I Flatmate wanted to share \HIII 2 olhcrs [11 bright \Vcsl land llal. all IlllHI colts. great location. double room. £270 pcm including ("1 but not bills. 'I'el: 0141 35“ 2640.

I Large, bright room .l\.tlI> ablc [11 Merchant ("ity. tully lur- ntshcd. double bed. mirrored \saidtobcs. oyyn phonc littc ;t\;tlI' able 11 icquncd £400 pcm. 'Icl, in.” 553 0846 at 07989 435 025. I Langside, suit profes- sional, small bedroom in 3 I‘Ctllltttlll llal. \Illll't‘tl kilchcn \yllh ll‘cc/cr. lrtdgc. \\'.\I. nncroyyaye clc. bathroom yy IIII sItoyycI'. “(‘11. good bus 8 train links. £238 pcm inclusiye. Tel: 1178911848 730.

I Gay friendly student IL'lIlllIL'tI. 10 share 2 Itcdl‘lmtlt. Soulhsidc llal. casy acccss lo loyyn Iront I.angsidc Station. must like cats. £220 pcni + bills +tIc'pllsll'It‘Ii111599522 3.3-1. I Female flatmate want- ed lo share beaulilul llat in (ilasg0\\\ \Vcsl Iiltd. room is part lurnishcd. yarnishcd floors 8 all mod cons. £300 pcm + ("I ~+~ bills. Tel: 07958 635 385. I West End, large room in big I'lal. separate big lounge. slloys er room. kitchen. gardens. easy parking. stilt n/s student. ayailable August. £255 pcm. 'I‘el: 0141 334 8622.

I Southside (2 stops from city centre). stunning. high quali- ly. lusury. lurnished room [[1 l'ricndly l'lal share. .'\11 inclusiye. 1.59 pyy. Tel: 07974 232 537.

I Large room in spacious flat to share mm 1 tnale & l lclltalt‘. \Voodctt I'Ioot‘s. disli- yyasher. \VM. tumble drier. £250 pcm. .>\\ailable September - December. Suit exchange sttt— tIL‘lll. ICIZ (II-II 3380 93.3.

I Double room in large South Side flat. to share \yithl UlItL‘l'. still pl‘nlcsslollal. good transport links. £270 pcm. Tel: 01414298244.

I Central West End (llasgoys double room. [or male or I‘cmalc. 20—35yrs ol age. large Hat with spacious kitchen & Iounge.2\\'(‘s. £330 pcrn including ("II 'I‘cl: 07970 157722 or 07966 493772,

I Room to let in Queens Park. I-‘ully I‘llt'ttlsltctl[1001116 room in lu\ury llal to share ysith 1 other. Bay lounge. dirt- iltg/kllcltClt/sltoyy er room. Ideal transport links. Still young pro- fessional. ns. £260 pcm. Tel: 07773 766 348.

I Professional or mature student \santed to share room in spacious. tour-bedroom city centre flat in ('haring (‘ross area 01(ilasgoyy. £260 pcm & bills.'1'e1:014l 333 1582.

I Double room in attrac- li\e. furnished tlal opposite .-\le\andra I’arade Park. secured entry. close to bits stop and rail- yyay station. good parking. £240 pcm + bills. Tel: 0141 642 0680 or 07739 425 169.

I Large, furnished dou- ble room in modern. spacious llat. nest to suspension bridge. South Side. all ntod cons. 5 minutes \yalk lo .-\rgy 11 Street & underground. £350 pcm all inclusiye. Tel: 0141 429 8397.


