Never mind Eminem, rook’n’roll is the true

. h -.._ sound of the Motor City and, as Doug

Johnstone finds out, THE DIRTBOMBS are at the very heart of it all.

epeat alter me: there is no such thing as the Detroit garage rock scene. .\'ow )ou're qttalilied to he part ol the Detroit garage rock scene.

Ask .lack White. the Von Bondies. lilectric Six. the Detroit ('ohras or Detroit ('it} (‘ottncil (guess where the} ‘re l'rom‘.’l and the} ‘II sa} there's no such thing.

.-\sk Ben Blackwell. drummer of Detroit garage t‘ockct‘s the l)il'lhottlhs. and [his is what he s;l_\s: ‘There are hands that are friends and that go to each other's shows. Sotne people think that's a scene. I reth don't care what people think. _\ott know"."

()l‘ course. there is a massi\c Detroit garage rock scene. and the Dirthomhs are right at the heart ol‘ it. The hand are the latest project of Detroit \eteran Mick (‘ollins and amongst their ranks is Jim Diamond. iiher—producer of nearly e\‘et‘_\ Detroit hand around. The hand ha\e l‘L‘iC;l\L‘ti a split se\en inch single with the White Stripes and the} lime songs called '.\lotor ('it_\ Bahf and ’Broke in Detroit t.-\gainl'. It’s sale to sa_\ the} ’re part ol‘ the scene.

One thing all the Detroit hands mentioned lime in cotnmon is their \‘iscet'al. kick-ass. old school approach



Barrowland. Glasgow. Wed 25 Aug



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to rock‘n‘t'oll. But while the White Stripes ha\e gone for the less-is-niot‘e approach in terms of hand memhcrs. the opposite is true l‘or the Dirthomhs. who ha\ e two drummers and two hassists hacking up ('ollins in his l'ull-l'rontal guitar and shriek attack.

'I think .\lick wanted to do something he'd ne\ er

seen hel'ore.‘ sa_\'s Blackwell. ‘.-\nd he wanted to he ahle to hate one complete rh}thm section lall apart and still have another one hack him up.‘

It's something that ol'ten happens in Dit‘thomhs shows. which Blackwell descrihes as “loud attd chaotic. hut a good loud and chaotic‘. One thing that

second record. ('lmtg/itlt' in Black. an entire alhutn of soul standards in a garage rock st_\le. So it _\ou want to hear Martin (Ea) c. (‘urtis .\1a_\'lield and Stevie Wonder tunes pla} ed as it h} lw‘o entire White Stripes lighting each other (and who the hell wouldn‘t?) then this is the shit lot“ you.

King Tut’s, Glasgow, Thu 26 Aug.

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sets the Dirthomhs apart l'rom their contemporaries is the hands |o\c ol soul. something the} indulged on their

LUCKY JIM Whistlebinkies. Edinburgh. Sun 1 Aug 0000

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Release@8tudio 24. Edinburgh. Sun 1 Aug 0000.

Bad name, good tunes

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