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Edward Said: The Last Interview (PG) 0... (Mike (iibb. (K. 2003) Izdward Said. 210mm. Having been diagnosed with leukaeriiia in l‘)‘)l. thinker. writer and poleriiiscist Izdward Said survived. often in continuous pain. to write and lecture at a remarkable rate. retiring from ptiblic life a year before his death last September at the age of ()7. (the of his last engagements was this final. feature-length rnterv icw. conducted by the iournalist ('harles (ilass. ranging over his life and ideas. A treat for fans of free tliotiglit and Saitl himself. I’ilni/iouve. Edinburgh. Europa Europa ( 15) oo

(Agnies/ka llollarid. I"rance/(iermany.

l‘)‘)l ) Marco Ilofschneider. Julie Delpy. llalina I.abonarska. i l2niin. In an attempt to avoid the death camps. a young Jewish boy tries to pass himself off as a member of the Ilitler Youth. I)espite touching a few raw nerves on home territory. the films uses its ‘based on a true story" caption as the excuse for all manner of unbelievable coincidences and latigliable situations. A real disappointment. ('('.-f. (i/avgmr. Fahrenheit 9/11 (IS) 0000 (Michael Moore. IS. 2004) Mrcliacl Moore. (ieorgc W Biish. Donald Rtinisfeld. l.ila Lipscombe. l22niin. Another politically charged documentary frorii Oscar winner Moore. this time taking aim at the Btish administration. Moore sets to recreate the events that have letl its from the 2000 presidential election to the bloody (K‘Cllpitlltm of Iraq. l'ahrenheit ‘)/I/ may not have the ability to shift governments btit it‘s still an incredibly powerful. special voice of opposition and protest. It will also prove to be the highest grossing doctunentary of all time in America. without a doubt. Selected releaae.

Fear and Trembling (Stupeur et tremblements) ( 12) 000 (Alain (’oriieatt. France/Japan. 2003) Sylvie 'I‘estud. Kaori 'I'stiii. Taro Stiwa. Bison Katayama. Yasunari Koiido. Sokytr I-‘ujita. l()7min. See review. page l5. l-i/mhnuse. Edinburgh.

Festen ( 15) 0000 (Thomas Vinterberg. (iermany. 1998) lflomin. Made unde.r the banner of Dogme 95. a chief dictum of which filriiic manifesto is that the inner lives of the characters must justify the workitigs of the plot. iii this case the story of a country Iiotise party given to celebrate the ()0th birthday of rich patriarch Ilelge Klingenfeldt. Tensions surface before long and a disturbing family secret is revealed. Glasgow I-ilni Theatre. (ilas'goit'; Eilmhouxe. Edinburgh.

Fida (tbc) (Ken Cihosli. India. 2001) Pardeen Khan. Kareena Kapoor. Slialiid Kapoor.Triangular love story come white collar fraud Iieist filrii. l'nusual Indian movie from first time feature director (ihosh (who is well known for his excellent mUsic videos). that does not rely on the necessity for a happy ending so endemic to big name Ilindi films. Mtisic by Ant) Malik. (7C1 Edinburgh, Edinburgh.

Garfield (PG) 00 (Peter Ilewitt. CS. 2001) Breckin Meyer. Jennifer Love Hewitt. Stephen Tobolowsky. Bill Murray (voice). 81min. Dopey dumb ass version of the popular strip and TV cartoon. Not half as bad as you may suspect. though Murray is wasted. (ieneral release.

Ghosts of the Abyss 30 (PG) (James Cameron. CS. 2004) 59min. Documentary in which master storyteller James Cameron leads an expedition back to the site of his greatest inspiration the wreck of the legendary Titanic where nearly 1500 people lost their lives over a century ago. I'sing state-of-the-an technology developed specifically for the film. Cameron and his team are able to explore the wreckage and bring it to screen in .3D. The audience is able to experience an archaeological dive as if they were right in the dive ships or even as the crew 90 years ago. IMAX Theatre. Glasgow.