I Single room for Ms gay - triendly llalmate linale/teinalel 111 modern. coinlortable lilal. close to IIolyrood. Sharing \sith prolessional male yy ho enjoys a I.isty lit'cstyle. I’riyate parking and null telephone line. £320 pcm. Tel: 0131 661 3282

1 Richard 1.

I New Town. Beautiful, quiet. large. sunny room in stun- ntng pcacel'ul llat. Wooden lloors. (iarden. Suits mature lemalc prelerably oycr 30. £320pcm + IHIIs. 'I‘L'IC (177-18 3.50 036

I 2 funky & friendly, young pl‘lllt‘sslltllltls ssanted to share

\s [III 2 others in labttlotls. spa~ cious. modern Hat on Brunsyyick Road. priyale parking 8 all mod cons. £300 pcm each + ("I‘ + bills. 'l‘el: 07779 122726.

I Double room in modern Murraylield Ilat. suit n/s. pl‘olcs- sional leinalc. located on tnain bus route to city centre. priyate parking. all mod cons [k bal- cony. £330 pcm + bills. includes ("II Tel: 07786 028 954.

I Double room, 6 months lease. no 088. £550 pcm + deposit. Icl: 07905 925 (‘07. .~\1'ler bplll.

I Bright double room

\y ith sanded lloors & pcrl'ecl central location. 'l'ollcross. per- 1ch 1m theatre. shops k ameni- ties. l'ully' turnishcd. (3(‘11. bath/slimy er. broadlmnd. suit sllllIL‘ltl. £315 pcm. ICIZ (11.31 221 0292 or 07817 220 597.

I Students required for 2 single rooms itt cosy (iorgic llat. l.iy ing room. open plan kitchen [k .sltoyy er room. Deposit required. To rent as u hole. £400 pctn + bills. Tel: 0131 334 5125. I Central, large double room. excellent facilities. £85 pys' including (‘1'. Suit couple. Tel: 0131 2295124.

I Double Room in I‘anlastic Neysly Renovated 6’; Spacious West [ind Men's Flat. Share With 1 l‘riendly Female. £315 l’cm + Bills + (‘t + l ()1'1‘.»\gency Fee. Tel: 07977 777 097.

I Flatshare with 2 female students. in gorgeous. central flat. situated on Ilillside Street. available 1 September. £275 pcm + bills. Tel: 07834 838 057.

I Single professional to flat share. large double room. shared garden. £275 pcm plus ("1‘ & bills. deposit required. Tel: 0131 476 2985.

I Newtown, double room, ot'l ('harlotle Square. in “C”- appointed flat. to share yy ilh2otli- ers. n/s professional preferred. £270 pcm + bills + (‘T + deposit. .-\\ailablc noyy. Tel: 07813 128 274. I Double bedroom avail- able in ('omely Bank. top floor flat. share with 1 professional l‘etnale. couples considered.

oy er the age of 25. £347.50 pent. Tel: 07899 672 878.

I Double room near tncadoyy s. sharing with 2 socia- ble ck considerate guy s. sepa- rate lounge ck barbecue. n/s professional or post graduate female preferred. £250 pcm + (‘T + bills. Tel: 07746 122004. I Double room in central South Bridge l‘lal. ayailable from start September. £200 pcm + bills. Tel: 07974 836 981.

I Stockbridge double room 10 10\ CI}. \l‘ac‘totls llal 10 share “1011 other. tree parking on-streel. \yould sun n s protessional £280 pcin+1nlls.'l'el' 0'870569161

I Morningside double room, shared liying room with mature student. priyale parking space included. ayailable from 16111 Septcmlwr. £300 pcrn + ("1‘ it applicable + bills. Tel: 0131 447 9964.

I Huge room to let in large flat in I’obyarth (iardens. \yith broadband 8 TV channels. ayailablc llllt .-\ttgust. £285 pcm. Tel: 07730 505 I36.

I Bright, South-facing double room in friendly I’olysarlh (lardens llal. suit young prolessional. \yith ’I‘eleyyesl Ilroadlxind & 'l'\'. ayailablc Isl September. £270 pctn. Tel: 0131 229 1353.

