I Canonmills, professional required, tor‘ large. \unnx. doti— ble room. L300 pem + ("l' + lilll\. 'l’el' 0131 55b "‘83.

I For Festival, double room lll rrioder'ir. \liliii} ilat. attr'aetrxe location. l,erlh. all mod eortx. r'exr- dent land lord. male. 5|. axarlable riirrriedratelx. tr|| earl} September. on a xx eeka baxrx. {I50 pxx lliegollablei. 'lel: 07803 (L13 5-15. I Quiet double room in \exx llaxen ilai xxrih labtrlotrx \ea \ lt'\\\. all rriod eorix. Still Pl'lilt'S- \ronal/poxt grad i. {300 pent. all brllx lllL‘lll\i\L‘ except plil. 'l'elz

til ‘1 55| 5308.

I 2 rooms in lovely l.eith llal. geh, Still in pr'oiesxional l'. long term pr'eler‘r‘ed. £350 pern iiie. ("II 'l'el: 0| 3| 553 (x573.

I Short term lease im- pro- l'exxronal in \lliltl'l |.eith llal. large double room xx rth enxuite \hoxxer'. Shared amenities xxith | other. £370 pm + billx. Tel: 079M 088! I2.

I Double room in latitaxtic nexx Ix r'enoxaied tk \paeiotix West lind mexxx flat. Share xx ith l I'riendlx i'emale. Ul5 pem + bills + ('l + l till agene) lee. 'l'eli 07977 777 097.

I Friendly, 30yr old lemale. ii/\ xegetar'ian. seeks llat mate .r\S.-\l’. for eolouri'ul. modern flat in Restalrig. good \i/ed double bedr‘oorii. pr‘ixate parking. £300 pein + ("l~ + billx. 'l‘el: 0| 3| 555 3 l 53.

I Young professional wanted ior \ingle room in een- ti‘allx located llat. Share xx ill] 3

eaxx going girlx in us ilal. £330 but + ("l e bills. .-\xar|able Septemlwr. 07751 807' 009,

I Double room in central nexxlx built liat. xxith parking tk diar‘ed garden. Sharing xxith I outgoing. irrendlx 1. Student pi'e» lClTL'kl. [.395 [Will + tleplNl. 'I‘el: 079(i8 F7507.

I 2 rooms in Jopah to draw xxith | other. £350 pm. Strrt lr'rendlx mdix ltlllltlx xx ho Iix e a L‘liIISL'lL‘lllllilh |ix e. medrlatoi'x xxeleome. 0|3~| (357 3545.

I Sunny single room in \Vext lind lurnixhed liat. \har‘e xxith 3 other. £355 pern + billx. .-\\ai|able 13 Sep. Tel: 07900 Zol 89l.

I Leith double room, \tlil- able for l perxon. |.ixing room. kitehen. bathroom xx itlr \lioxx er. (i months minimum. Ground floor propertx xx ith garden. (3(‘ll «k l)(i. close to amenities. £345 pern + lilllx. irte. ("II 'l‘el: 0|.il 478

l 130.

I Professional f 25-32 xxanted to share l.eith llat xx ith l other. .-\l| riiod eons. 3 bedrooms. 3 bathroomx. luxurx ilat. xxith parking. .-\xai|able Sep. £400 peiii ine. ("l‘ & lilllx. 07788 530 I03. I Haymarket, bright comfy double room in xpaeioux llat. \llll | or 3. Shared kitehen & bathroom. .-\|l mod eonx. (i('l|. no lii||\. £380 pern. ’l‘el: 0| 3| («)7 (x338.

I Room in fully furnished Morningxide ilat. sharing xx ith 1 other. Stiit xritriig pr'ol‘exxional. l'.\L‘C|lelil blix xerx iee «V prixate

parking. £380 pent 'l'el' 0"l3 ||(i.\

I Single student room iii \Pttellilh. triende lir'untxiield Hat 3 bathroornx. large kitchen |l\ rrrg room. (il'll a bike \lor‘age in flat. (lose to bus rotrlex. L330 pm + tulle 'l'cl 0"90 “(x |”.\

I Meadowbank, sunny double room in \paeioux Hat. \har'rng xxith | ir'iendlx i. \deoxx xxrth great xrexx. good location, Strrt _xoting pr‘oiexxronal. L375 + ("l' + l‘lllx. 'l‘el: n‘x‘o 412 “no, I Roseburn. Double room axarlable in smart ilat rn attraetixe area xx rth good parking. Share xxith relaxed. llxl}. exerting \mok- er‘l Still [il'lt|L‘\\ixili.’tl 35+, L35” pern + billx. 'l'el: 0| 3| to? 5094. I Large room available Ill 3 bedroorri flat in Stoekbridge. 'l'eI: om 230 Joan.

I Monday - Thursday, in \liilti'l |.eith llat eloxe llt tllk‘l’xS. large room xxith enxurte \hoxx er.

Shared amenities xxith | other. 'l‘el:

07903 USS ||3.

I Sunny, attractive room xx ith double bed in \paeioux i'r'iendlx ilat. lull} llll‘llhllt‘ll. (i('ll. all mod eorix. xxooden lllitll'8, 'lt‘li H7952 SI: 790

I 3 spacious rooms xx illi

x iexx axailable in September in eentr‘allx Ioeated ilat. Suit mature \llltlL‘lil/pl’lilt‘\\llillill for fun liai. £330 pern + ("l' + bills. 'l‘el: 07908 345 088 ex eningx & xx eek- eitdx.

