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I Unserious but serious at ttmex. xcienulic yet xpirrtnal and artixtic. old laxlnoned yet modern. maxcnline yet irt tottch \yith l'eminine xide. Male 33 \eekx Ietnale tllo\ No l’/5II2/I l


. I Saw You agaitt lit ittdie boy from the thnx call centre. l knoyy your name ix Ilarry. l’leaxe xay lti? l.ook lor the banattna. [7502/l

9 I Saw You in llrel on Friday 23rd July. .\le blonde. I‘ringe. xparkly top. big blue

ey ex. Yotr a taxte xenxation. tall. dark indie hair. yyltite parka. liancy a drink‘.’ [7502/2

0 I Saw You in the ('hinexe Bullet on Albion Street. I tried to xtarl a elteexeeake retolulion— yott had a great xmile. [7502/3 9| Saw You tall. \ery xlitn \yonian: long black hair. xily er

jeyyellery and yyarm xmile irt

Brel. Wed night June 23rd. I left tny xeat to accommodate your huge gang? .-\t leaxt that nteant I got to xmile at yott later in the bar. Fancy a calmer drink'.’ [7502/4

9 I Saw You on er' lrixlnnart at the Woodxide and thy llat 30/7. Yott \y ere tlte I‘unniext guy I'd met in agex. I yyax .x\\'etll_\‘. Wouldn't mind inxpecting your ll) bracelet again xoon. [7502/5 . I Saw YOU looking like a monkey. xo cute and meet eat- ing a banana? A Dutch girl loy'ex you? [7502/o

V I Saw You in the ('andy Bar. You were drinking (iuinexx. l was .xerying it. (‘ome back and “ink at me again... [7502/7

V I Saw You on tlte train to Ayr. Friday 30th July. You yy ere reading Pompeii by Robert llarrix and n teach drama. Would loy'e to carry on exciting cony'erxation oy'er a drink. [7502/8

0 I Saw You loy'ely' Martin Irom Kirkettdbright at Iled Kandi on the 7th .»\ugu.xt. Yott gay-e ttte your phone number bttt when I dropped my phone I loxt it. I really wanted to phone you. I’leaxe get in touch. Xx [7502/9

. I Saw You loyer bar/xecu- rity gtty in Yodka Wodka .-\xltlon l.ane 5/8. We chatted abottt the l)a Yinci Code. (let irt touch for a non-liction drink'.’ I). ['/5(l2/l()

9 I Saw You the girl yyith light-bro“ n hair yy ho yyorkx behind the (it)le on Tuexday nightx: I yy ant you tojoin my pttb qni/ team. W hat do yotr .xay“.’ I think you knoyy who I am [7502/l I

V I Saw You Sarah (I thinki l'rom DumI'riex. We met at (‘ottierx on Sat Aug 7th. You left before I could axk for your number. (io on beat on...hoatx againxt the current?? [7502/l2

V I Saw You (‘hrtx ('nrrte. yott xe\y mart? [3/502/l3

V I Saw You honext l xayy n. ltonext l tlltl I fit“ ll. really I tlltl. l tlltl lloltexl' k5”: l4

. I Saw YOU and l cart xee yoti. you xchemmg \yeegtex" .4\t leaxt yott made rne laugh like a l‘thltll‘tll You're tlte coolext (’ltt‘ixex tn loyyul l.o\e It'll. [7502/I5

0 I Saw You RY.-\.\'? My mum xayy you on Ilyrex Road artd I haye no yyay to contact yott. [7502/lo

V I Saw You .lexxlea. t'oaxler “I ??? You're the bext lrtend a girl could axk l'orl .\'o preamble. You're tlte greatext ttlttl e\eryone xltould knoyy ?? l.o\ e 'l‘ltacker. [7502/ l 7

V I Saw You l.anra. bttt rtot I-ol' agex? Where in the rtattte ol llaeltaraelt are yott'.’ Stigutatte chameleonx rule. .. [7502/ l S

V I Saw You...xtring? (crouch, xyyooxlt. xyyooxh. creep. . .ponnce? I Raaaaaaaarrrr? [7502/l‘)

V I Saw You yott might be a tyyink but yott lair hell it till! on .-\xhton l.ane- I xhottld knoyy l'm homelexx and hay e nothing. [7502/20

0 I Saw You underneath the I‘Ioorboard. nnderneatlt the xtair. \yorkng in 'l‘ennantx oI'l'xalex. \yith the ponytailed hair lnol Roxxl. call rue baby. [7502/21 0 I Saw You at lltkS. l2tlt July in Botanicx. (ilaxgoyy. You tall. xmoking cigarette irt green army jacket on path to left ol' xtage. You hay e a lowly prolile. [7502/22

0 I Saw You (iordon. 'l‘iger- 'I'iger l.achlan'x xtag do. n e Ialketl. danced. I didn't \y ant lo keep you from your matex. you lelt without my nttrnber? I'm gutted. come drink \odka yy ith rue? I’am. [7502/23