Greendale ( IS) 000 (Neil Young. US. 2004) Adam Donkin. Dylan Donkin. Eric Johnson. Ben Keith. 87min. Neil Young's musical look at the lives and struggles of people in the small fictional town called Cireendale. See Rough Cuts. page l2. Cameo. Edinburgh.

18 THE LIST 26 Aug-9 Sep 2004

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (I’(i) 0.. (Alfonso ('uai'oti. IS. 2001) Daniel Radcliffe. Richard (iriffiths. Pam lierris. liiona Shaw. (iary ()Idman. l-1lmin. It is the summer before Harry's third year at Hogwarts . . Selected I'('l('(l.\¢'.

0 Hellboy ( 12A) 0... ((iuillermo del 'l‘orro. IS. 2001) Ron Perlman. John llttrt. Selma Blair. l22min. See feature. page S and review. page l3. (ienera/ release.

0 Hiroshima Mon Amour t IX) (Alain Resnais. France. 1959) Iimnianuelle Riva. Iiiji ()kada. ()lmin. The romantic liaison between a French actress working in Hiroshima and a Japanese architect awakens the ghosts of her wartime relationship with a (icrnian soldier. First major work by a director who has altered the perception of cinematic time. here moving effortlesst through the flashbacks and flasliforwards of Marguerite Dttras‘ emotive script. (i/aygmc Eilnt Theatre. Glasgow; l'ilnihouse. Edinburgh.

Home on the Range it') 00

(Will Pinn. John Sanford. IS. 2001) Steve

Btiscenii. Judi Dench. (3W Bailey.

Roseanne Barr. 7(iniin. Rumoured to be Disney's final hand-drawn cartoon. Home on the Range is a traditional tale of the old West that follows the adventures of three mismatched ‘bovine bounty hunters'. Maggie (Barr). Mrs Tallow ay (Dcnch) and (irace (Jennifer Tilly). who set otit to track down a cattle rustler. collect some reward money and save their fariii from foreclosure. Likeable. if desperately dull. animation. A fairly meagre send off to a classic genre. (ieneral release.

I’m Not Scared ( 12A) 0000 ((iabriele Salvatores. ltaly/Spain/I'K. 2002) Aitana SaiicheI-(iijon. Dino Abbrescia. (iiorgio Carcccia. (iiuseppe Cristiano. Mattia Di Pierro, Diego .-\batanttiono. 108mm. Part horror movie. part political thriller. this haunting. eerie ll'hivt/e Down the Hind-style drama is set in the bankrupt rural south of Italy during the late 1070s. (il'‘<'tt()t; (iluaguu;

I, Robot ( l2:\) CC. (Alex I’roy‘as. IS. 2004) Will Stiiitli. Bridget Moynahan. James Cromwell. 1 15min. Director Proy as abandons Asimov 's philosophical conundrum of how to control evolving robots which have developed basic human emotions and nascent free will. Instead. we get car chases. punch-ups and Will Sriiitli doing his best Sidney Poitier impersonation. General release.

In the Cut ( IS) 0. (Jane Campion. L'S. 200.3) Meg Ryan. Mark Rtiffalo. Kevin Bacon. 1 18min. Rubbish erotic thriller. (‘C'L Glasgow:

Jetsons: The Movie it') 00

(William Hanna ck Joseph Barbera. I'S.

Ron Perlman and Selma Blair in Hellboy

I‘NI ) Will) the voices of (icorge ()'llanlon. Mel Blane. Penny Singleton. ’l'iffariy. Patric Zimmerman. S3rmn. America's favourite family of the future get a feature. (il'ttvi‘enttl‘. (ilttvgnii.

