Answer machine

Dancing to Morrissey and eating Tunnocks are only the beginning of his indulgences but Radio 2’s MARK RADCLIFFE hardly seems like the murderous type.

What is the punchline to your favourite joke? Bfizn" why? :.m~_xw~yxfi '-" " «Lninnlhvku

Which time in history would you have loved to have lived? And why?

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What’s your favourite biscuit? lbelbmxnkkledthkeqficcmuv

What song would you hate to be played at your funeral?


When did you last laugh out loud while reading a bOOk?/VXAM(UWUHUilhiHXMWX;.fi”\”(i‘!;75’“ Rhodes

What’s your least favourite country? lnimflthminumiotdluumophm;2~uyv “m&.ri {MKMERMElthMLhU mimh,l1thm~w.n sthfilHmanm;xpulmul&MXXnm

Who would you like to play you in the film of your life? Who do you actually think would play you?


When did you last dance? \Vhalwasthe<mcawon?lshumeu.iiiizvxwv.:'

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Erotic Literature

Next week, a mainstream British publisher releases a book written by Melissa P (right), in which she describes in graphic detail her sexual awakening as a 15-year-old. Exploitative and offensive, or a brutally honest reflection of the minds of young women? We present the evidence.


What do the people of Tobermory think of their finest musical export? We take the CalMac ferry with singer Colin McIntyre back to his local village hall.


The sharpest reviews from the Edinburgh Festival.

48 THE LIST 13—19A..g 330.:

When did you last cry? What was the reason. and how long did the tears run for?

How many times do you look in a mirror every day??' .:" v' x-~ 2.x : 3; "'~”

If you had one day to live. who would you choose to spend it with? And why?

What's your lucky number? What’s your biggest regret?

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Are you a cat or dog person?

Who is the best dressed British celebrity?

i'.:'_"t:'ll\) ‘~.:{ ' id v What’s your all-time favourite sitcom? l//‘_::4.s/."”H. " ' .'l-.' i‘~‘~"' " "' " ..‘1' .i" :fy .x" I "2" :-

nn'i“gdulhxr'\ ' pva~ What’s the longest time you've slept soundly in one go over the last five years?

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