I Enjoy singing? Friendly small ehoir w eleomes new members. Rehearsals 'l‘tiesday eyeiiiiigs. Milngayie. starting

7th September. ('oiitaet l-i'aser (iold. Milngay ie elioir. 0l4l

950 3950 w w wiiiilii

gay ie-ehoirikeoiii

Edinburgh Bach ChOif w eleoities new members. ('oiiiiiig season inelttdes works by llattdel. Baeh. l’oulene. Byrd. ('onie along to an open rehearsal. Saint (ieorge's West ('htireh. Shandwiek l’laee. lidinburgli. 7.30pm. 7th September 2004. Auditions arranged to still. (‘ontaet David Russell, 0131 337 5016.

Musichouse Productions. Record your ('l) in a warm. friendlya‘elaxed atmosphere. l’erfeet for solo artists/singer songwriters as we can arrange. produee and perform the baeking for your songs with our top quality session iiitisieiaiis.

Call John 0141 337 2358

Close-Up Magician. (live your guests. customers or clients an unforgettable enter- tainment experienee. Ideal for weddings. private functions or eorporate ey'ents.

Tel: 07815 083 670.

Footygram -

The gift that seoresl litioty'grattts sotttid just like football radio broadeasts. except the star player is your friend or loy‘ed one. \"isit:



Heart centred meditation. A natural path of transformation from within that balances spirituality with ey'ery'- day life. No fees. ()pen to all regardless of background or persuasion. (‘ontaetz 01875 830 358 (Edinburgh) or 0141 579 5926 (Glasgow).

43 THE LIST 19—20 Aug 220-1



flats to let


Carole Smith/Anne Goring Tel: 01620 810 620 email: or write to 3, Llnkylea Cottages, Glfi’ord, East Lothlan EH41 4PE.

I Stone built cottage. One bedroom unfurnished. 5 miles south of Edinburgh. 5 minutes walk from Straiton retail park and lkea. Reeently renoyated. new kitelien. floors and (i(‘ll. Bathroom ineludes bath and shower. Large mature seeluded garden. No stiiokers. pets or l)SS please. £500pem+("l‘+Bills. Ayailable lst Sept.'lel10l3l 440 W02 or 07732 l2l 350

Festival lets

I Festival Let. Centrally loeated flat off Broughton Road. one double bedroom. one double sofa bed. Bathroom shower/ separate toilet. (i(‘ll. l)(i. all mod eons. n/s only. elose to supermarket. £200- L‘300 per week. 'l‘el: 0| 500 885 I07 or 07870 437 800.

Flats for sale

BF1, 41 East London Street, lidinburgh lill7 4B\\'. “37.500 fixed price. Attraetiy‘e basement flat with period features form- ing part of traditional New Town tenement. with loy'ely' shared garden to rear. llall. liy - ingroom. fitted kitehen. double bedroom. shower—room and excellent storage faeilities. \i'iew'ings 'l‘hursday‘ 74). Sunday

2-4 or call 07855 081 890.


I Merchant City. Attractive, light. fully fur- nished one bedroom flat. all mod eons. double-gla/iiig. (’ll. Suit professioiialtst £450pem +bills +tleptisil. 'l‘el: (ll-ll 552 8094 or 07814 713497

I Refurbished furnished flat in Rannoeh Street. (‘athearL double bedroom: bathroom tw ith show eri: lounge and kitehen; eooker; iiiierowaye: refrigerator; w ash- ing maehine: IX}: till; immedi- ate entry. L‘330 pem. 'l‘elephone 07080 070 835.

I Glasgow, Govanhill. Nice one bedroom turiiislied flat. first floor. quiet eoi‘iiei post tioii. elose to amenities. rental Lifillpgm, 'Ielj 0"qu 200 (NH

Pollokshields. Large airy HI" 2 bed llat ayailable now. Ui00peiii. luseelleiit amenities. transport links. (i('ll. seetit'e door entry. burglar alarm. shared garden.

Tel: 07779 781 371

I City centre flat ioi retit. l.ti\tiry l bedroom ltlll_\ tiii' nished. L450 iiieliisiye peiii 'l'el‘ 07703 322 732

I Hyndland flat to let. .\‘/s preferred. .2 double betlrtiottis. reeeiitly refurbished bathroom. liyiiig room with ’|'\'. DVD. (i('ll. In eseelleiit eoiiditioii. l-'/l’. £000peiii +bil|s +("lfl Deposit and relerenees required. lel: 07745 ()I‘II00