Joy of Madness (Lezate Divanegi) (P(i) .0. (Hana Makhmalbaf. Iran. 2003) Samira Makhmalbaf 73min. Documentary showing the backstage production of Samrra Makhiiialbaf ‘s recent filiii :ll l'il't’ in the sl/Iernmni. in Kabul. after the fall of the 'Ialilitiii regime. Iiverytliing was recorded with a small digital camera by Samira's 14-year-old sister Ilana. What a prolific. ambitious lot those Makhmalbafs are. ('(':l. (i/avgoit. The Jungle Book 2 it') 00

(Steve 'I‘renbirth. IS. 2003) Voices of: John (ioodman. Ilaley Joel ()sment. Mae Whitman. 7lmin. 'I‘epid. nostalgic sequel.

( '( 'I ('lvdebank. ('lv'debanl.

King Arthur ( l2.»\) 0. (Antoine I‘uqua. I'S/lreland. 2001) Clive Owen. loan (iruffudd. Kiera Knightly. l25min. The King Arthur myth revisited badly. (ienera/ release.

Knife in the Water ( lfiisssss (Roman Polanski. Poland. l‘)()2) |.eon .‘S'iemc/yk. Jolatita l'ineck'a. Zygmtint Malariowic/. ‘Mmin. Polanski came to prominence with this tight but imaginative three-character psychological study. A couple going on holiday pick tip a hitch- hiker aiid soon dangerous emotional games are being play ed. The director's simple approach keeps the tension high and iiielodramatics low. (amen. Edinburgh. Kyon Ho Gaya Na (tbc) (Samir Karnik. India. 2004) Amitabh Baclicliati. .-\ishwarya Rai. Vivek ()beroi. Rati Agnihotri. Our Part. l-‘un romantic comedy with a great cast of older Bollyw'ood veterans and younger llpctittllltg SlttrS. “(let)” it! the (jam. (ilaygmt; (i/avgmt .' ('('I Edinburgh. Edinburgh.

The Ladykillers ( l5) 0. (Iithan and Joel Cohen. IS. 2001) Tom Hanks. Irma P Hall. Marlon Wayans. l01min. Bland remake of Mackendrrck's 1955 Iialing classic. Bruntun Theatre. Edinburgh. Love Me if you Dare (Jeux d’Enfants) ( 15) O... (Yanri Saiiitiell. fiance/Belgium. 2003) (iuillaunie ('anet. Marion ('otillard. 'I‘hibault \erhaeghe. 93min. Julien and Sophie are a couple of outcasts. ’I‘eased at school they form a pact around a game of dare. whereby they must accept a challenge or else face a mighty forfeit. It is a game that gets them through adolescence. But age does not bring wisdom for these two and as they enter adulthood they continue their contest of wits with devastating results. A tough. fatalistic. energetic ode to that diseased line between love and madness. This was a huge l-‘rench box office smash that has been

a .uid it is not difficult to see why \( It. tt t: n It on

A Map of the Heart (Der Felsen) tIS)(Itomrnk(iiaf.(ieiirrany.2001) Kaiolrrie I-rchhorn. -\ntoitro Wanriek llhmm \\ lirle on holiday in t‘oistca. a yotrug headstrong woman breaks tip w rtlr hcr loiig trtiic partner and goes or) a drtiik and sex binge only to coure otit the other side w rtli a tender. difficult relationship w ith teenage delinquent who is bemg

compared to fun .'

rehabilitated at the island youth caiiip Is‘avv. fatalistrc drama which was a big hit at the 2002 lietliiiale (ilnvgon lilm [lit (are filthg'im

Merci Dr Hey i 15) O t \ndrew

I itvak. frame I S. 2002) Dianne \\ rest. Jane Brikin. Stanislas \Icihai. Btrlle ()gicr ‘llmui \\ her) 'I homas (Meihar ). the gay son of legendary diva I'll/.tl‘t‘lll Beaumont (Dianne \\ rest). witnesses the killing of .iii elderly man by a younger lovei things begin to get very strange lhen he meets skittish mov re dtib actress Penelope (Birkrn) and things get really bi/aire Self indulgent pseudo .r\gatha ('hristte style my steiy come thespo farce from the Merchant Ivory \ldl‘lt'. liltfl'g'ttlt I‘ll/H lllt illlt. (Iv/ti\'\'f’H