. I Saw You para el gttapo que hace one cada dia xea expe- cial. llaxta eI linal deI mttndo. [7502/2-l

V I Saw You K + R you gor- geoux people. I couldn't Ieaye you ottt. l’oyy er cutx R()('K? .\Iaan. K did yott leaye the men on‘.’ I'm xur‘e l xmell gax‘.".’ [7502/25

V I Saw You l.indxay 'the dixco dolly' at Booty lnxhoux Medina? So glad u made it. c ti again'.’ Xx [7502/26

. I Saw You lidinbnrgh. your pubx. your people. your nightx. your bridgex. your caxtle. your xmile. your tearx. your Ittxx. your xoul. your treaxure. your mixery bttt I “out xee it again. (ioodbye lidinburgh. Francexca XXX [7502/27

. I Saw You in Iidinbnrgh. l’rincex Street. You yy ere beauti- I‘ul and xuddenly you dixap- peared? There \\ ax a hole in the payement Hope you didn't httrt yourxell‘ or your xell' exteem. [.7502/28

9 I Saw You tall. blonde. yery xtyIixh (may be Italian) girl. yyalkin around the City (are. You: cttte. xexy. my xterioux.

. ,. I"? .34.. .. n.

tntmy. xyyeet. xmtnt. lrtendly. mterexttng .\le ltl\l another

guy We meet. we talk .md l taxte heay en on yotrr ltpx

lltert l \yoke tip .tnd nrtderxtood xlte tloexnt e\txl. Keep dream trig. [' 502 2‘)

V I Saw You xailor boy Duncan yott are a xe\y beaxt' mmyyah? \ [T502 30

. I Saw YOU III the l’etllllet‘ bron/ed goddexx ludmg under your xtntglaxxcx. (‘an I read yotr your rightx [' 502/il

. I Saw You on St l’atrtck'x day in the lion. I had the luck ol the ll‘l\ll that day' I loye \oll. .-\na. [7'502/32 ' i

V I Saw You on \Vext l’rexton Street. You; yy ere looking lot .t llattuale. Me: I \yax looking lot a llat. lt'x been more than a year ol pure on e and happmexx. Rellta l one \onl?? .'\nd l nuxx you??? t'rSnjm

V I Saw You tn the l’earlree on the IJth. .\leel tile on the bridge m the llotanrcx at noon on my birthday. I \y ant to tell yott xometlung my little poyy tlet‘kegl [7502/54

. I Saw You That internet cale. You keep gty mg the trek etx. bttt neyer yyitlt your nnnr berl lint xlia'.’ [7502/35

V I Saw You Srlyana. xaymg goodbye Io rue and I cried. lull I'm xure deeply irt my heart that \ye'l‘e not going to looxe ettell other. lirancexca \\\ [7502/3o V I Saw You xe\y min\ non ntignon babe. I'd on e 2 c u more olten n llonney laxx?? [7502/37

V I Saw You .lelly? You xltort. xmall eat‘ed xporty httnk ol

lnry e? Your bar trickx are lab. Sltoyy Ilte Iltoxe liaxi ltatltlxl [7502/38

. I Saw You Mike. On your laxl nigltt. (ioodby e I'l'ietltl. 'l‘lte tiger party \yill alyyayx be null you? .\'\\ [7502/3‘)

. I Saw You era/ed porn xtar man buying tne pintx o' .\Ii|lcr iii the I’eartree. l.ine dancm' xexy bonex? .‘\I.\I l'/502/-It)

U I Saw You the beattliltrl ('ltloe Sey lgll}. llelerta Bonham ('arter a: lake (iyllenhaal UI l’lanet Out on Monday 2nd Augtrxt. l)amn you're hot. I xtrppoxe a lour- xome ix ottt ol‘ the quextion. ..'.’ [7502/4l

. I Saw You at the Rainbow. yotl are my l)i-l.o. {7502/42 . I Saw You on your yyay to Brighton... yye'll utixx you doll. Keep a xpaee in your double tlkea'.’l bed tor nx. [7502/43

0 I Saw You Ruth. Rachael. Jack. Kate. Sarah & Diane? thodex roekx? X\ [7502/44

. I Saw YOU ('ltl‘ixxle boy yott lanky l.arry you xipping on 'l‘ennetx. I’ure dead Scottixh like ??? [7502/45

VI Saw You (0 Iilll yott mental Irixh barmaid. yye loy e you Kate anh? 'I‘ankx. tankx yery' much. [7/502/46

. I Saw YOU in lill I. To Mikey. Sandy. Batman. Orange. Sarah. Shana. Widgit. Katie. (iracey. Kama. Tom. Ant (‘5; limma. Thinking ol you all dur- ing the l‘extiy'al. Lolx oI loyc WJS. [.7502/47

"ya; .3120»: THE LIST 45