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RICHARD KELLY, the filmmaker behind DONNIE DARKO, is about to unleash a DIRECTOR’S CUT of his debut feature on the world. Paul Dale asks why, what

is the point?

nder bltie moon I saw you/ So soon you‘ll take me/l'p in your arms. too late to beg yon/()r cancel it. though I know it must he/The killing time/ l'nw'illingly mine.‘ :\nd so begins Richard Kelly 's tw'o-y'ear-old oddball ['8 indie lilick Donnie [Mr/w. Donnie (lake (iyllenhaal is on a bike and the Bunnymen are opening the panic book on this bi/arre (Ambrose) Bierce—ian tale ol‘ what may or may not

have happened to one small town lad in the 38 days oi

()ctober Wh’h’ when a six foot demon bunny started stalking him. Donnie Dar/m is acute. likeable. imaginative little curio whose odd delights and ambiguity seem to be a result of the fact that Kelly had to discipline himself to bring the film in at under two hours in order to see it released. But time has moved on and Kelly has now been allowed to release the version he originally wanted to which is something of a shame. For what Kelly has done is to insert a quirky slice of exposition via the clumsy device of page insertions from the story's Philosophy of Time Travel book. which tells us about ‘Tangent L'niverses'. ‘the Manipulated Living' and so on.

The film is still an absolute peach but the additions seem to negate its multilayered charms rather than adding to them and this seems to be the name of the game in that most dil‘l‘icult ot‘ propositions. the director‘s cut.

There is. of course. the James (‘ameron approach where you stuff in everything you can find on the cutting room floor and turn your once singular vision in a hlubbering mammoth or else there's the Ridley Scott school ot‘ thought where you trim and snip anything that time. age and economic acquired conservatism has told you doesn‘t work. Both approaches come down to the simple fact that the egotism and power have allowed these men to act on the one notion that mature.

12 .\" 5s...) .‘ 5V: .‘


sell conlident middle—aged men should never act on as the l'aces chorus to '()oh la la would hayc it: 'I wish that I know what I know now. when l was youngerf

In his del‘ence Kelly has recently said: "My original vision was always a kind ol' epic science liction tale but it had to be condensed to come in under two hours. l'ltimatcly l l'ound it impossible to tally communicate the story in under two hours but now I don't have a restriction on running time. hopefully audiences will be able to re—experience the lilm in a completely new way. With the new visual el‘l‘ects and new sound design I think it's something the tans will want to see on the big screen. It's all good though I'm not a tool. I haven't gone in there and botched the things that people love. Donnie does not shoot first l'm not pulling a Greedo.‘

Talking of Star ll'urs. news that George Lucas is actually currently working on a new CGI’d up version of his very decent early sci t‘i film THX [/38 is more than a little worrying. What monstrosity he will emerge with will have to be seen. but before he changes a thing he needs to remember that tilm. like all great art. should be emblematic and telling ol‘ its time and not jiist a carcass ol‘ regret that one can return to and re- liesh tor a new generation ol‘ rubbernecker cinemagoers.

'l'hat Kelly should join this sect ol' regretl‘ul older men at the tender age ol 28 is troubling. We just all better hope he redeems himsell w hen he delivers up his ‘dark. twisted. ambiguous. metaphysical science headtrip‘ ot a new movie. South/um! ’lii/es. later this \L‘dl’.

Donnie Darko: The Director’s Cut is on selected release from Fri 27 Aug.


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