I Box room in big flat in I’olyyal'lh (lardens. nould suit young professional yslio enjoys the \seekends. ayailable 1st September. broadlxind & 'I‘\' ayailablc but not included in price. £180 pcm. Tel: 0131 229 1353.

I Leith Shore, n/s, pro- fessional female to share “uh 1 other. in spacious. lustiry tlat. oyy'n bathroom. all mod cons. parking. ayailable from September. £400 pcm includes ("1‘ & bills. Tel: 07788 520 102. I Furnished double room in gorgeous corner llat oil Leith \salk. Share yyith 1 other & cat. Suit l'einale protes- sional. £275 pcm + bills + ("12 Tel: 07768 024 803.

I Murrayfield, n/s, pro- fessional male or female to share ys ith 2 others. all mod cons, including sky & l)\'l). garden. garage & good bus route. ay'ail- able end o1.»\ £375 pcm inclusiye. Tel: (17801 499 728.

I Canonmills, profession- al required, for large. sunny. double room. £200 pcm + ("l‘ + bills. Tel: 0131 556 7382.

I Festival let, double room in modern. sunny flat. attractive location. Leith. all mod cons. resident land lord. male. 31. ayailable immediately. till early September. on a week- ly basis. £150 pyy (negotiable). Tel: 07803 043 543.

I Double room in modern. spacious Marchmont flat. to share with mid-20's. fun. pro- fessional. Suit eyeryone. £300 pcm. Tel: 0131 222 3721.

I Pullworth, single room in .3 bed flat. suit n/s. protes- sional female. available 15 September. £180 pcm + bills + (T. Tel: 07734 356 735.

I Double room available for Ms professional. from 1 September. in beautiful Trinity flat. to share with 1 other. good bus connections & on street parking. 2 living rooms. £285 pcm + hills. Tel: 0131 552 0158 or 07821 333 603.

I Professional, individ- ual wanted for large room in spacioUs Meadows flat. Suit sociable. reliable person in their late 20's. £215 pcm+ (‘T+Bills+ Deposit. Long term let only. Available immediately. limma 07884392935. Ray 07747035874 rayelliotta



V I Saw You I-nuna N look ing se\y as. at \yoik. \sish you “etc nnne SB. [‘ 501 4

. I Saw You [IIL' \\ L'L' III blondtc bloke \yae the '(‘ocaine' I-slnrl. Ihink his name is I'yyan Henderson I'm a male so please publish lIllsI' ['5501'5

. I Saw You scarching lot a pix/a 111 a bin. Maybe you should be asking lot .1 “age ttsc oycr and abose your work col IL'.tgllt‘\I IIL'lI Kalltll' .\Itllt' Ilkt‘ I)L‘.ttI Ralltly' [75011)

V I Saw You not rust at NH 1101 CI\L'\\IICIL' [00. \\'.l\ .l‘t'tl alone' your better option ' ,\tc \sayciltkc scribblings nunc‘ 'l‘etnplacnitis'."’ [7501”

V I Saw You cra/ee haired. bone-cared boy N North (ilasgoys ['ollcgc. although could you be omnisesual ’.‘ [7501/8

. I Saw You llashtng your buttocks and I thought [I ysas (iod tn a tutu yyalking doysn .\Iills lane \yith ducks, [7501 9


I Creative woman 47 young \s ith lnppy tendencies altd lose o1 lile\\'l.’l'.\1ctcatiyc poslliye male 40+

iltos .\'o [5500,11


V I Saw You yyith the lurry banana bra. snioochin \s ith my best lriend and lookin at my arse hamster \y ho quite tancies your bum. [7501/1

“I Saw YOU \\ llIl lltc goltlctl croun in (Man .\Ior dropping your drayyers in 1mm ol' the bar- maid ysith an innocent sinilc. [7501/2

. I Saw You l.ucy I) lrytttg to get the bus in Drumchapcl into 'loon' but tailing to see what number it “as. Ila ha? [7501/3

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