V I Saw You in 'l’inderbox. Your fay'ourite: skinny y'anilla latte. Was swept away after looking deeply into your brown eyes. Want to meet for coffee'.’ l.'/5()l/I0

V I Saw You in Tinderbox on 29.07.04. For an instant. my eyes met your brow rr-green ones and I was bowled over by your handsomeness (as well as your deft latte-making abilities). One day when I'm brave. l'll rey eal myself to you....\o.\o l'/50l/l I V I Saw You Blonde bombshell in Tinderbox. ltrsciotrs lips and hot chilli sauce. staring into your large latte. Me Miss Iillis with bulging wallet. (ict in touchl l'/50l/l2

V I Saw You at the (‘afe Royal. Thanks for coming. you guys were amazing. Big kisses. Steven. ()h. and I think you've got the six of clubs. Please. don't let rrre dow'n. l7/50I/l3

V I Saw You Katie S for a while in 2002 then I ended it suddenly. always wandering how you‘re getting on love l’aulx U/5()I/l-l

V I Saw You. black topped beauty. mole on neck. dancin' downstairs. Buff (‘lub I‘riday. You and yer rrrate were scared off by slea/y' hobbit. I did NO'I‘IIINGI Let rrre make it up to you... l'/5()I/l5

V I Saw You ('anada (iirl. chatting in liasy-Iiwrything. Me guy with dark hair and stubble. You gorgeous with ankle bracelet. Want to do cof- fee instead of smiles before you head back‘.’ l'/50 I / I (i


V I Saw You On the last btis back to lidinburgh alter Q and not U. You talked about the twee-est man in (ilasgow. (‘ould you be the Belle to my Sebastian'.’ [7/50 Ill 7

V I Saw You Beckie at Starbucks on the Mile. (iolden hair & a smile to die for. Today (l‘ri 30/7/04) was your birthday He who got your smile this morning was the luckiest man in the world! U/501/l8

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46 THE Lisr 12—19 Aug 2004

0 I Saw You Sue at Assembly 7 You brought me breakfast - the place was packed - or was it just the effect you had on rne'.’ l'/50l/I9

V I Saw You in lilll on your knees praying as you should.

[an e the Tibetan monk. l'/50l/2ll VI Saw You making loyely shots on the Meadows in a pink 'l'-shirt 25th July. We ga/ed btrt my court was too far away for elite chat. Vintage I Saw You moments? l'/50l/2l

VI Saw You In the bus sta- tion where yotr work. you base bloride/browrr hair (looks great with the yellow coati and a for- eign accent (South Afr‘icarr'lr. You caught me staring at you one day and we both latighed. Since then we hay e exchanged smiles but nothing else. I hayen't seen you recently and worry that he missed my chance to say something. If you're still here and remember the girl with long blonde hair and no shame I'd love to hear from you. [7501/22 V I Saw You at Vegas July 31. gorgeous girl in the black and white polkadot 40s dress. You are a fabulous dancer but I was too shy to ask. I'm asking now. l’/5()|/23

V I Saw You at Warrender l’ark Baths on Monday 2nd August. You wore a blue bikini and l was wearing white board shorts. Would on e to meet for coffee or drink. l'/50l/2-l

V I Saw You Aunt l’eeh. Lorna & Sher-da-le/ at Booty in Medina. Sunday Its‘th July? oh and uncle roger too! Xx [7501/25 V I Saw You 25/07/04 at llow'ies Waterloo Place. you Irish waitress with stunning eyes. Me sliay'ed head with fam- ily. You were right about the chocolate sauch Fancy a drink'.’ l7/50l/2b

V I Saw You Down the Royal Mile... l'p for a ('uppa 'l‘ea....\'ow this ‘liree' Bird has flown back to ('anada...Just wanted to say ‘Muchos (iracias‘ for the 'fun') l'l50l/27 V I Saw You I wish I Saw You. Iirin & Mike at limbo. So excited for you both. llope its not too much longer between coffees 4 us. l.o\'e you both loads. Claudia. l'/50l/2S