I To rent in lbi‘os. (ilasgow: .-\ttraeti\ e. spaeiotis 2 bed i'ooiiied traditional tenement flat. .\'ewly deeoi'ated. fully for— nished. sanded floors. eseellent storage. Double gla/iiig. (i('ll. seetii‘ity system. shared garden. (iood transport links 8 ameni- ties. .\'o l)SS. L450pein. lel: 0H l 33‘) 00 l 8


I Attractive fully fur- nished spaeious l bedroom flat eentrally loeated elose to uni/Arthur's seat L450pem +bilIs. .-\yailable September to mid January. 'l'elz 0|3l 007 380‘)

Edinburgh Broughton: modern 2-bedroom bright and airy furnished flat. eseelleiit eoiidition. lounge. kitchen. good storage. off-road parking. £550pem. 'I'elz0l 3| 33‘) 59M Mob:07779 161 035

I Leith Walk - Bright and sunny. furnished. 2 double—bed- rooiiied Ilat with large lounge. spaeiotis kitehen/diiiing area. lileetrie shower. seetirity eiitraiiee. .-\\ailable end August. (‘all/tsl lillen on 07000 505 b’l0.

One bedroom flat iii lidinbtirgh New Town for rent. Quiet with speetaetilar View s. Would stiit non-smoking professional/eritiple. .>\yailable start ()etobet'. £550 pem pltis bills.

Contact 07967 323 328

I Buccleuch Street - central llat. Very large doti- ble bedroom ayailable 8th September in flat sharing with one other. laying room. large kitehen. bathroom. separate we. (ias heating. Rent £325.00 pem. Tel: 01908 082203.

I One bedroom flat in lidinburgh Bi'oughton area. l‘/l". priyate garden. £435/iiionth all inelusiy e. .-\y ailable from July. l-‘emale only. (‘all: 07720 ()2 508l /07702 580 530 / 0l3l 557 4245.


I Freshly decorated room iii spaeioiis tlat with too! teiiate. Broadband .\ own show ei (iootl tiaiispoit links. elose to eeiitie Sliaie with its young piotessioiial gay .otiple L 300 pm est liidiiig plil 0‘81] 3*" (~83 attei 0 30pm I West End room iii lti\iiiy llat sharing with l othei liilly tiii iiislied. \aiiiislied tloois. sitting room l’iotessioiial iis wanted L350 pent ine (‘l lel 07748 3‘71 ‘II I

I Huge fully furnished tooth in lrieiidly \\ood|aiids tlat. t lose to eeiitie. tiiideigioiiiid .\ aiiieiii ties L200 pem lel 0l~1I Sol “3‘73~

I Large luxury loft style apartment to sliaie. adlaeeiit to Kingston bridge ()iiiet pioIessioii ttl \Hllt lelelelly'es wanted L-lllll l‘etii. all iiieltisiye 'lel 07050 2‘2 704.

I West End, double iooiii iii beatitiliil. large. 3 bediooiii. gai deii llat. quiet street iii llillliead. all iiiod eons. tiimble dryei. dish washer. (i('ll. ayatlable now L285 l‘cm +("lflel1 07705 32 3 0 33

I Room in refurbished eeti tral \Vest l'.tid Ilat. all niod eons Sharing with l otliet. siiit iis pio Iessioiial graduate l'tIll} Iur nished. L300 pent. 'lel' 0l4l 33‘) 3838.

I Flatmate wanted for mom lIl spaeiotis bright its 2 bedroom llat. \ear ls'ely iiibiidge tiiidei ground. all mod eons & paiking Sharing with 1 other. [250 pent i ("l. + bills. lel. lll~ll ‘H0 0505. I Bright spacious double room in 3 bedroom flat. neat (‘haring (toss. all iiiod eons. qtttek walk to etty eetitt'e. easy going. II/s [tl'tilessloltal pt'elet'ied to share with a maple. L350 peiii + bills. lel 07000 4-108“)

I Room in quiet \\est taut llat. sharing with 2 young protesr sioiials. 10 minutes Iroiii tube sta tioiis. L250 pem + bills. lel: III-II 9-10 (HUN e\ L‘lllllg's

I Gay friendly flatshare. Refurbished llat iii \Vest l'.lltl. Large double room ayailable with eiistiite shower room. Shared lsllellell. (i('ll. 5 iiiiiis to l'tiiyei'sity. £350 pm. lel: Ilfl‘ll‘) 0| 7 058.

I West End, large room iii big Ilat. lounge. shower room. kitelieii. garden. parking. £255 pm. Stiit sttideiit iis. 'l‘el: 0l4l 334 8022.

I Double room in Shaw lands llat. sharing with 2 iii pi‘otession- als. Seeking similar its oeeiipaiit. £250 pm + deposit + bills. :\\ailable Sep. lel: 07743 342 335.