O The Motorcycle Diaries ( IR) .0. (Waltet Salles. l‘S.( ietmany’ I'K/I’erut .-\rgentma/( 'liile. 2001) ( iacl (iarcra Berrial. Rodrigo de la Seiria. \Ita Maestro. 2Smm, See review. page l5

.St’lt't It'tl I't'lt'tlyt'.

0 My Architect: A Son's Journey (I’(i)..... (Nathaniel Kahii. l S. 200-1) llomui. See feature. page I0 and iev revv. page l5. (i/avgow I'llHI llit'attt'. (i/nvgou North By Northwest (l’( t ) ooooo (Allied Hitchcock. I'S. I‘JS‘J) (‘ary (italil. live Marie Saint. James Mason. Martin Landau. 130mm. ()tuutesseritial llttclrcock cotuedy -actiorier with (iiaut perfect as the everyday adman pttclied into a freewheeling espionage adventtrre. in which nobody believes his innocence but he finds self worth and romance along the way. ('Iassic sequences abound. including the crop dtistmg routine and the Mount Rushmore climax. Brilliant entertainment. ('( Ll. (i/avgmt.

Orlando (PG) 0... (Sally Potter. (is. l‘)‘)2) 'Iilda Swintori. Billy lane. ()tieiitur ('risp. ()2min. .-\ ruale lili/abcthan courtier begins a tourney of self discovery that involves four centuries and a sex change Swinton‘s simple btit unique beauty captures the androgyny of the perfect Iiv'ci'yman/woiuau. while director Potter creates from Virginia Woolf 's novel a humorous and v rsually splendid succession of episodes that is a constant toy to watch. A literary film rather that) a literature substitute. ('(I'l, (i/avgun:

Phir Milenge (t') (Rt-vathy. Indra. 30m) Salman Khan. Abhishek BacheharrCaIi love conqtter all’.’ 'I‘amanna is going to ptit II to the test when she decides to pursue at) old boyfriend from school. I.ikeable llindr romance l'( ‘I Edinburgh. Edinburgh. Phone ( I5) 0. (Bycong—ki .-\hn. South Korea. 2001) Ji-won Ila. Yu—mr Kim. Woo—Jae ('hoi. l02min. See review. page l5. l'(i(~ Renfreu .SII'et'i. (i/ilyguit, (ilavgow; ('(}(' ('ineniav Edinburgh. Edinburgh.

Ping Pong (PG) 0... ll'llltlllllkt) (Sort) Masuri. Japan. 2002) Yosuke Kribo/tik'a. Arata. San) Slirdo Nakamura. Koii ()gtira. l l-1inin. See review. page I3. (iluygtm’ l'iltn Illi'dlli', (ilavgmt .' l’i/niliuuve. Edinbiu'gh.

O A Pint and a Curry r )5) (Various. IX. 2003) Various. 75min. A compilation of work from some of the best l'K Asian filmmakers. Includes Annie (ieorge‘s excellent ('urry and lrn liru and Ivan Zacharias' .llulit. (ilavgun I'llm 'I'heatre. Glasgow.

The Prince and Me (I’(i) 00

(Martha ('oolidge. I'SA/(‘Iech Republic. 2001) Julia Stiles. Miaranda Richardson. Iiddie Irvine. Ben Miller. l07inin. Paige Morgan (Stiles) meets play boy prince Iiddic (Mably') at university. much to his parents' dismay. Will her medical ambitions suffer if she accepts his offer to go back to Denmark and become his queen'.’ The Prime and Me is a glibbest of royalty themed romantic