\\ l.ltlk\. ()ld «k .llll‘llL‘L' ('nllt‘w. .Sl .-\tltll't'\\ \, (II 334 406mm. {05 L'tttt'} lcc. St't' 'llltt I3.

Saturday 14


I Football: Rangers v Livingston Ihrn\ Stadium. l'.tlllll\ltill l)t‘i\t'. Il.\'7tl (itltl I‘M} 3pm. ’l'hc (icrx

u iIl Iic hoping In halt call} waxnn _lllIL‘l‘\ \\ ith a sunny pci‘lnrtnancc nwt‘ l,i\ i.

I Athletics: Sunday Mail Scottish Senior Championships Scntxlnun |.ci\ut‘c ('cnlt'c. Dancx l)t‘l\c. Sciilxlnun, ()5‘) Jllllll. Ill.3ll;tlll 4pm. l'il'k'L‘. SL‘L‘ PilllL‘l.

I Archery: York/Hereford Rose - Glasgow Archers Open (’i'aighnhnc I’Ia_\ing I’icldx. Ilaggs Rd. (IV) 7003, 9.30am 5pm. I’t'cc. Major Scnlli\ll archcr} Ctlllllk‘lllltlll.


I Football: Hearts v Aberdeen 'I‘_\ncca\tlc Stadium. (ini‘gic Rnad. Illt) 72(ll. 3pm. Inn nI lllix \L‘il\()ll.\ L‘;llltlltl;tlc\ l‘ni' IIiat cnwlcd third \pnl.

Outside the cities I Football: Kilmarnock v Celtic Rugh} I’ai'k. Rugh} Rnad. Kilniat'nnck.

AIIII I HOS SCOTTISH SENIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS Only the most isolated among us could have missed the fact that the 2004 Olympic Games start on 13 August. But Greece isn’t the only place to catch top-class athletics action over the weekend. Closer to home, the Scottish Senior Championships take place at Scotstoun Stadium this week. The Glasgow event offers the chance to get up close and personal with the creme de la creme of Scottish athletes.

Top names to look out for at

listings Kids & Sport

tll5h5 535184. 3pm. l'hc ('clh \l\ll Ihc grnutid uhctc the) clinched the tith Iaxt

I Football: Motherwell v Hibernian l'll‘ Par-It. .\l.llI\L‘ Rnad. .\Intht't'\\cll. IIIINS 3333 ‘3 ipni l‘xxn nl llll\ wawn‘x mpct'tcd \It‘ugglctx haltlc ll


I Athletics: Sunday Mail Scottish Senior Championships Scnlxlntlll I vixut'c (‘cntrtn Datum Ili'tw. Syntxtnnn. ‘I5‘l liltltl Itl. ‘stlatn ~1pnt l'I‘L‘L‘, SL‘C Sat H.

I Tennis: West of Scotland Centenary Championships \t'\\l.llltl\ I.‘l’('. IS Mncht'tin Rnad. .S-ltl I-ltll. 'l‘itncx \at'}. l-tu'. ()pcn lt'llllh L'Utllpt‘llllttll ln cclcht'alc thc ccntcnar} nl 'l'cnnix \th nl' Scotland.

I Archery: York/Hereford Rose - Glasgow Archers Open (‘i'aigliiiliiit- l’l.i}iilg l‘icldx. llaggx Rd. nW 7”” i.

‘I. illatn 5pm. l'rcc. Scc Sat I-l.

Monday 16


I Tennis: West of Scotland Centenary Championships \L-ulandx I.'l‘(‘. IS .\lnchrtin Rnad. .S‘II) I—lIIZ. ’l‘inicx \ar}. I'tu'. Scc Still l5.

Tuesday 1 7


I Tennis: West of Scotland Centenary Championships

NC“ Iandx l.'l‘(‘. IS Mncht‘un Rnad. .S-lll I403. "limits \at'}. live Scc Still I5.

Wednesday 18


I Football: Scotland v Hungary llatnpdcn l’ark. I.cthci'h} I)ri\c. (iln (lllllll. 3pm. £7 {l5 (Ll). llct‘ti'x I»n_\\ launch \tagc l‘nur nl thc 5Il»\l;l}_'t‘ natinnal rccnwr} pi'ngi‘aininc.

I Tennis: West of Scotland Centenary Championships

New lands I.'l‘('. IS Mnclll‘llll Rnad. Sit) I402. 'l‘itncx \ar). l't'cc. Scc Sttn l5.


I Tennis: West of Scotland Centenary Championships

Nut Iandx l.'l‘('. IX Mnchrun Rnad. 840 I403. 'l'itncx \ar}. l’t'cc. Scc Sun l5.


home include Darren Ritchie in the long jump and Susan Deacon in the 100 metres, while Ian Mackie will be competing in the 400 metres against BBC Superstars champion Du’aine Ladejo. Although Scotland’s five Olympic competitors will be of course be absent, the games also serve as a warm- up for athletes from Papua New Guinea who are on their way to Athens. And after the local action is over, there’s still plenty of time to catch up on the progress of Scotland’s representatives in Greece: runners Lee McConnell, Carey Marshall, Kathy Butler and Nick Smith, plus hammer

thrower Shirley Webb. (Rachael Street)

I Sa.‘ ‘-1 8 Sun .75 Aug. see /istings for ful/ details. Olympic coverage starts on

T’It; 729.1(1). 77.35007.

1’24?) Aug 2004 THE LIST 35