I Room in friendly retur- bished \Vest l'.ttd llat. near tinder- groiiiid. All mod eons. sharing with 1 other Stiit its professional graduate. l'lIll_\ Itirnished. £300 pem. Tel: 0797" 234 82‘).

I West End, luxury tlat. pro- fessional wanted to share with 1 other in soeial atmosphere. double room. all mod eons. parking. L320 pm + bills. 'l‘el: 0‘80 303 I21 I. I Room in spacious deeot'aIA ed flat in Queens Park. £340 pem all ineltisiy e. ineluding eleaner. e\eluding telephl btll. 3 shared rooms. 2 bathrooms. Share with I

otliei lel Ill 1'. 133 2* 3,‘ I Partick. Wanted: f ns li‘t dotible iooit. iii tiilly 'Li'iiished tlat. to shaie with oiliei \ew kittlieii .\ l‘.tlltfi‘ ‘II‘. (‘1 lk-I ii‘o‘i llhll ssii

I Flatmate wanted to stun.- l.tI_‘_'t' “Us! l lltl llal l .tIz't' .li'tll‘l.' iooiii. sliated loititce kit. li.'i‘. powetsliowei .\ all Ilii‘tl tons 12*0ptiiiiii. I l lel III l'. ils («Vs

I Friendly flatmate want- ed lot (ilasjjiwy lla'. l t".ill‘.'\' .tli iiiod tons. ( it ll. kit. lteii bath iooiii \iiit piotessioiial iiiattiie student {2‘0 ii. iii let 0 '0'. \ '0 sjs

I Gay guy wanted to slt.iIt‘ \\lllI [\lt‘lt‘ssti‘llal H) ( il.I\‘.‘t‘\‘. etty eetitie ltisiiiioiis iiiodeiii tlat with tat paikiiig t, 1‘0 pt lli lel it“soooo for.

I Large, bright room .t\.tll able in \leithaiit (its. ltlll\ tiii Iitslied. double bed. iiiiiioied waidiobes. owii plil liiie a'.ailable Il ieqtiited t 100 I‘tlll lel III II <53 08 to .a II ‘oso th 0.“

I Langside, suit profes- sional, siiiait bediooiii iii 3 bed iooiii llat. sliaied kittheii w Illl liee/ei. lllt z'e. \\ \1. [Nb towaye ete. batliiooiii with showei. ( it ll. good bits 8 tiaiii links I.‘ tiieltisiye lel 0 VIII \18 '30

I Gay friendly student lt'tllltlt'tl. lti sltatt' .‘ ltt‘tltinittl. Sotitliside Ilat. easy attess to tow ii Iioiii l aiigside Station. must like eats L220 peiii t bills ~ deposit lel Illi‘l‘l ‘22 331

I Female flatmate wanted to sliate beaiitittil tlat iii (;'o\|. s \Vest l tid. iooiii is pait ltIIIttsltt'tl. \aiiiislied tloois i\ all iiiod tons Kill” l‘s'lii o ("l s bills lel

(RUSS ()33 38S

IWest End, large mom III big llat. sepaiate big lttllltt't'. sliowei iooiii. kittheii. gaideiis. easy paikiiig. stiit it s student. .iyailable \ttgtisl I.“ [\lil lel III-ll Ht so):

:300 pit: i:i

38 pint


I Single room for It s gay friendly tlat iiiate iii iiiodeiii. eoiiitoitable tlat iieai llolyiood sliaiiiig with piotessioiial male who t'ttliiys a 'l ,isty' litesty le l’i’iyate paikiiig. owii B'l liiie ‘42"5 peiii s (‘l lIItllI\I\t' ot ltllls. lll ll (ifil {252

I Room to let lIt llal slt.tlt' lamaled tie\l to \leadow s Seeking Sitetal Responsible l’tiil Sorry. NI) l)SS oi Stiideiits Reiit Ll'l s l)eposit.('l tk Bills (‘oiitaetttl 31 4'8 ll l l

I Double room in Night eeo lt‘ietidly flat in (ioigie Its preferred. L250 peiii s. bills lel 07905 I47 552.

I Leith Shore, n/s, innit-s stotial letiiale to share with 1 other. iii spaeious. ltl\tll_\ tlat. own bathroom. all mod eons. parking. ayailable Iioiii September. £400 pem lIlthItlt's ("l isliills.'lel:It"88520102 I Murrayfield, n/s, pro- fessional male or lettiale to share with 2 otheis. all iiiod eons. iiieltidiiig sky is l)\ l). gai den. garage 8 good has iotite. ayailable end ot August. L 375 pent ineltisi\e. ’lel‘ 0780] 49‘) “‘28.