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Re: Hot Liquid or Hot Air? (issue 500)

Was David Briar joking when he launched a tirade in last issue's letters page against The List writing about tea? If so, I apologise for haVing no sense of humour. How can someone be so angry about tea that it motivates him to write a letter about it? Maybe you should cut down on the coffee. mate. Dave Ashton



Re: Letters (issue 499)

After reading the letters about T in the Park and the general View of the overcrowded. litter- ridden area. all of which I wholeheartedly agree with. I'd like to add a c0uple of other gripes.

Firstly. queuing for the car park. It took over an hour to get to the field then we had the walk and wait to actually get into the site. OK. it’s a festival and you expect some hold ups due to the number of folk attending. But a good proportion of the people in cars seemed to have no tickets and were either intending to jump the fence or buy from the many dodgy London/Liverpool geezers hanging about.

Secondly, drink token sellers. or the lack of them. Why were there so few? After spending the time mentioned above to get into the place. to then have to queue a further hour to get some tokens to get a beer is adding insult to injury. Ironically. there were no queues to actually get a beer; the bar

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staff were waiting to serve someone. No wonder people bring their own booze.

Which leads me to my final point: security. Why does no- one get their bag searched any more? Since the Kinross move I've never seen anyone get searched and | always have a backpack with me. There was a slight improvement in checking of folk this year in that I did see a few people getting turned away. However. there were still cans and bottles being chucked about. people walking about With litre vodka bottles etc. Having stood at the main stage with large cans of Stella flying over my head. it certainly doesn‘t add to the fun! Plus if bags aren't being searched who's to say what else is being taken in? It could just as easily be a real weapon as a bottle.

I did enjoy T this year. due to fantastic bands and reasonable weather. but It could have been even better if it had felt like it had been set up for the numbers that were there. with

the appropriate levels of

security and general organisation.

J Syme


OK. We've received a large number of letters about T in the Park this year, and this is the last one we 7/ publiSh on the matter. Let 's not forget that for all its faults, T in the Park remains one of the highlights of the musical year. We 're sure that the organisers are responding to the many comments suggesting that a great line-up needs to be backed up with decent facilities.

HELL HEN OF TROY Re: Film index (500)

In your review of Troy in the film index. Achilles is described as ‘a super-soldier whose bravery is harnessed to the corrupt yolk of a greedy king'. Which king w0u|d that be. AgaHENnon? I think you mean yoke.




l have always conSIdered myself to be quite a broad— minded person. but having seen a handful of comedians at the Fringe already I'm quite literally gobsmacked to hear endless utterances of the ‘c' word. When was if deemed cool to sprinkle this most harsh of words into so-called comedy material. Wouldn't it be a better display of a comic's talent to think of something less lazy to say?




Has a party ever been so hot? Walking into last week's Fringe opening shindig was like descending into a deep oven. Mike McShane. who mops his brow at the best of times. was sponging it off by the bucket load. Surely City nightclub has facilities to deal with the odd bit of clement weather and a busy night. Disco inferno is an


(Especially this woman?) Of course. there’s no surer

being printed. too short.

Karen Hall Glasgow

certainty than this letter never

Too offensive? Nah. just probably


Head South to 35 South - (ireat (‘hilcaii \Vincs

understatement RachelH Edinburgh


When are the Scottish ExeCutive going to give us open access to arts as they promised some time ago? One thing that would help artists would be if buildings could be made Wind and watertight. and funding is then made available for canvases. paints and other materials. Then. everyone who used the budding COuId make works of art which go into an exhibition and are then sold to tourists. But such ideas are too intellectual for culture minister Frank McAveety. whose idea of art is Celtic FC. Not what we need in art and culture in Scotland if we are to reach out to other countries and get involved with different cultures. Barry Dubber


Did I read the cartoon strip Ubiquitous Girl correctly in the last issue (22 July—5 August)? Was the cropped haired one blowing a text bubble with the words: ‘TEEN WOLF IS ON CHANNEL 5. MICHAEL J FOX IS A RIDE MAN OR DWARFI'?

Is this blatant heightist language being endorsed by The List's otherwise cool, liberal ethos? Michael J Fox (Circa Teenwo/l era) was indeed. ‘a ride'. as is the modern-day sex thimble pint-sized musician Jamie Cullum.

More pertinent. and personal to me. is the example of my own ‘significant other' Dan. a gorgeOus 5ft 2inch stud muffin. (And those extra inches are very important. if yOU get my drift!) COUId this disdain directed at the small but perfectly-formed. I wonder. be big boys envy that shorties are substantially superIOi in every pumping position known to woman?



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