I Sunny double room in lull) l'ur'nixhed liat. sharing xxith |

i. .-\ll mod eonx. parking axailable.

How to place a Flatshare ad

L350 o ("l' + |‘l|l\ le| 07939 088 hle

I Friendly flatmate want- ed ior li\ flat in laliia\lre eerilta| location xxith 3 i | large room .\

l ~ma|| room axarlable {3.13508 195 iexpeetrxelx * ("l v l\l||\ |e| 01%| 4“ o.\“xi

I Murrayfield. ns profes- sional to draw xxith 3 others \ll mod eons. garden. garage t\ ehm' lit ltlh l‘titllt‘\ { 5—5 iii; (3| \\ l‘ll|\. lel. “"le ~19” “3-\

I Pullworth, single room in i bed ilat. \llll u \. [‘I‘txlt'\\loiia| lemale. axailable l5 September U80 pern + l‘l|l\ «— ("l lel. 0771.1 55b 7 I Double room available ior' n/x [‘l‘lilt‘\\llili;ll. ir'om | September. in beatitiiul l'r‘mrtx llat. to share xxrth | other. good bus eortneetioiix t\ on street park mg. 3 Irxrng i'oomx. £385 pem a lilll\. 'lel: 0| 3| 553 0l58 or 0‘83] 333 (xiii.

I Double room in bright \pa L'lltth Hat. ltrll_x |lll‘lil\|lt‘l|. (i( 'll. great \lx‘\x\. looking ior ga_x i'r‘iendlx ilatmate. 30bit. must be in & xxor'king. Sharing xxrth l l. £335 pent + ("l' + l‘lll\ + deposit. 'lt‘lj 0| 5| 40— 9l58.

I Morningside, Double Room. £300 l’em + (‘t + lirllx Share l'ilat tk l,rxiug Room With Mature Student. l’rixate l’arking .-\\ai|able. Tel: 0151 4-1" 9904.

I Double room in n\ \unnx lirtrntxiield llat. .\'iee xiexx\_ all mod eons. to share xx l||l | other. £300 pm. bills ineluded 'lel: 0| 3| 4-17 0770


I New Town, mid 3m pro iewronal xxanted to dtare triende i|at xxith 3 otherx large double lxlt‘lll.|l\l||j_‘lx‘x‘lll.|\1|\|lt‘llt\ bathroom L ;00 [\lit o depoxrt lt‘l “l ;| 55b »|‘l5l

I Easter Road, bright rm rushed double room lli ground garden ilal \harrng xxith t .\ child Stilt rrx prolevrorral rrtaltrre \llixlt'lil L370 ptrrt o brlb lg] lil II no] 0311

I Canonmills, large room in shared ilat \lllxtlxx‘h xx eltorrre lpreietred 13-10 l‘xlll o l‘Ill\ x depoxri \liriirittrrii b Itrolllx |e| 0| :| 55" i305 alter (\I‘ill

I Friendly flatmate want- ed io draw 3 bed ilat near ll.ixrii.irket lirrght double room \\oir|d \llll n \ proiewronal L'3blipeiit . ('I ~ br||\ |e| 078%: HR .187 or 0| :1 {to ‘M‘ I Chilled professional wanted to \llalt‘ \trnrrx ground iloor l|al xxith one other .\ l .11 ill leith .\xar| end oi \ug (il "ll. l)(i L375 pent x |‘l|l\ o (‘l l)L'[‘ll\|| lt‘ti'tl lil il lab .“|\‘

I Room in modern \exxliaxeit llal Double bed \xrth oxxn bathroom Shared krtelien and lixing room Sun \S prolex \ional. t35lipt’iir ~ lil|l\ lel ll—‘lHI I‘ll 5&1

I Buccleuch Street - cen- tral I|al \erx large double bed room axailable 8th September in llal \harrng xx ilh one other

In rng room. large krlelren. bath room. \epal‘ale xxe (iax Iieatnig Rent L i35 00 peril 'lel 01908 083:“;

Got a room to rent? Then The List Flatshare service is for you. It's a reliable and successful way of advertising for a flatmate and what's more it's free, you only have to cover the cost of calling our Flatshare Hotline to place your advert.

Phone the Flatshare Hotline 09070 201 610 ;

You will be asked for:

1 Your name. address and daytime phone number including dialling code 2 Up to 30 words description about the flatshare including the room. rent. number of other occupants and type of person sought

3 A contact number for would-be flatmates to ring

Your advert will be published in the next available issue

The List is published fortnightly on Thursda

‘5 and weekly during the Edinburgh Festival. The deadline for 12pm Thursday 1 week prior to our publicat on date. All adverts placed after this deadline will appear in

If you have any queries or would like to confirm when your advert will appear please call our free

Terms & Conditions

Each telephone call will be charged at 75p per minute and should last about 3 minutes. Calls from non-8T and mobile phones may cost more. ‘Il you are unable to get through please en5ure that your phonellne is not barred from Premium Rate numbers. In the barring please contact your service provider or telecom company or use another phone. ‘Advertlsers must supply in" name and address (NOT for publication). 'Please note the Flatshare Hotline is for people seeking a flatmate. Only flatshare adverts will be accepted for publication, any adverts advertising whole rental properties will be removed. 'The List reserves the right to refuse or withdraw any advertisement at our discretion and without explanation.

lacing your Flatshare advert is t e following issue.

We advise that you do not give out personal details when receiving enquiries about your flat and always ensure you

have someone with you when showing people your property

44 THE LIST 19—26 Aug 2001