I was pleased by the good revrew The List gave my play. When the Bu/bu/ Stopped Singing. For this I thank you. I‘m writing to correct a point of

fact that appeared in the piece.

‘Political Theatre'. published in The List Edinburgh Festi'va/ Gurde (included with issue number 499) in which you wrote that the piece came about as a result of the time the playwright. David Greig. spent in Palestine. The fact is that David was in Palestine prior to the events on which the play was based. His adaptation is based on the book of the same name. published by Profile Books. based on the experiences of the undersigned during the month of invasion of my hometown Ramallah in Spring of 2002.

Raja Shehadeh

Ramallah. Palestine

ART SWOONERS Whilst heartened by evidence of new writers on visual arts in your magazine. not to mention its increased profile (welcome in particular for contemporary art) in your pages. I must express surprise at the froth- at-the-mouth effusion within your Festival review pages (issue 12—18 August).

Here was I. awaiting some critical navigation of the many gallery and off-site exhibits on offer during the Festival period but instead I‘m none the wiser from these rosy (secondary) previews.

The drill for serious Festival

2 THE LIST 19—26 Aug 2004


The List,

14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE

or The List at the CCA

350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G2 3JD

or email editorOlist.co.uk

goers is to rely on revrews from y0urs and other publications as to where to take our feet (and purse). With the first Edinburgh Art Festival upping the ante for vrsual arts alongSide the other festivals, it would be great to see The List give the healthy Visual arts community in Scotland a better quality of criticism. It can take it.

Trudy K



What with this Fringe thing on at the moment. I might forgive the great staff writers of The List for the occasional error. However. Rachael Street should get out from behind her keyboard and let her wicked sense of humour wild on the Fringe going public.

I appreciate that you don't really know that much about football. and I know footie's featured in these pages over the last few months. but the joke about Aberdeen being a 'candidate for that coveted third spot' was as priceless as anything Ricky Gervais might come up with. In fact. Rachael should go straight to the top of the comedy Hitlist.

Bob Doolally has been looking for material like this for years. Rachael should call his agent pronto.

Jon G


Actually. the opinion was written by The List's deputy editor Brian Donaldson, who pens all our SPL listings. The item appeared in a listing for the Hearts v Aberdeen match. Let's imagine then, for the sake of argument. that you 're a Hearts fan. After the jOy/QSS 0-0 draw meted out by the two teams in that game (Observer: ‘both teams got from the game precisely what they deserved 'i. there '3 a good chance your analysis applies to both teams.

GUEST LIST Good pictures of The List party in today's issue. What a night!

Thank you. I had to get even/thing db. cleaned the next day

Sheridan Humphreys Edinburgh


In our listing (Escape. 5301 l for Velvet Betitigue. the showcase of Scottish designers. we gave the wrong address for the venue. Merchant's Hall. In fact it's on Hanover Street. But fear not: the event lasts until 20

Si It i A 1 1“ "| I 'It ' I it ilk-I'M ' AI ' lisfir‘ii'il.’ Sg-"o It 9 x ll‘..f$fnit'."i ' I‘IIIT I"I .\

if” (00%". [t‘t‘i‘r‘i‘flw «ti‘x’ii .eiiue. Meir will ii ll 0 xi l'n'l. III litII ltt.‘".'. .'.' stated correz‘tl. t'lii’. 13"u~-.~-ri‘. as at Aurora Noxil r! S Stephens.

PLAYFAIR CONTEMPORARY ART SHOCK Having read With Interest your editorial on the Mayfair Project (iSSLie 499). | write in answer to some of the concerns raisi 41 about exhibiting Within this development. It is true that the galleries of the Royal Scottish Academy Building have been beautifully restored. But can I draw your attention to the beautiful set of lower galleries which have already proveri to lit: a successful exhibition space for contemporary art. Dunn!) Summer 2003 the RSA brought a maror exhibition of paperworks by leading US abstract expressionist Helen Frankenthaler to Scotland. This was the first show of Frankenthalcr's in the UK for some 30 years.

Further to this. the RSA are working hard to continue presenting new innovative art Within the Royal Scottish Academy Building. Beginning during the Festival 20W, and continuing into audience partICipation (Alec Finlay.. sound (Scottish/Finnish 50 artist jUkObOX extravagan/ai. performance (with the SSA) and . . . yes . . . FILM works (by new gr‘aduatesif Also ‘New Architecture. the 'RSA Student Exhibition and exhibitions for young artists such as Delia Baillie. vihose recent solo exhibition drew more than 14.800 Visitor‘s during its short


This series. loosely banner-titled 'Proiects'. looks at the differing collaborative ways in which art is made Il‘ Scotland today and. we feel. is the most exciting, lOT‘i‘JHTfI'Iffliklllf; development to happen in the RSA Building to date.

The RSA Will give the Opportunity for younger. less established artists from across Scotlaan to showcase in this

world class exhibition space.

So. no need to panic. The RSA '.‘.//// show post-war art We will continue to present and promote new Scottish art. .Jr .st

maybe not in a way in which we

have done in the past.

Colin R Greenslade Exhibitions Coordinator

The Royal Scottish Academy Edinburgh


Hch South to 35 South - (ireat ('hilcan \Vines



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