Frotn the striking l7th century Dutch- style town houses that line the quay at .\'yhavn to the modern extensions on old buildings like the Statens .\ltiseum l'or Kunst and the Royal Library. (‘openhagen‘s buildings are engagineg eclectic. For culture and scenery lovers. the Lottsiana .\lttseum ol~ Modern Art's idyllic location beside the waters of the ()restmd provides a serene backdrop for its world class collection. l.ousiana‘s temporary exhibitions lt‘ullll‘c‘ big name greats such as Miro. Warhol and llockney. With the uniquely enchanting Tivoli (iardens and a resident monarchy that is the oldest in the world. the Danish capital has ample attractions to accommodate either a weekend jaunt or a longer break. And the city"s largest shopping area is housed on litit‘opa‘\ longest pedestrian shopping street. Stroget.

Fast gaining a reputation as one of the most impressive lestival cities in liurope. (‘openhagen has a celebration lot‘ every disposition from music and art to lood and drink. The (ioldcn l)ays l'estival (3—26 September) was established to increase people‘s knowledge ol‘ the city‘s history through exhibitions. music. theatre. ballet. and literature. This year it focuses on ‘The Age of Dreams - (‘openhagen in the 1890s”. (‘ulture vultures should sign tip for the (‘ity Walk (goldendaysxlk). which promises a solid introduction to the history. architecture and city life ol~ the lirst hall' ol. the l9th century. with its eight stops in the centre ol. the city and two outside the old ramparts. Flights to Copenhagen ('(lll he/oum/ on the British .‘lil'lt'dl'fi' tt'ebsite starting/font around [200. See britislt-uint'u_vs.t'omjor more details.

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Not for nothing is ()slo recognised as one of littrope‘s most diverse cityscapes. (‘hoose l'rom vibrant city life and ljords located amidst wooded wilderness. Tourist l'avorites include _ the Vigeland Sculpture Park and the t ' V Viking Ship Museum. Norway's best A 1 ~ " " kept secret. though. is sculptor Gustav l i J A Vigeland and his park. It houses around 2()() sculptures and his popular work depicts the full range of human emotions. A walk from the train station takes you past ()slo's cathedral. Norway's parliament. the Grand Hotel. where Nobel Laureates sleep and Henrik lbsen drank. and finally up to the Royal Palace. where visitors are invited to walk around the grounds. For tipples and food head for the Akershus Fortress across the harbor with its wide variety of dining and drinking opportunities.

August sees a slight change of pace for the city as the capital sits back and relaxes in a festival glow. This month. the annual Mela (2()—-22

August) welcomes [)1 NAD to the helm so expect a suitable mix of

Banghra. Bollywood. hip hop and R&B. Choreographer Tehreema Mitha also makes a welcome appearance. See for full details.

l’liglttsfi‘om Glasgow to ()slo (an hejouml on Ryanair it'ebsite starting at £9.99. See tt'tvtt:Ijvanaitzeomfor details.

And linally slightly further afield. Toronto is a veritable playground. with a broad mix ol' attractions. museums. galleries. theme parks and markets. And no prize for guessing that Toronto's (‘N Tower is one of the city's main tourist gems. Weighing in at an extraordinary l3().()()() tons it‘s equal to the weight of 23.2l4 large elephants and features glass l'loor. restaurant. cafe and observation landing.

Toronto. whose native North American name means 'meeting place'. is located on the northern shores of Lake Ontario. the easternmost of the (ireat Lakes. With a population of 4.2m. Toronto is Canada's largest city and financial capital. Fora spot of history. the Royal ()ntario Museum collects and exhibits the cultural and natural history of Canada and the world. The collections are diverse in their subject matter and number more than live million pieces.

The International Film Festival (9—18 September) has long been a pull for tourists and locals. And with big name stars like Sam Rockwell and Sir Ian McKellan making an appearance last year. this is definitely a jaunt the big name players are willing to embark on. Why not join them‘.’ Flights front (ilusgott' to Toronto can be found on the Zoom it'ebsite starting at {I ()9. See it'u'tt:fl_v:o(

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