V I Saw You pretty girl at All-Bar-One staff party in lill I: you white top and beautiful smile. me dreadlocks - want to share another smile'.’ [7501/29

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’31,. ’JC'. t a".‘..’ no .0 ."w?! (2910

female seeks


‘42" BLUE eyed female, 5‘9 with shoulder length brown hair tk medium build. likes pubs. rrrusic. cinema tk dining out. \\'l.’l‘M male with similar interests for possible relationship. ('all rrre on 090o 750 3557 & enter ll774l30 BORED pretty ngI seeks an attractiy e guy for good chats & fun nights otit. ('all me on (I900 75l (ll-15 & enter 4(l2lh’ll9 ATTRACTIVE grown woman, 40's. tall. dark. slim & genuine. likes to think &

loy es the sea. looking for the real relationship. (‘all rrre on 0906 75l (ll-15 & enter 4020309 ‘3»? PETITE blonde, 43, likes many things. looking for an interesting male. to haye fun & leisure time with. liit'e/lidinburgh areas. (‘all me on 0906 75l (II-15 & enter 4()l‘)b’()9

W1 CREATIVE female, 35, 5'0. attractiy'e. with positiye outlook. loy es sports & West lind scene. seeks Iike-rrrinded. down-to-earth gentleman. 35- 45. for friendship. maybe more. (‘all me on ()‘)()(i 75l Ill-15 & enter 4017809

5“ EDINBURGH woman, young-looking, 52. seeks male to share closeness. conversation. laughter. coffee & cake. ('all me on 0906 75! (ll-IS (K enter JIIISXU‘) GLASGOW professional female, 27. Mum of one. collar-length red hair. brown eyes. ay’ei‘age body. likes going out & haying fun. ('all me on 0906 756 3557 & enter l0(iS(i99

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male seeks


NICE male, 6' with medium build. enroys walks. cinema. bowlrrrg A; pubs Seeks terrrale to enioy lile's pleasures with t\ hopeltrlly more. ('all rrre UII ll‘lllti 75h ‘557 N t‘IlIt‘l lilbtvll.§

YOUNG looking male, ~19. tall t\ shirt with atlectronate nature. enioys .\ena Desires unconyentronal relationship with Warrior Princess or similar. (‘all me on 090M “5| til-15 is enter .tttls‘sou

PHOTOGRAPHER Attractive 23yr oltl nialc. 5o. (iStlIl. likes working hard tk playing hard. seeks 20 illyr Ultl petite. ll/\. [Histln e lt‘tllale. lor' friendship or more ('all me on 0900 75I ill-l5 & enter *IIIIIIHIII)

EASYGOING 50yr old Izdrnbur‘gh rrrale. 5'9. (iSt )ll. \arrcd interests. including 50's. (ill's t\' LN“. lllllslc. \\.l.‘li.\l Iernale. 45 .55. I” share great times together t\ tan nights out (all me till (I‘lllti 7.50 5557 i\' enter ll77l Ht)

CONVIVIAL male, 5'10. short hair. dark blue eyes. good build. lotrd personality. loyal. affectionate. linioys making people laugh. crnerna. music. \VIIIIM female for happy relationship. (‘all me on 0900 750 3557 «k enter 2I2Hl~13

GOOD-LOOKING Glasgow male. ~12. keen on pubs. clubs. partying. looking for female. 35—50. to spend good times with. ('all me on (I906 756 3557 (N enter lS7bl225

rrrale seeks rr‘alr'

' SLIM Edinburgh guy, 22. good looking (L lit. Seeking muscular gtry for friendship ik maybe relationship. (‘all me on (I906 75I Ill-15 (N enter «IIII 380‘)

SINGLE mum, 38, 5'7 with long black hair. brown eyes (k medium build. enioys swimming. cycling & walking. Seeks female for Iriendshrp & possible relationship. ('all rrre on 090(i 750 3557 & enter l7749-I25