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Looking in the Distance

i ::'~- .000 ANTHONY HOROWITZ This intriguing and highly thought- The Killing Joke provoking little tome is intended as i’ w r O a companion piece to Richard Holloway’s fascinating Godless ' , : 1" w ' ~~ Morality, in which he made the I v " i r 1)" r r case for keeping religion out of : r . l' . " ethics. Looking in the Distance : w H . l r ' r ' ti attempts to do the same thing for an in : ' ' ‘i spirituality, and examines in detail 2 .' z i r ' ~ r the concepts of modern spirituality w ' r .r ' ' in the absence of a traditional t' ' ii i " if religious context. u r v i n'u‘r iirt Many might think that it has no :w ‘r-iiw w : ior .i 'riislr ilitllitr‘, rims meaning outside of religion but i tit/i. r: a r md is to troutiled ,oiing «our»: Holloway (retired Bishop of . ° .‘ in 1 li‘ ,t rm tin/l thit illtll‘: llil"i (Lilitomizir‘ Edinburgh turned presenter, .zlwwrw; M“ r "w,- lio'i‘ .‘.":(iltl‘i and length. journalist and author) convincingly t. mi m; r' iw- trail traiiisiana numb. as argues differently, tending towards to It', i win lrirwis are tilllff a fonivard-looking, humanistic

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approach and trying to find a way through today’s miasma of conflicting moral codes and belief systems. All this sounds a bit heavy on the old grey matter, but Holloway is good company on the journey and a clear and concise writer, something absolutely vital when trawling through such muddy waters.

Looking in the Distance is probably his most personal book to date and, as a result, his most powerful. It is not intended to be a comprehensive overview of

spirituality today - rather one man’s take on a world that seems to him confused and unsure of where it’s going. There are occasional omissions as a result, and there is probably too much emphasis on the Western Christian paradigm (both for and against) at the expense of other world religions, no doubt inevitable given Holloway’s background. But for all that, Looking in the Distance displays the keen intelligence, caring heart and lively soul of its author, and does so in a book as life affirming as it

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