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wa‘w Dundee Contemporary Arts

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Account Co-ordinator £40,000

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Scotlaner pi'i-stige-peopli-.eii.iik or call ill.” .UI 284‘)

For an information pack, or to arrange an informal discussion about the post, please contact Sharon Nicholson on 01382 433265.

Closing date 17 September 2004.



[)CA is supported by the Scottish Arts Council and Dundee City C(HIIHle

Front of House Duty Manager Usher Hall, £15,582 - £16,866

You will work with the l ront of House Manager to provide a wide range of front of house services as well as deputising on occasion for the front of House Manager. You must be an excellent communicator and will be able to demonstrate your commitment to serving the public and dealing with a wide range of people in a venue based environment. Contributing to the management of the front of house operations you

Creative, energetic

and motivated person

required to assist in thr- administration. (le\./el()t)rrir:rit The Tron Theatre requires a full time and promotion of a small award Winning (lesion offim: You should be interested Ill architecture and design, 1dr:

ally wrth some previous office administration or PR experience Known/ledge of

A highly organised individual is required to support the Box Office Manager with all aspects of running one of Glasgow's busiest ticket sales operations, management

W'” m fi‘b'“ to Work “5 part Of a {mm m . . of the Box Office team, liaison with other companies . MYOB A . i t s . Word and ccounting prcssuriscd cnvrronment. develop and maintain and venues and with the Tron,s senior mane emem ? ' targets and standards, carry out ' g ' SON/are 8” advdltmqri baliking/accounting duties for staff and stock and Must be a team player able to take responsibility and A inn-lime DOS'IIOn may I)“ manage the cleaning rota for the building. work f|exib|e hours. Theatre Box Office and Customer consrdered. Service experience essential Please reply I” WWW

You must have previous experience of managing and training staff. It is essential that you have knowledge of current health and safety practice. a commitment to the highest standards of customer care is essential. A working knowledge of IT packages and the internet is desirable.

Ref: CL2355

enclosmg a CV to City Design (Io—operative Applications by CV and covering letter to: 4 North Coun. Glasgow Gt QDP Applications to reach us by 31 August 2004

Experience of Databox desirable.

Kathryn Bradley Box Office Manager Tron Theatre

63 Trongate Glasgow General (31 5H3 Assistant required 3il;i_\\ a \ieek loi‘ multiiiietlia publishing: eoiiipaii} Closing date Wednesday 18th August 2004 with wimp. rclnml atmosphere. l)llllc'\ to include admin and ii\\l\llllj1 with sales and iiiai'ketiiig. .\Iust be keen and personable u ith initiatne. common

TO in ca" \L'II\L'. (t gliiitl pllllllt' manner

0 1 3 1 on

O1 31 467 2032.

For further information and an application form, please telephone (0131) 529 7837. or e-mail quoting the relevant

reference number,

The closing date for receipt of completed application forms is 3 September 2004.


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